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Rigaku DPGS
SDI ID: 14580
Manufacturer: Rigaku
Model: DPGS
Description: Xray Diffractometer
Vintage: 01.08.1997
Quantity: 1
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• Overall Measurement Accuracy: +/- 30” • X-Ray Generator • X-Ray Tube: Cu Target. Self-rectifying neutral grounding type • X-Ray Tube Cooling System: Forced air cooling (fan cooling) • Voltage Rating: 30 kV peak • Maximum Current Rating: 5 mA (continuous) • Control System: Tube current SCR control • X-Ray Generation Alarm Lamp: Provided • Goniometer • Sample Axis (w-Axis) Rotation Range: -10 to 60 degrees • w-Axis Angle Indication: By a scale plate calibrated in 1 degree increments and by a digital indicator having accuracy of 1” • Counter Mount (20 Arm) Rotation Range: 0 to 110 degrees • 20 Arm Angle Indication: By a scale plate calibrated in 1 degree increments • w- Axis Angle Adjustment: A desired angle can be preset using a digital indicator and a digital switch • Shutter System: A slide shutter and a rotary shutter inter locked with a radiation protector • Slit: 0.05/0.1/0.2mm • Sample Stage: 8” Spring Type Holder • X-Ray Detector Section • Detector: S-PC • Counting Sensitivity: 20,000 cps • Ratemeter Output: Analog meter reading • Time Constant: 0.1/0.4 sec (switchable) • Power Requirements: 100 VAC +/- 10%, 5A, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
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Size: 188977
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Size: 182661
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Size: 617858
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Size: 620319
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Size: 1007287
Filename: Rigaku-DPGS(3).jpg     [Download]
Size: 1007287

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