Schlumberger IDS 10000 Plus E-Beam Prober for Sale is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Schlumberger IDS 10000 Plus E-Beam Prober . This Schlumberger IDS 10000 Plus E-Beam Prober is available for immediate sale. Please click on the "Enquire" button if you'd like to get more details, photos and specifications of this E-Beam Prober and your request will be forwarded to our customer representatives automatically. Crating, refurbishment and delivery can be quoted on request.

Schlumberger IDS 10000 Plus
SDI ID: 63078
Manufacturer: Schlumberger
Model: IDS 10000 Plus
Description: E-Beam Prober
Version: TEST
Vintage: 01.06.1998
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Schlumberger IDS 10000Plus Probe System
Located Dublin, Ireland
Vintage: 1998,
Serial Number: 1073
To include, but not limited to:
Users Manuals
SUN Ultra SPARC-II Creator with Solaris Operating System and IDS Software (V16Nov 1998)
(2) Monitors
(1) Keyboard
(1) External Tape Drive Hard Disc
Configuration: 1. Partition: 743,071KB Total, 507,756KB used, 175,87KB available 2. Partition: 2,778571KB Total, 498,946KB used, 2,224230KB available SWAP Space: 528,864KB Total, 264KB used, 528,600KB available
CE marked.
 The system is currently configured with a Package Module Lid. We do have a Wafer-Style Module Lid with POGO Test Blocks available as an option. 

Attachments: 17 Files

Filename: signed CE cert.pdf     [Download]
Size: 49778
Filename: Schlumberger 10k_ID Plate_2.jpg     [Download]
Size: 86434
Filename: Schlumberger 10k_ID Plate_1.jpg     [Download]
Size: 38958
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0018 499X374.jpg     [Download]
Size: 48728
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0015 374X500.jpg     [Download]
Size: 84834
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0014 499X374.jpg     [Download]
Size: 69841
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0013 374X500.jpg     [Download]
Size: 83622
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0012 374X500.jpg     [Download]
Size: 79163
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0009 374X500.jpg     [Download]
Size: 74021
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0008 499X374.jpg     [Download]
Size: 78202
Filename: Schlumberger 10k+0002 499X374.jpg     [Download]
Size: 65893
Filename: ids10000plus-specs.txt     [Download]
Size: 1073
Filename: Lid_1.jpg     [Download]
Size: 158074
Filename: Lid_2.jpg     [Download]
Size: 70873
Filename: Lid_3.jpg     [Download]
Size: 126889
Filename: Lid_4.jpg     [Download]
Size: 174615
Filename: Lid_5.jpg     [Download]
Size: 166967

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