This item has been sold - Axcelis Nv 8250 Medium Current Implanter for Sale

Axcelis Nv 8250
SDI ID: 71257
Manufacturer: Axcelis
Model: Nv 8250
Description: Medium Current Implanter
Version: 200 mm
Vintage: 01.09.2005
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
  • Tool in operational condition, major parts intact.


   Axcelis NV8250 Configuration for GSP
Vacuum system  
Cryo Compressor CTI-9600 X1 
Beamline Cryo pump 1 OB 8 (P3)
Process cryo 2, 3 OB 8 (P4,5)
Source Pump STP1003C (P1)
Beamline Turbo  pump STP301C (P2a), STP1003C (P2b)
Terminal Rough Pump Ebara pump 40x20  (RP1, RP2)
Endstation Rough Pump Ebara pump 50x20 (RP3 )
Vacuum controller HCIG
Endstation Info  
Cassette capability Two cassette
wafer size 200mm
wafer notch alignment Automatic Notch alignment capability
Wafer handling system In-Air/In-Vacuum High Throughput Wafer Handling System
Particle Filter system Class 1, UPLA Filtered Wafer Handling System
Implant angle capability Variable Implant Angle ( 45 deg tilt axis & 360 deg twist axis )( Quad Implant Capability )
Beam monitoring system Real-time patented Dose Control
  Real-Time Beam Profiller( single dimension )
Chuck Electro-Static Clamp
Chuck cooling interlock Y
Asyst LPT2200 smif Interface capability Y
Terminal Info  
Gas box Option Modular gas box
Four String Gas Box Options
- 1 High Pressure String
- 2 SDS string Hydride( Arsine and Phosphine )
- 1 SDS string Flouride( Boron Trifluoride )
- 3 Pressure Transducer on SDS string( per string ) -- PSIA
Mass Flow Controller :
- 1 kit Unit 1660
- 3 kits Unit 1662
Extraction PS 0 - 40KeV
Extraction voltage monitor Y
Vaporiser Y
Ion Source Eterna ELS( Extended Life Source )
Source bushing Extended life bushing
Source liner for Extended life bushing
Extraction Electrode 3-Axis Extraction Electrode
AMU system Triple Indexed Mass Analysis Magnet and Power Supply
Beam Shutter Y
Beamline Quads beam focus & Scanner Y
P-Lens PS 0 - 68KeV
Decel PS 0 - 40 KeV
Accel PS 0 - 142 KeV
Terminal transfomer Oil-cooled transformer
Angular Energy Filter Y
Energy Slit Y
Beam Profiler with P-cup Y
Flag faraday with side cups Y
Charge control Technology  
E-shower Y
Closed-Loop Cooling System Selection  
Cooling system Neslab/Affinity chiller
General Info  
Control UPS Y
Main Isolation transformer Y
Abatement system EGS237 Novapure
Software version 4.3.2
Smoke detector Y
Exhaust Flow switch Y
Water leakage sensor Y
Light Tower Y
Advanced Automation Package SUN SOLARIS Operator Workstation :
  Hard Drive, Tape Cartridge, 19" LCD Monitor
  SECS I and SECS II Protocols, GEM Interface and Ethernet Ports

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