Complete Turn-key Semiconductor Fab Facilities, FPD manufacturing facilities, Wafer fabrication facilities, Solar cell and Solar module manufacturing facilities, Semiconductor Device Packaging Facilities for sale by fabsurplus.com

Please find below a list of complete and partial Semiconductor Fab facilities and production lines, Semiconductor Assembly facilities, Solar Cell manufacturing lines, Solar module manufacturing lines and FPD manufacturing lines for sale by fabsurplus.com. Fabsurplus.com, an independent multinational equipment brokerage with offices in Europe, America and the Far East has been specialising in the sale of complete wafer fabs turn-key since 2002. Our successes include the sale of the East Kilbride Motorola MOS 16 wafer fab in 2003. The following high quality facilities are available from our selected world-class clients. Click on any list item to see further data.

SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Version Vintage Q.ty Sales Cond. Lead Time Att.
76124 100 MW complete line solar wafer manufacturing solar 01.06.2009 1 inquire 42
56026 10MW Solar Cell Line Monocyrstalline 10MW Solar Cell Mfg. with PECVD 156 mm 1 as is where is immediately 35
79254 12 inch Partial Wafer level packaging equipment line 300 mm 01.06.2013 17 inquire immediately 0
79253 4 inch complete LED Manufacturing Line 4 inch 01.08.2010 467 as is where is immediately 1
79023 6 inch Partial LED Manufacturing Pilot Line LED 01.08.2010 28 as is where is immediately 1
79257 6 inch Complete Wafer Fab Pilot Line 150 mm 47 inquire immediately 8
79396 6 inch Complete Wafer Fab Line 150 mm 01.06.1990 216 as is where is immediately 1
78331 8 Inch Partial Wafer Fab Line 200 mm 01.06.2000 1 inquire immediately 1
78660 8 INCH Partial wafer fab line 200 MM 142 1
79256 8 Inch Complete Wafer Fab Line 200 mm 1 inquire immediately 0
79443 8 inch Partial Wafer fab line (15 tools only) 200 mm 15 as is where is immediately 1
80187 8 Inch Complete Wafer Fab Line 200 mm 01.06.1997 1 inquire immediately 0
54859 Baccini 35MW Solar Cell Line Solar Cell Print line for Mono or Poly Crystalline Solar Cells 156 mm 01.12.2005 1 as is where is immediately 11
79711 Complete LED Assembly Line Assembly 01.12.2008 106 as is where is immediately 6
79565 Partial 6 inch wafer fab line 150 mm 01.06.1995 60 inquire immediately 1
79712 Partial Line of Reliability Testing Laboratory Equipment Reliability 01.06.2006 34 inquire immediately 20

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