TEL Tokyo Electron Telius SP-305 SCCM Dielectric Etch, Oxide Process, 4 CHAMBER SCCM for Sale

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This TEL Tokyo Electron Telius SP-305 SCCM Dielectric Etch, Oxide Process, 4 CHAMBER SCCM is available for immediate sale.
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TEL Tokyo Electron Telius SP-305 SCCM Equipment Details

SDI ID: 102825
Manufacturer: TEL Tokyo Electron
Model: Telius SP-305 SCCM
Description: Dielectric Etch, Oxide Process, 4 CHAMBER SCCM
Version: 300 mm
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: Inquire
Sales Price: Inquire
Process: OX Standard Specifications Software Revision: Linux 5.75 Rev 001Lot Stability Dummy SW: Software for running lot stability wafer.OEE WPH Software: YesGEM SEC Revision: TBDWafer Size: Diameter 300+/- 0.20mm(SEMI M1.15), NotchCarrier: FOUP (Comply with SEMI E47.1 (25wafers))Inter Face: 5 carrier stage (Continuous flow operation) with Semi compliant MENV and FIMS assembliesOnline Connection: GEM / CIM GJG (Hardware Interface : Ethernet 100Base-Tx)Interface A: YesUtility Box: Regulator : Air/AR2500(SMC), N2/SQ-420E(VERIFLO), He/SQMICRO(VERIFLO)Utility Box: Manual Valve : OGD20V-6RM-K / OGD10V-4RM-K (CKD)Utility Box: Pressure Gauge : Bourdon GaugeLoader Mod Corrosion Prevent: NO, without Corrosion PreventLoad Lock Pressure Monitor: Pressure Switch : VSA100A (INFICON)Load Lock Pressure Monitor: Pirani gauge : TTR211S LEYBOLD)Load Lock Pressure Monitor: CM : 626A01TDE (MKS)Maintenance Monitor: 2 (Flat Panel Display Touch Screen Type)Water Leak Detector: 5 (LM;1, each PS;1)Signal Tower: Red/Yellow/Green/Blue (Upper Left of Front x1 & Upper right section of loader on maintenance side x1)Data Back up: USB& MOEMO: Front x3, Rear x6Cable Length: One 15m and one 16m (Interconnection, RF cables)Inter Locks: External (When the I/L signal is received from Factory, gas valves are closed)Fittings: No brass fittingsSupporting Remote UnitsChiller: UBRPD5A-2T?Coolant: Lower:FC3283, Upper:FC40Chiller Hose: BRINE HOSE 15/14MHandy Maintenance Controller: LCD DISPLAY UT3-TLN21-ARF Generator TOP: AGA-50B2RF Matcher TOP: AMN-50B2RF Generator Bottom: WGA-50EMatching Controller: WMN-50H6(2MHZ/5KW)(PS3)Pen Record Box: 2L80-00212-12Loader Module: SELME2112ZS22-AD5LOAD PORT: NO,Bolts-L typeDRIVE UNIT:SBX92102928READER OPTICAL: ISS-1700-1TELCCCarrier ID Reader: NO,V640series+V700-L22 (Omron)APC: 12 INCH (320MM)Hardware ConfigurationProc Chbr 1,2,3,4: SCCM Oxide; Y203 CoatingChamber hardware: FCCEndpoint type: SE2000iiESC type: Ceramics ESCwith STD VppFocus ring: 3.4mmThunderwall He Gas Inlet: Ceramic Thunderwall with Ceramic pusher pinsPolished focus ring: OFC lower insulator: FC lower insulator w/quartz upper ring shieldMagnet Shield: OOring for Chbr Body-Depos: Armorcrystal, Chemraz SC657CEL Body ASSY: Brine Control ModeTMP: TMP-3403LMC-T4(VG300) (SHIMADZU)TMP Back Pressure Monitor: 51A11TGA2BA003 (MKS)Dry Pump: ESR80WN, KEG approvedFinal Valve, Heater: Valve; AGD21V-6RM-GWL4 (CKD)Filter: Filter; CEP-TM_HL-VR-03PB (Toshiba Ceramic)APC: Pendulum Motion Dia., 320mm(VAT), R.T.~90degPressure Monitor: C/M (Process Monitor) : 627BRETDD2P (MKS), 45deg, 30PaPressure Monitor: C/M (Self Check) : 627B11TDC2P (MKS), 45deg, 1330PaPressure Monitor: B.A. Gauge (CM Calibration) : BPG400 (INFICON), 2.0x10-5 ~ 0.1PaPressure Monitor: N,41A13DGA2AA040 (MKS), no process impactPressure Monitor: Pressure Switch : 51A11TGA2BA010 (MKS), H2/fluoro gasGas Box ConfigurationGas line 1- N2 1000 sccm-AERA FCD985CT-BFGas line 2- C4F8 200 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 3- Ar 2000 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 4- O2 50 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 5- CH2F2 30 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 6- CHF3 200 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 7- CF4 200 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 8- C4F8 50 sccms-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 9- C3F8 50 sccms-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 10- C4F6 50 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 11- O2 1000 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFGas line 12- Ar 500 sccm-AERA FC-D985CT-BFPurge: N2 (Process Grade N2)Filter: CNF1004USG4 (Nihon Pall)Regulator: SQMICRO (VERIFLO)Filter (N2): CNF1004USG4 (Nihon Pall)Valve: Primary side(Utility-MFC):Mega mini (FUJIKIN)Valve: Secondary side(MFC-PC):Mega one (FUJIKIN)Piping: Dual Piping (for Gas leak containment, Gas box to Final valve & Exhaust through Gas box)Gas Leak Detection Port: 5 Ports (6.35mm, Swagelok L-type)Final Pressure Switch: 51A (MKS)Pressure Gauge: Bourdon

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