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TEL Alpha 8-SE-E

TEL Alpha 8-SE-E Details

SDI ID: 11076
Manufacturer: TEL
Model: Alpha 8-SE-E
Description: Small Footprint Oxidation Furnace
Version: 200 mm Wafers
Vintage: 01.10.1999
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
* Configured for Oxidation Process for 200mm Wafers * Load/Control Station * WAVES Control Unit * Gas Flow Chart Panel # 2109-322087-12 * Dual Cassette I/O Station with Cassette Tilt * 18 Cassette Stocker System * Cassette Transfer Robot * SECS Interface * Vertical Furnace Cabinet * FTP 4 Zone Heater Chamber * Quartz Process Chamber & Boat * Wafer Transfer Robot * N2 Purge Box with O2 Density & N2 Leakage Detection * Boat Elevator with Boat Rotation Mechanism * Auto Door / Auto Tube Shutter * Gas Box * Process Gas Jungle * 2ea STEC SEC-7350 MFC: N2 @ 30 SLM * STEC SEC-7340 MFC: N2 @ 3 SLM * STEC SEC-7330 MFC: O2 @ 500 SCCM * STEC SEC-7340 MFC: O2 @ 10 SLM * STEC SEC-7340 MFC: H2 @ 10 SLM * STEC SEC-7340 MFC: NO @ 10 SLM * STEC SEC-7350 MFC: NO2 @ 10 SLM * STEC SEC-7350 MFC: Ar @ 30 SLM * Gas Flow Chart Panel * 2ea Riken Keiki GP-581H H2 Monitors * 2ea Riken Keiki GP-582 NO Monitors * Riken Keiki GP-582 NO2 Monitor * Riken Keiki TAN-580 Alarm Unit * 3ea OMRON E5GN Process Controllers * CKD Pressure Controller * RKC CB100 Temperature Controller * Auxiliary Cabinet: * STEC SEC-900 N2 MFM * Nitrogen Pass-Thru Gas Jungle * 2ea STEC SEC-7340 MFC: N2 @ 10 SLM * 2ea STEC SEC-7330 MFC: N2 @ 500 SCCM * Toray LC-750 O2 Analyzer * Riken Keiki OX-571A O2 Densimeter * ULVAC GP-1000 Pirani Gauges * 2ea SCHUMACHER ATCS15-TLC Absolute Temperature Controllers * 1ea for Trans-LC * 1ea for MeCl2 * Main Power Control Box AC Distribution Boxes * WAVES Control Computer * AC and DC Distribution * Uninterruptable Power Control Box * Model 560A 4 Zone Temperature Controller * DC Distribution * PAC Control Box * RKC REX-F900 Temperature Controller * Rapid Cooling Unit * Quartz Tube Trolley * External Pyrogenic Torch * Ebara AA10V1-H Dry Vacuum Pump Following are the TEL Alpha 8SE-E furnace dimensions (packing list): Furnace Unit - 36" x 52" x 87" Tall Gas Cabinet System - 18" x 38" x 110" Tall Control System - 39" x 8" x 110" Tall Automation System (Cassette Load & Unload) - 38" x 27" x 110" Tall Main Power Supply System - 36" x 36" x 76" Tall Main Power Control Box - 36" x 36" x 76" Tall PAC Control Box - 24" x 14" x 46" Tall Rapid Cooling Unit - 36" x 20" x 90" Tall Quartz Tube Trolley - 30" x 19" x 40" Tall Auxilary Cabinet - 38" x 26" x 62" Tall Ebara AA10V Vacuum Pump - 15" x 32" x 19" Tall 1 Misc Crate - 72" x 48" x 55" Tall Connection Items
Attachments: 11 Files

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