KLA-TENCOR 2132 bright-field WAFER INSPECTION for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used KLA-TENCOR 2132 bright-field WAFER INSPECTION.
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This KLA-TENCOR 2132 bright-field WAFER INSPECTION is available for immediate sale.
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KLA-TENCOR 2132 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 1680
Manufacturer: KLA-TENCOR
Model: 2132
Description: bright-field WAFER INSPECTION
Version: 200 mm
Vintage: 01.08.1995
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

Serial number W21XX639 can be sold "as is" or operational to oem specs. Deinstalled by KLA, Warehoused, barrier bagged. The system was deinstalled in september 2002 and until that date was upgraded with various hardware and software upgrades. Stored at the warehouse of Fabsurplus in Avezzano, Italy
Facilities: 120v 3 phase 25A per phase
KLA2132 Board Configuration
DP 710-683424-001 REV AA
DF 710-661726-00 BD1
API 710-658036-00 REV C1
API 710-658041-20 REV E0
UP 710-658046-00 REV F0
XINT 710-658176-00 REV A0
YINT 710-658172-00 REV H0
XINT 710-658176-00 REV A0
YINT 710-658172-00 REV H0
CT 710-655651-20 REV C0
CT 710-655651-20 REV C0
MM 710-659412-00 REV C0
MM 710-659412-00 REV C0
MC 710-658232-20 REV H0
IF1 710-658086-20 REV E0

DF 710-678525-001 REV AB
DD 710-650044-20 REV DB0
DP 710-678545-00 REV B1
RTF 710-652840-20 REV D3
710-659485-20 REV??

General Description
The KLA 2132 is capable of inspecting at the following rates:
Sensitivity: 0.62 ------- Speed: 5 sec/cm2
Sensitivity: 0.39 ------- Speed: 15 sec/cm2
Sensitivity: 0.25 ------- Speed: 30 sec/cm2
and includes the following:-
wafer inspection module for 4, 5, 6 or 8 inch wafer size image Computer Minimum inspectable feature size of 0.25 um in die to die mode Defect Clustering and Auto Review Sampling Blanket Wafer Inspection Automated Inspection Automatic Focusing SECS-GEM KLA SAT segmented auto threshold imaging processing hardware and software using mean and range functions on the KLA 2132 and KLA 2135 platforms that allows. improved inspection performance on noisy surfaces like CMP and metal reduced inspection setup time enhanced threshold algorithm for all process levels KLA ADC Automated Defect classification Package Includes image processing and analysis software for inspection station .The system has internally two computers: one is the system computer, which controls the machine in run mode; and the other is the ADC computer, which controls the machine in automatic review mode (you can also do manual review mode). The ADC Manager is not included. Fully automatic, non-contact wafer alignment Uses image recognition without special test site requirement Accomodates SEMI standard 25 wafer cassettes Uses pick-and-place, random access wafer handling system Image hard copy Remote image access XV Tencor 6000 loader
SUBSTRATES: For silicon wafers conforming to SEMI standard M1.1
Wafer diameter (mm): 100 100 125 150 200
Wafer thickness (?m): 525 625 625 675 725
Die to Die Mode 
Sensitivity (um) Speed (sec/cm2)
0.60 05
0.50 1.5
0.40 15

Cell to Cell Mode
Sensitivity (um) Speed (sec/cm2)
0.30 05
0.25 30
0.20 15
Full performance specifications are available on request

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