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Karl Suss MA6/BA6 Details

SDI ID: 70631
Manufacturer: Karl Suss
Model: MA6/BA6
Description: Mask Aligner
Vintage: 01.05.2001
Quantity: 0
Sales Condition:
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SUSS MA6/BA6 MASK ALIGNER consisting of: 

- Model: MA6/BA6 BSA
- Manufacturer: Suss MicroTec / Karl Suss
- Configured for Top & Backside Alignment
- Bond Align (BA6) Option Installed (additional tooling req'd to align wafers)
- Wafer Size: Small Pieces up to 6"/150mm Diameter Wafers 
- Exposure Modes: Capable of Hard, Soft, Vacuum, and Proximity Contact 
- Lamphouse: 350W 
- Microscope: Suss DVM6 Microscope
- CCD Camera
- Objectives: 5x & 10x, 20x (2 sets) 
- UV400 Optics (for 365nm and 405nm exposure) 
- Suss CIC 1200 Power Supply 
- Vibration Isolation Table (for Suss MA6) 
- 1 Vacuum Chuck included (select from available sizes)
- 1 Maskholder included (select from available sizes)
- System Power: 230V, 50/60 Hz 
- Operations Manual for Suss MA6/BA6 Mask Aligner
- Refurbished to Meet Original Suss MA6/BA6 Specifications

The vintage is 2001

The refurbishment:


1) Main System Body:
- Ellipsoidal Mirror Replaced with New
- UV Bulb Replaced with New
- Cold Light Mirror Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Front Turning Mirror Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Front Lens Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Shutter Cylinders Replaced with New
- Mirror House Cylinder Replaced with New
- Lamp Power Supply Tested & Repaired or Replaced as Needed 
- Exposure Optics Tested 
- Microscope Illumination Bulbs Replaced with New
- Microscope Assembly Inspected and Adjusted as Needed
- Full Optical Alignment of Microscope Performed as Needed
- Machine is Fully Tested to Verify Compliance to Original Specifications
- WEC Head Rebuilt 
- Pneumatic Regulators Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Machine Covers are Repainted or Replaced as Needed


2) Isolation Table:
- Isolation Table Air Bags Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Pneumatic Regulators Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Air lines Inspected & Replaced as Needed
- Wheels Inspected & Replaced as Needed 
- Leveling Feet Inspected & Replaced as Needed


3) If Applicable:
- Transport Slide Rebuilt 
- Pre-Aligner Assembly Rebuilt 
- Wafer Alignment Stage Rebuilt 
- Cassette Elevator Rebuilt

We would welcome an expert to come and visit us for the acceptance and confirm it meets original spec.

The machine is located in USA

The crating cost for this system would be $1,500 USD.

Weight & Dims (uncrated) 365kg to 395kg HxWxD 1554mm x 1214mm x 1300mm.

Attachments: 3 Files

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