Solitec 5110C Manually loading Photoresist Spin Coater for Sale

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Solitec 5110C Equipment Details

SDI ID: 73208
Manufacturer: Solitec
Model: 5110C
Description: Manually loading Photoresist Spin Coater
Version: 3 to 9 inch
Vintage: 01.09.1998
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

- Model: 5110C
- Can process wafers up to 9 inches  in diameter.
- Control Panel has 5 potentiometers for speed setting with individual 0-99.9s timers.
- Can be operated in Auto or Manual Operation.
- OEM Operational Manuals and drawings included
- 3" Vacuum Chuck included
- Located in Avezzano Italy.
- Made in the USA

Model 5110C

Single Chuck Coater


  • Positive resist coatings on wafers, masks and substrates

  • Negative resist coating on wafers, masks and substrates

  • PMMA and E-Beam resist coating

  • Silicon, GaAs, InP and other semiconductor materials

  • Polyimide coatings on wafers, masks and substrates

  • Photosensitive polyimide coating

  • Multi-layer resists


  • Single chuck for wafers, masks or substrates

  • Solitec proprietary diaphragm type dispense pump

  • 100A, 3 sigma, full radius uniformity across a wafer

  • Selectable process functions

  • Downflow exhaust system for backsplash control

  • N2 motor purge and interlock

  • Vacuum interlock on wafer chuck

  • Optional auto solvent dispense for HMDS

  • 5 gallon drain bucket with exhaust

  • Closed loop servo speed control for tight process control

  • 1,000 to 40,000 rpm/sec acceleration

  • High uptime, easy maintenance design

  • Polypropelene waste container

  • Digital tachometer with direct optical encoder

  • t 10 rpm spin speed control

  • Solvent dispense before coating (optional)

  • N2 blow-off (optional)

  • One wafer chuck and loading paddle included


The 5110C is a manual load/unload spinner with automatic resist dispensing, spin timing and a 2-speed spread control. The system dispenses a selected amount of resist at low spin speed. A high-speed spin stretches the resist to its final thickness. The quantity of resist dispensed, spindle speeds, dwell and spin times are all variable and can be selected in ad­vance. This allows the user to achieve predictable results, time and time again. An exhaust fan is mounted under the process bowl to allow continuous exhaust flow around the process area. A side mounted belt drive motor with N2 purge, keeps solvents away from all moving parts. The Solitec diaphragm pump allows for accurate dispense volumes every time, and the adjustable teflon valve guarantees accurate and repeatable suckback.



Wafer Handling

Manual with loading paddle to center wafer

Solvent Dispense

Pressurized tank required

Substrate Sizes (Max.)

9" round, 6" square, 9" diagonal rectangular


Digital readout from optical encoder

10 rpm resolution


Variable from 1,000 to 40,000 rpm/sec

Process Control

Digital timers with manual programming

Relay logic


Variable from 1 to 999 seconds in 1 second increments

Resist Dispense

Automatic Teflon diaphragm pump with precise dispense

adjustment; 0.5 to 38 mlt1%; viscosity 4 to 10,000

centistokes; separate drawback adjustment

Speed Control

Closed loop servo with t10 rpm speed control

Adjustable from 200 to 10,000 rpm

Digital reference on spin and spread speeds

Standard Process Sequence

Resist coat (static or dynamic)



1. Digital Tachometer
2. Power ON/OFF
3. Vacuum ON/OFF
4. Start
5. Emergency Stop
6. Motor Purge Interlock
7. Vacuum Interlock
8. Resist Select
9. Dispense AUTO/OFF
10. Spindle Acceleration
11. Solvent (optional)
12. Nitrogen (optional)
13. Resist Dispense
14. Spread
15. Spin
16. Cycle Select
17. Spindle Speed
18. Digital Timers
Facilities    Tubing O.D.    5110C
Nitrogen  SCFM at 60 PSI    1/4"      20
Vacuum Inches HG .20CFM    1/4"    20"
Power Volts    115V
Amps    8 Amp
Process Exhaust
SCFM at .5" of water    4.0"    80
Cabinet Exhaust
SCFM at .5" of water    4.0"    100
Shipping Weight     Approx. 250 lbs.

Option B - P/N 5110C-2
Option A - P/N 5110C-1 N2 Spin    Solvent Dispense
Resist dispense    (Tank required)
Spread speed spin Final high speed spin    Spin dry (No N2)
    Resist dispense
    Spread speed spin
    Final high speed spin
Option C - P/N 5110C-3
Solvent dispense (tank required) N2 Spin
Resist dispense
Spread speed spin Final high speed spin
-Extra Resist Pumps  P/N 0967
Note: The 5110C can have up to total of 4 dispenses Example: You can have 4 resist dispenses w/no N2 blow or solvent dispenses or 2 resist dispenses and 1 solvent and 1 N2 blow.
-3 gallon stainless steel tanks with metal sheathed teflon supply lines for solvents
P/N 0066 For HMDS, and Xylene with Viton seals P/N 0070 For N-Butyl Acetate, Acetone, EGMEA and Alcohols with EPR seals. See page 67 for chemical compatability table.
-Extra loading Paddle
-Spares Kit  P/N 001525
-Pre-pump filter for positive or negative resist  P/N 0255
-Additional vacuum chucks
-Small volume, disposable cartridge dispense system for multiple dispense applications



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