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Baccini Dryer 1 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 77021
Manufacturer: Baccini
Model: Dryer 1
Description: Dryer 1
Version: 156 mm
Vintage: 31.10.2001
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

De-installed and warehoused in March 2012.

Front end of line (Printers and dryers, chip and crack camera) s/n: 900140650010
Purchased from Q-Cells.
Fully Automated Line Polycrystalline Solar Cells
16% plus efficiency cells

This system is used for the production of solar cells by the silk-screen printing process.
This process allows the production of:
-Glass protections
The loading of the system is carried out by a conveyer with vision system. Wafer cells arrive from a conveyer to a Baccini
conveyer and here, by a vision system the cells are aligned and put on a walking beam, by adjusting the speed of the first
conveyer you can obtain loading heaps of 4 or 6 cells.
Printing head resolution is approx 0.5nm

Front end of line Technical Specifications

Installation environment: 18 - 25 deg C
Max relative Moisture: 70%
Overall Size: Base: 15,995 x 2451.5 mm
    Height: 2,250mm
A) Production
-Cell Size: 100x100mm,125x125mm,150x150mm

-Cell Thickness min-max 200nm - 330
-Max cells working per hour: 1,125 cells/hr
(Squeegee speed: 100mm/sec)

-Max cells breakage percentage: max 0.5%

-Line availability:  >95%

D) First Printing Machine
-Max horidontal squeegee stroke: 240mm
-Squeegee speed min-max: mm/s 0-333
-max vertical squeegee stroke: 33mm
-squeegee pressure N 0-150
-squeegee pressure accuracy: +/- 0.2N
-Maximum printing area: 210x210mm
-maximum printing screen size: 380x460mm

E) Drying vertical oven
-Number of cells per each shelf n.5
-total number of shelves n.52
-number of temperature control zones n.4

-settled temperature tolerance +/- 5deg C
-max operating temperature in the oven: 250deg C
-min operating temperature in the oven: 40deg C
-paste levelling and pre-heating time: min.2
-drying time min.5
-cooling time min.2

h) Feeding
-electrical feeding 400V +/- 10% 3-Phase+PE(3 phases wires +1 ground PE), 50hz
-installed electrical power: 32KW
-compressed air supply: Bar 6
-Compressed air consumption nl/min 250
-Vacuum supply: mm Hg 600
-Vacuum suction capacity: mc/h 25

Breakages in the quality inspection unit can detect splinters and crazes presence,
with a minimum opening of 50x50nm are detected. Defective cells are automatically rejected.

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