Weiss TS130 Thermal shock testing chamber for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Weiss TS130 Thermal shock testing chamber.
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This Weiss TS130 Thermal shock testing chamber is available for immediate sale.
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Weiss TS130 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 80238
Manufacturer: Weiss
Model: TS130
Description: Thermal shock testing chamber
Version: Reliability
Vintage: 01.05.1995
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

-Removed from service in 2014
-Located in Italy
-Can be inspected by appointment
-Can be sold 'as is' or refurbished with buy-off.

Shipping information:
-Weight 950 kg
-External dimensions: 2990 mm x 1820 mm x 1155 mm

s/n 224/17903
CE marked

Number of hours on the hour meter: 5,884.431 hours

Product Features:-

The temperature shock test chamber is made of two internal chambers arranged one on top of the other, with an automatic lifting basket.
The frame is made from corrosion-resistant galvanised sheet steel and is finished in RAL 5000 blue and RAL 9002 white grey.
Insulation-mineral wool-located between the internal and external casing.
The chambers are made in vapour-tight stainless steel.
Air volume changes caused by temperature variations during the test cycles are compensated for by means of a integrated expansion device.
The test basket is transported from the cold chamber to the hot chamber by an  electric motor coupled to a mechanical drive.
The vertical opening ergonomic sliding door of the hot chamber saves space in front of the chamber.
The window in the door allows optimal observation of the test basket.

Why Thermal shock testing ?

Thermal shock testing simulates the effects of temperature change on electronic systems.
International standards and test specifications used in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries define how electronic systems must perform during certain give temperatures changes.
The tests aim to find out if sudden temperature changes will influence the long-term reliability of a product and if the product will operate safely.
Failures in parts and workmanship can be induced during Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) tests.

How the tests are carried out
The testing system is constructed with one hot and one cold chamber, independently temperature controlled, one on top of the other.
Quick temperature changes are simulated by moving the samples from one chamber to another.
A smooth air flow in the chambers is achieved using axial fans to blow the air over the heater or the chiller element.

Table of test methods:-

Test method Upper temperature Lower temperature Number
of temperature
  °C Dwell time (h) Δ
°C Dwell time (h) Δ
DIN-IEC 68-2-14 Na 1987 edition +40 . . . +220 0.5 . . . 3 3 % –10 . . . –65 0.5 . . . 3 8 % 5
MIL-STD 202F/107G 3/84 edition +85 . . . +200 0.25 . . . 8 ±0 –55 . . . –65 0.25 . . . 8 0/–5 5 / 25 / 50 / 100
MIL-STD 750C method 1051.5
4/92 edition
+85 . . . +200 10 mins ±15/0 –55 . . . –65 10 mins ±0/–10 20
MIL-STD 810F method 503.4
3/98 edition
upon agreement
MIL-STD 883G method 1010.8
conditions A, B, C, [D, F]* 02/06 edition
+85 . . . +200 min.10 mins upon specimen reach. setpoint ±15/0 –55 . . . –65 min.10 mins upon specimen reach. setpoint 0/–10 at least 10
MIL-STD 331B Test 113.1/C7
3/97 edition
+71 >4   –54 >4   3
DEF 5011 4/71 edition +70 . . . +200 1 ±3 –25 . . . –65 1 ±3 10
DEF 133 dry 8/71 edition +55 3 ±2 –40 3 ±3 dry by agreement

Technical specifications of the test chamber:-

Model TS 130
Test basket volume approx. 130 l
Test basket dimensions Height
Width Depth
approx. 430 mm
approx. 500 mm
approx. 600 mm
External dimensions Height
Width inclusive of door hinge Depth without door
Depth with removable door Depth of notebook swivel
approx. 1,990 mm
approx. 1,820 mm
approx. 1,850 mm
approx. 900 mm
approx. 1,155 mm
approx. 170 mm
Window in the sliding door Height
approx. 450 mm
approx. 500 mm
Temp. range (refer to working range) Hot chamber
Cold chamber
approx. +60 . . . +220 °C
approx. –10 . . . –80 °C
Temperature constancy, in time approx. ±1 K
Changeover time approx. 10 secs
Max. specimen weight approx. 20 kg
Temperature change of 10 kg ICs in 15 mins
Electrical connection 3/N/PE AC 400 V ±10 % 50 Hz
CEE 32A connector
Max. power consumption approx. 28 A
Connected load approx. 14 kW
Paint finish RAL 5000 (blue) / RAL 9002 (grey)
Sound pressure level free field 1 m distance from front of unit approx. 61 dB (A)
Weight approx. 950 kg


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