AST/Mattson AST 2800 RTP for Sale

fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used AST/Mattson AST 2800 RTP. This AST/Mattson AST 2800 RTP is available for immediate sale. Please click on the "More Details" button if you'd like to get more details, photos and specifications of this RTP and your request will be forwarded to our customer representatives automatically. Crating, refurbishment and delivery can be quoted on request.

AST/Mattson AST 2800 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 83670
Manufacturer: AST/Mattson
Model: AST 2800
Description: RTP
Version: 200 mm
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): 135,000 USD

Config:Dual Load Lock single chamber RTP Process: RTPCurrent Location: In Fab

DOS GUI computer – upgraded with used NT 4.0 GUI computer, software upgraded to SHS 1.4.2 patch 1, configured to match as close as possible to existing  
Setup Serial GemSecs, could not configure exactly like other AST problem with Network card would not allow TCIP to work had to bypass by using a name for the gembox.ini host and shscfg.ini gembox host
Jenoptik SMIF, no cassette stations, upgraded with Mattson upgrade kit P/N 44000060.
O2 sensor did not function, part of ground bus at x41 missing, also upgraded with relay so pump runs only when O2 sensor is active
Intermittent POT EMO’s, corrected config problem with SMB
No PCU communication, replaced fiber optic cable and corrected relay on PCU bus small, later the fiber optic interface adapter on com expansion board failed and was replaced.
Aligner controller bad gallil board, also found Aligner head bad after repaired controller was installed.
No vacuum sensor in robot, robot had rough feeling R axis, belts were worn bad (shredding particles) . Robot was refurbished by SemiBot , robot was installed and fully setup, problem occurred with improper setup of .par file concerning z-axis brake, line 20 was 0,0,0 should be 4,1000,0
Configured tool for Send/Receive (left to right) wafer transfer
Install Connections To Tool
Gasbox above rear of tool:( supplies MFCs)
N2    N2    O2    H2Mix(Not Used)    Ar
Facilities Connections at Bottom Rear of Tool:
CDA 1/4 Inch Swagelok 90-120PSI
PCWS 1/2 Inch Swagelok 8slpm
PCWR 1/2Inch Swagelok 60-120PSI
PCWS 1/2Inch Swagelok
PCWR 1/2Inch Swagelok
HiFlow N2 1/2Inch Swagelok >90PSI in operation
Cooling N2 1/4Inch Swagelok 10-30SLPM
Vent1 3/8Inch Swagelok Acid Exhaust(separate all the way to main exhaust pipe)
Vent2 3/8Inch Swagelok Acid Exhaust(separate all the way to main exhaust pipe)
11/2 Inch Exhaust 11/2Inch Tube Acid Exhaust
Middle Bottom of Tool:
Blower Output 4Inch Tube Heat Exhaust
Front of Tool:
House Vacuum 1/4Inch Swagelok 600 mbar
Electrical Requirements:
Power Consumption 43KVA
Voltage 208VAC 3phase
Current per Phase 125amps
125max fusable
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