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Changzhou Jiangnan Power Photovoltaic Equipment Co., Ltd TDR 85 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 84788
Manufacturer: Changzhou Jiangnan Power Photovoltaic Equipment Co., Ltd
Model: TDR 85
Description: Ingot Grower for Monocrystalline Silicon
Version: 8 inch and 6 inch
Vintage: 30.06.2008
Quantity: 5
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): Inquire
Chapter 1 Device Overview
1-1 【Purpose】
This equipment is used for the production of solar cell grade monocrystalline silicon CZ-type crystal pulling device.
1-2 【Summary】
The polycrystalline silicon raw material is filled in the quartz crucible, evacuated in the furnace body and heated to high temperature melting. From the rotation of the received
(Hereinafter referred to as seed crystal) is contacted with the molten silicon in the rotating crucible,
Under the precise control of the crystal, by pulling the side of the side pulling up to produce monocrystalline silicon. This equipment consists of the following units
1-3 [Structure of monocrystalline silicon manufacturing device TDR85 type]
main body
Z seed lifting device
Z on the furnace
Z baffle valve
Z main furnace
Z crucible drive mechanism and platform
Z furnace lifting mechanism
Z furnace lifting mechanism
Z diameter monitoring control system
Z temperature measurement system
Z console
Z power supply system
Z Vacuum and Ar gas
Z for cooling water
【Manual and automatic definition】
Z hand
Z semi-automatic: through the control panel, the device for remote control.
Z from
To move the equipment by labor.
Action: the system to determine the conditions, so that equipment operation.
Chapter 2 The main parameters
【Product Specifications】
1) Crystalline diameter: 8 ", 6"
2) Crystalline length: 2,000 mm or less (Neck-Crown-Body-Tail)
3) Crystalline weight: 95 kg or less
【Design specifications】
1) Ambient temperature: 15 ~ 35 ° C
2) Ambient humidity: 40 to 70% (need to ensure that no condensation occurs)
3) cleanliness: the general environment

4) Thermal field (below H / Z) Specification: 20 ", or less
5) Crucible specifications: φ20 "x H15", or φ18 "x H13"
6) Material filling capacity: 95kg or less
7) Ar flow control mode: automatic
8) Vacuum control mode: manual
9) furnace opening mode
Lift: semi-automatic
Rotation: Manual
Vacuum degree
Crystallization of the drawing environment: 2.7kPa (20Torr)
Cold furnace ultimate vacuum: 3Pa below
11) Allowable leakage: 0.6 mTorr / min or less
12) Crucible shaft bearing capacity: 200kg
Support system specifications
power supply
Z AC input: three-phase AC380V
Z voltage fluctuation range: 342V ~ 418V
Z Input capacity: 240kVA
50 / 60Hz
Cooling water (industrial pure water)
Water quality:
PH = 6.0 ~ 8.0
Hardness (CaCO 3) <150 PPM
Conductivity <500μS / CM
Chloride ion (Cl -) <100PPM
Sulfate ion (SO 4) & lt; 200 PPM
Carbonate base (CaCO 3) 15 ~ 60PPM
Z flow: 280L / min ~ 320L / min (including power cooling water)
Z Water pressure: 3kg / c m2 ~ 3.5kg / c m2
Z out of water pressure difference: 2kg / c m2 above
Z Water temperature: 15 ~ 25 ° C
Ar gas flow
Z Flow: <120L / min
Z Pressure: 0.2 MPa (2.1 kg / c m2) or more
4) main vacuum pump capacity
Z to reach the degree of vacuum:
Z exhaust capacity: 4800L / min or more
6.7 × 10 -2 Pa
Caliber: equivalent to NW80 (suction, exhaust)
Auxiliary vacuum pump capability
To reach the degree of vacuum: 6.7 × 10 Pa
Exhaust capacity: 290L / min or more
Z diameter: NW25 (suction, exhaust)
6) Installation site, method: According to the equipment foundation, F / L and ceiling height and other specific circumstances to decide separately.
7) Weight
Z furnace body: about 1500kg
Z machine
Z operation box: about 200kg
Z Power box: about 2100kg
Frame: about 2500kg
Height of equipment
7400mm or less (the height from the lowest part of the main body to the top of the seed lift)
※ In the case of rising furnace
Chapter 3 The main parameters of each component
Seed lifting device (hanging wire type)
Component Summary
A seed roller, a wire roll for winding a seed cord, a shaft for driving the whole movement thereof, and a motor.
Through the slip ring to the rotating part of the power supply.
Component specifications
Seed crystal axis travel: about 3,400mm
Lifting speed: low ... 0.2 ~ 10.5mm / min
: High ... 500mm / min
Rotation speed (CW): 2 ~ 40rpm
Can be drawn crystal weight: 95kg the following
Observation window: one place
Hanging line (DMC):
Material: tungsten
19 × 7 (strands)
Diameter: about 2.5mm
Seed chuck (SEEDHOLDER)
Main body: molybdenum
シ ー ド ホ ル Chuck part: SUS316L
2) on the furnace tube
Component Summary
Used to store drawn crystals
From the top of the furnace and the upper furnace
Component specifications
Maximum storage capacity: 2,000mm
Inner diameter: 280mm
Observation window: one place
43) Baffle valve:
Component Summary
As an isolation valve between the furnace body and the lid
Component specifications
Construction: flap type (water-cooled)
Observation window: one place
4) main furnace body
Component Summary
By the furnace lid, furnace tube, furnace chassis composition
Component specifications
Height: Furnace height: 260mm
Tube: temperature port height: 505 mm
Activity Furnace height: 800 mm
Fixed cylinder height: 300 mm
Furnace bottom depth: 135mm (two electrode center distance: 430 mm)
Inner diameter: 850mm
Observation window: diameter monitor camera: one
ビ ュ ー ポ visual use: one place
ビ ュ ー ー prepared
With: one place
5) Crucible drive mechanism
Component Summary
By the crucible rotary shaft, base, motor and other components
Component specifications
Rotation speed (CCW): 0.5 to 20 rpm
Lifting axis travel:
Lifting speed:
> 400mm
Low speed: 0.04 to 0.63 mm / min
High speed: 150mm / min
Manual lifting function: Yes
Furnace lifting mechanism
Component Summary
So that the upper tube or the lid above the parts of the lifting and rotating action.
Component specifications
Lift drive mode: semi-automatic
Lifting axis travel:> 270mm
Rotary Drive: Manual
Rotation range: within 120 ° (to the left when facing the front of the device)
7) Furnace lifting mechanism
Component Summary
5 to lift and rotate the furnace.
Component specifications
Lift drive mode: semi-automatic
Lifting stroke: 630mm
Rotary Drive: Manual
Rotation range: 180 ° (rotation to the right side facing the front of the device)
Crystal diameter measurement system
Component Summary
And is composed of a diameter measuring monitor member and a visual measuring member
Component specifications
Measurement accuracy (surveillance camera) ... 0.1mm
Temperature measurement system
Component Summary
The temperature outside the heater is measured by a radiation thermometer and the heater is controlled.
Component specifications
Repeatability: 0.1% (entire range)
Measuring range: 600 ~ 1800 ° C
The measurement wavelength was 0.85 to 1.1 μm
Control panel and distribution cabinet
Component Summary
As a man-machine interface and control of the equipment.
power supply
Component Summary
Heater power supply and other power supply components
Component specifications
Rated power output: 55V
Output adjustment range: 16.5kW ~ 148.5kW (300A ~ 3000A, 5.5V ~ 55V)
Output control mode: power control
Power control accuracy: rated DC output within ± 2%
Vacuum and Ar gas flow divider
Component Summary
The vacuum and the gas are distributed from the existing facilities of the purchaser to the parts
Component specifications
The diameter of the vacuum pipe: φ80 mm
Control valve: true
Empty: manual
Gas: semi-automatic
Interface location:
Vacuum: Lower furnace chassis (main vacuum pump)
6 ポ ー ト position baffle valve (auxiliary vacuum pump)
ポ ー Ar gas: the upper part of the upper tube
ポ ー ト bit
The upper part of the lid
Cooling water shunt
Component Summary
Means for dispensing water from the main assembly of the cooling water to each component.
【 control method 】
Controller composition
Touch PC, and the United States Rockwell Automation PLC control system.
Process control method
1 vacuum manual
2 leak detection manual / automatic
3 material manual / automatic
4 stable manual / automatic
5 necking manual / automatic (manual intervention)
6 put the shoulder manually / automatically
7 Shoulder Hand / Auto
8 equal diameter drawing
Manual / Auto
9 end manually / automatic
10 Cooling Manual / Auto
In the melt stabilization phase, with power / temperature control switching function.
With power failure UPS switching control function (OP)
Data backup / COPY to other company equipment use
Take out the crystal
After the furnace is raised by the furnace opening / lifting mechanism, the crystal is taken out by 120 °.

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