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Sonoscan D9000 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 86475
Manufacturer: Sonoscan
Model: D9000
Description: Scanning Acoustic Microscope
Version: Inquire
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: 60,000 USD

Please see config below.  The unit can be powered up and it comes with 6 transducers, thru-scan arm, manuals, backup software.

Sonoscan C-SAM Series D9000
Scanning Acoustic Microscope
Serial Number 1679-01307-7ETS0L/ 2417

1 CONSOLE“NEW” Desk Style; 72” width x 30” depth x 60”
     height (1.8m x .76m x 1.5m) or Ergonomic
 Wrap-around Design.
1 TOWER Isolated rigid scan tower and mechanism for
 stable, shock free operation.
1 SDX770 Very High Speed Large Area Access Scanner
 with 12” x 12” scan access area (24"/sec
 constant velocity & + 0.5 micron).
1 SDX300 Large Sample Tank Stage for SDX750, SDX760 &
 SDX770 Scanners.(20” x 20”)

1 SDX3000 Digital High Performance 500 MHz Bandwidth:
Pulser/Receiver for use with Ultrasonic
Transducers up to 300 MHz. All transducer
 Parameters are digitally selected by the pulser.
 The receiver has 95db of gain for maximum
 penetration into absorbing samples. The gain
 is digitally selectable in precision 0.5db steps
 for quantitative materials characterization.

1 DAC248 DUAL CHANNEL A-scan Waveform Display
 and Capture Card for Digital Oscilloscope
 Data & Archiving.
1 DAC265A Up to 2048 x 1920 Very High Resolution
 Enhanced Scanning and Data Acquisition
2  17” Monitors for Simultaneous Viewing of
 Full Resolution Acoustic Image and Graphical
 Users’ Interface.
1 AIPD Acoustic Impedance Polarity Detector
1 GREY 256 Linear Grey Scale levels with (+) and (-)
 polarity echoes.
1 Intel Pentium III 800 MHz Processor with 20 GB
 HD, 512 MB (100 MHz) RAM, LS120 (3.5”/1.44 MB FD
 & 120MB SuperDisk), CD Writer (CD-R & CD-RW),
 10/100 LAN Card & 56K Modem.
Note: Because computer hardware changes
 so often in the marketplace, this is the minimum configuration that will be supplied.
1 DAC262 Calibration Test Software & Standard Sample.
1 DAC244W Visual Acoustics operating software for C-SAM
 will be provided with Windows XP.
1 DAC293 Applications Setup Wizard - Assists Users in Setting Up Instrument Parameters and Selecting Optimum Transducers.Determines Required Transducer Position, Gate
 Setting and Resolution for DesiredInspection Depth Based on Sample Construction and Material.
1 DAC270 Zip SliceTM/3VTM Package - Automated, Multi-focus Tomographic Image Acquisition
 With Acoustic SolidTM Digital Reconstruction for Virtual Volumetric Viewing (3V) with 3-D
 profiling & Non-destructive Cross Sectioning.
1 AUTOSCAN Automatically goes to pre-programmed location(s), selects field of view,
 auto focuses, auto selects of gate parameters and gains for virtually automatic
 inspection of the samples.
 1 DAC247 Survey Mode for Quick Set-up and Minimum Scan Times (<10 sec.) in Pre-Screening and Parts Location Modes.
1 DAC228 Advanced User Software for Single and Multiple Quantitative B-Scan Analysis Mode
 (Q-BAM) for Virtual Cross Sections.
1 DAC220 SONOLINK Package of Technical Support Services.
1 DACPCX Paperless TIFF, PCX & BMP file Outputs for Electronic Image Transfer.
1 RECALL Automatic Storage and Recall of instrument setup
 parameters with every image saved in ".IMW" format.
1 CURSOR Cursor mode to reference an A-scan with each pixel position in the image in real-time and user selectable A-scans to be stored with every image.
1 MICRO- Precision gating of echoes with 0.25 nsec step SLICE for narrow layer-by-layer sample depth analysis.
1 AUTO- Automatic focusing of transducers to any depth FOCUS within the sample.
1 ZOOM Electronic Zoom of Image to magnify area of interest.
1 DETERMINE Automatic scan size set-up by drawing a
 SCANSIZE window over the area of interest. This creates a full pixel resolution Image of
 the area of interest.
1 3-D Three-Dimensional (3-D) Amplitude projection of acoustic amplitude data.
1 SK015/075 15 MHz Transducer w/.75" (19.1 mm) Focal
 Length in Water

 1 DAC265 Up to 8192 x 7680 Very High
 Resolution (VHRTM)...Enhanced Scanning and Data Acquisition Package.
 1 DAC225C Arm Type THRU-Scan adapter package for C-SAM including dual moving transducer
 bracket, wide band transducer and modified tank to hold JEDEC trays.
 Note: Used in conjunction with up to 100 MHz reflection mode transducer
Model A532561 TSCA ARM
1 DAC271 STARTM - Simultaneous THRU-ScanTM andReflection Modes (Note: Requires DAC225 or DAC225A; and DAC272)......
1 DAC272 Additional VHR-RF Slice/Memory Channel Board Package.
 1 DAC219 Acoustic Digital Image Analyzer (DIA)Software. The Digital Image Analyzer is
useful for quantifying acoustic data, image enhancement and setting up accept/reject
 criteria. The analysis software includes full image and window function analysis
 capabilities. Circular and rectangular window options, as well as window cut outs
 can be chosen to isolate regions of interest. Histogram displays of quantitative data and
 FFT functions are selectable. Defects can be counted and sized automatically; ideal for
 die attach analysis, etc. Up to 4 data window analysis. Image addition and subtraction modes
 are provided for pixel by pixel comparison between two images, such as "before" and
 "after" stress analyses.
1 DAC249 Die Attach Analysis Software with MIL-STD-883 Method 2030. (Requires DAC219)...
1 SK050/050 50 MHz Transducer w/.50" (12.7 mm)Focal Length in Water......
2 Panametrics 50/.25. 50 Mhz
1 SK100/050 100 MHz Transducer w/.50" (12.7 mm) Focal Length in Water........
1 DAC311 Virtual Rescanning Module (VRM™) for Transducers up to 300 MHz...........
1 DAC312 Profile Imaging Module for VRM™. (Note:Requires DAC311 or DAC311A.)......
1 DAC313 Fourier Transform Imaging Module for VRM™. (Note: Requires DAC311 or DAC311A.

1 DAC273 VHR-Profiler Package with 3D TOF
 (Time-of-Flight) & Crack Profile Imaging. The Time-of-Flight of image is displayed
 for initial echoes with respect to the top surface of the sample.
1 DAC241B Tray ScanTM Analysis Software Package
 Integration of Part Locations within Trays,Automated Data Gathering, Analysis and
 Accept/Reject Report Generation Based on Customer Specified Criteria.
 Designed for Parts within JEDEC Style Trays Ideal for Laboratory Sample Volume
 Screening and SPC Data gathering. (Note:Requires DAC219.Also requires DAC241C or both
 the DAC282 and DAC284....
1 DAC241C Auto-Loader Stage Mechanism for D900
1 DAC258 AIMM - Acoustic Impedance Measurement
 Module & Calculator. Note: Requires
 SK015/075 (15 MHz) Transducer.....
1 DAC275 2nd Generation DVD RAM...........
1 DAC308 Recirculating Water System with
 Heater/Chiller.....Pending confirmation

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