This item has been sold - Kokusai Quixace ALD High-k Vertical LPCVD Furnace for Sale

Kokusai Quixace ALD High-k Details

SDI ID: 88208
Manufacturer: Kokusai
Model: Quixace ALD High-k
Description: Vertical LPCVD Furnace
Version: 300mm
Vintage: 01.08.2012
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time:
Tool is still in production. Inspect to confirm configuration and condition. Tool Model: QUIXACE (DJ-1206VN-DF) Process: CG Software version: CX5000 (OU Ver.1.50.01) Power Rating: 480 AC 3-Phase Loading Configuration: 5-loader System Configuration Furnace Unit: 1. Cartridge Heater, Qty 1 2. T/C for Heater Control, Qty 5 3. T/C for Over temperature Protection, Qty 5 4. 5-P T/C for Cascade Control, Qty 1 5. Thyristor Unit for Control, Qty 1 Clean Unit: 1. Clean Module Unit, Qty 4 Controller: 1. Main Controller (OU) , Qty 1 2. Main Operation Unit, Qty 1 3. Sub Operation Unit, Qty 1 4. Process Module Controller, Qty 1 5. DDC Temperature Controller, Qty 1 6. Gate Drive Unit, Qty 1 7. MFC/ Pressure Unit, Qty 1 8. FOUP Loader Controller Unit, Qty 1 9. Wafer Handling Controller Unit, Qty 1 10. Valve/Interlock Control Unit, Qty 1 11. Switching Hub, Qty 1 12. Signal Tower (Front), Qty 1 13. Gas Flow Pattern Panel, Qty 2 14. EDA controller, Qty 1 15. EDA Operation Unit, Qty 1 Drive Mechanisms: 1. I/O Shutter, Qty 1 2. AGV/PGV/OHT Stage, Qty 1 3. FOUP loader, Qty 1 4. Rotation FOUP Storage, Qty 1 5. FOUP Opener, Qty 1 6. Wafer Detection, Qty 2 7. Wafer Transfer, Qty 1 8. Variable Wafer Pitch Converter, Qty 1 9. Boat Elevator, Qty 1 10. Boat Changer, Qty 1 11. Furnace Port Shutter, Qty 1 12. Boat Rotation, Qty 1 13. Wafer Transfer Crash Detector, Qty 1 Gas System: 1. Gas Unit (IGS) , Qty 1 2. Bottle heater, Qty 1 3. Stainless steel Ampoule with ultrasonic Level sensor (by Praxair), Qty 1 4. 4-PT level sensor controller, Qty 1 Exhaust System: 1. Dry Pump & Mechanical Booster Pump, Qty 1 2. Diaphragm sensor (1000 Torr) (631C13TBEH) , Qty 1 3. Diaphragm sensor (10Torr) (631C11TBEH) , Qty 1 4. Diaphragm sensor (10Torr) (722B11TCE2FA) , Qty 1 5. Main Valve (VEC-SHA8-X0340) , Qty 1 6. Exhaust Piping, Qty 1 7. Exhaust Dilution Line, Qty 1 8. Reactor Tube Press Leak Line, Qty 1 9. Back Ground Line, Qty 1 10. Jacket Heater for exhaust pipe, Qty 1 11. Seal Cap Heater, Qty 1 12. Inlet Flange Heater, Qty 1 13. Reactor Tube Port Heater, Qty 1 Safety: 1. Light Curtain System, Qty 1 Other: 1. OHT I/F Unit, Qty 2 2. CIDRW CONTROLLER, Qty 1 3. AMP UNIT, Qty 2 4. CIDRW HEADDER, Qty 2 5. CHEMICAL FILTER, Qty 2 N2 Purge Load Lock System: 1. O2 Monitor/Detector, Qty 1 2. FOUP Opener N2 Purge System, Qty 1 3. Loading Area MFC, Qty 1 4. Loading Area N2 Purge Line, Qty 1 5. FOUP Opener N2 Purge Line, Qty 1
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