Oerlikon Leybold Univex 350 Metal Evaporator (PVD) for Sale

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Oerlikon Leybold Univex 350 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 90335
Manufacturer: Oerlikon Leybold
Model: Univex 350
Description: Metal Evaporator (PVD)
Version: 350 mm
Vintage: 31.05.2007
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

Laboratory Evaporator System with Cubic Vacuum Chamber and Front Door
(350 mm diameter)
Typical Applications
- Vacuum coating in research and development
- Pre-production trials
- Special experiments
-   The UNIVEX 350 consists of two separable 19" rack mount cabinets
-   The process chamber and the pump system are accommodated in one cabinet
-   Accommodated in the second cabinet section is the electric power supply with the PLC based system controller with graphic touchscreen. Moreover, the supply units for the process components are also accommodated in this cabinet section.

Vacuum Chamber
-   The base plate is attached to the base frame
-   The door is equipped with a viewing window
-   Bottom plate and lid are provided with installation holes
-   Additional flanges at the side for pump system and process components
Pump System
-   The standard pumping equipment comprises a TRIVAC  D 25 B two- stage rotary vane pump and a TURBOVAC 600 C turbomolecular pump
Vacuum Measurement
-   Depending on the type of application, a combination vacuum gauge operating according to the cold cathode or hot cathode principle may be installed

Advantages to the User
-   Modular system design
-   Freedom of installation and retrofitting of process components without
-   Vacuum chamber with front door for added flexibility
-   Convenient access to the chamber installations
-   Very simple to operate and use via programmable control
-   For installation into clean-room walls
-   Pump system adapted to the individual process

-   A water-cooled vacuum chamber can also be supplied
-   Evaporation protection plates which may be easily disassembled are available
-   Fitting of a second coating module with a vacuum chamber (fitted to the right of the electrical cabinet) is possible
-For processes requiring large volumes of gas or which require low operating pressures, the UNIVEX 350 can also be equipped with a turbomolecular pump having a higher pumping speed (TURBOVAC 1000, for example) or with cryopumps

-For processes which involve pumping corrosive gases, a corrosion resistant version of the turbomolecular pump and a rotary vane pump with a filling of special oil may be supplied
-  For especially sensitive processes also a dry compressing pump like the SCROLLVAC  SC 30 D can be used as the backing pump.

Key System Specifications (Standard Config.):-


Vacuum chamber Material Dimensions

Inside width Inside depth Inside heigth

Connections 1)

Front side Rear side Bottom plate Cover plate

Left side Right side





mm mm mm








Stainless steel




Door with window

160 ISO-K (pump system connection), 2 x 16 ISO-KF, 2 x 40 ISO-KF

15 installation holes 34.5 mm dia.

7 installation holes 34.5 mm dia.

160 ISO-K

160 ISO-K

High vacuum pump

Nominal pumping speed for N2 l x· s-1 Power supply




Backing pump

Nominal pumping speed m3 x h-1

TRIVAC D 25 B 29.5


PLC with graphic touchscreen

Required supplies Voltage Cooling water

Inlet pressure bar (abs.)

Consumption, approx. l x min-1 Feed temperature °C Compressed air bar (abs.)


400 V, 3 phases + N, 50/60 Hz 2)

4 to 7

1 3)

+15 to +25

4 to 7

Weight, approx.


400 3)

-Voltage setup: 400V / 3 ph / PE 50 Hz 11.5 kVA, 

-Has a CE Mark

-See attached photos for details.


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