Veeco IBD 210 Sputter / PVD system for Sale

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This Veeco IBD 210 Sputter / PVD system is available for immediate sale.
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Veeco IBD 210 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 93400
Manufacturer: Veeco
Model: IBD 210
Description: Sputter / PVD system
Version: Inquire
Vintage: 01.01.1998
Quantity: 2
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): Inquire

Veeco's ion beam sputter deposition system, the IBD-210, allows the production of very thin films and multilayer structures that are highly uniform, and virtually inclusion- and defect-free. The system uses an ion beam, or charged atoms, directed at targets, and it is typically used for depositing different layers of material for gaps or very thin sensor elements.The ions physically collide with the target, knocking off the target material, which is then precisely deposited on the substrate.

Currently we have 2 Veeco IBD 210 available, please find more information in the attached files.

One system served as a spare part carrier. This system is 99% complete (1 fixture is missing, but repairable). The other system is complete and still running in standby mode. Furthermore a lot of spare parts for the tools are also idle and our aim is to sell the whole package.




Beschichtungsquelle (gewoelbt, 3E SPG1) 4
Turbopumpe MAG W 2000CT/ nur IBD 1
Spellmann SL 300 Sender 1
4 Axis - DMC1040 GALIL Board 3
Water Line, IN 5
Aetzquelle (Gittersatz gerade) 1
Water Line, OUT 6
Sorensen DSC 20-150 Exchange Part 2
Spellmann SL 1200 Sender 1
TMH 260 P Turbo-Molekular- Drag Pumpe 1
Wasserventil Turbop. und Quellen 2
Flange PBN with Filament 21
CCA, Analog Input Board 1
Verkleidungsbleche Veeco 1 (14-teilig) 1
Ferrofluid Drehdurchführung - Fixture 1
Shield, Grid Contact, Alumina 1
CCA, Analog Output Board 1
Maxon Motor with Gear 1
Ferrofluidic-Lager Schauglas 1
Motor Board Assy 4
Mechanics without manipulation DN 200 1
CCA, Discrete Output Board 1
HV-Messroehre fuer IBD210 (Typ 8142TK)B8 5
Encoder Assy, Diff. (Motor) 1
Clamp, Water Tube 2
Bodine Getriebemotor Typ: 24A2BEPM-D5 3
CCA, Discrete Input Board 1
TM-ADP4, Module Bus Adapter 1
Filament, Cathode, PBN, Hi PWR 21
Terminal, Filament Mounting PBN 3
HV-Messroehre PR 25 1
Lagerfuehrung Tellervorschub 1
Kit, PBN Rebuild 2
Ersatz Filament DYCOR LC-D 1
Bellows Weldment, Wafer Module 1
Water Filter 1
EVD 010 H Gasdosierventil KF16 1
Sorensen DCS 60-18E 1
Labornetzteil EX752M (110 Volt) 1
Electric Isolated Gas Passage 1
VV-Meßröhre TR901 1
Grid Wire Set für Depo Quelle 1
Substrat Rubalit 710 5
Screw, Sod Hd Cap, Silver 1/4 12
Kugellager 626 19X6X6 Sep. Teller BAK600 91
Set Screw, 10-32x7/8 SS vented 24
PVC Staender 110er Ringe E450 APL 8
Betriebsmittelspeicher fuer TMH 260 2
O-Ring 5,33 x 215,27 VITON IBD 210 2-371 2
Lamp 4W 24V Indicating Bank 4
O-Ring 5,33 x 354,97 SILICON 2-383 2
Bearing Ball (Tuerlager) 4
Water Line, Transfer 6
Papst Luefter 80x80x38 18V/30V 1,7W/5W 1
O-Ring 5,33 x 658,88 VITON IBD210 2-395 11
Keramikkoerper PBN Zuleitung IBD 210 200
Micro Switch 3
Nut, 10-32 23
O-Ring 3,53 x 139,29 Silikon 70 rot 4
Schmersal Sicherheitsschalter 2
Quarz Diffuser IBD 210 2
O-Ring 2,62 x 28,24 Veeco-Water Jornal 18
O-Ring 1,78 x 33,05 (Drehdurchfuehrung) 4
O-Ring Waterjournal 3/4 X 3/32 W, E1022 10
O-Ring Waterjournal 1 1/16 x 3/32 Viton 13
O-Ring 1.78x7.65 Viton IBD 210 2-012 8
O-Ring 1,78 x 5,28 VITON IPD 210 2-009 2
Support Leg, Target Drive 7
Quarzbowl 4
Magnet Sensor 3
Spacer Insulator 4
Nut, 2-56, Small Pat 31
O-Ring 5,33 x 227,97 VITON IBD 210 2-373 2
O-Ring 5,33 x 430,66 VITON IBD210 2-386 1
O-Ring 3,53 x 142,47 Vi Gruen 2-255 1
Verschraubung IBD 210 2
Verschraubung IBD 210 2
Blech IBD 210 1
Schalter Micro Switch (HSC-09) IBD 210 1
Vierlochteflonhuelse PBN IBD 210 2
Rulon Bushing 1
VAT-Blade DN 46x236 HI-TEMP O-Ring 1
Bearing Spacer 2
Bearing (rotes Gleitlager) 4
Screw, Mod. 500LG, 100 HD LG, 82 1
Folientastatur fuer Kaeltethermostat 1
VAT Rechtecksch. kompl. -100+ u. Veeco 2
Cover, PBN with Filament - VEECO 3
Combivac CM 31 1
Wasserjpurnal Veeco mit Werkzeug 1
Water Journal, Planet Spindel 1
Sputterschutzring Fixture 8
Depo Shutter Veeco 15
Schwebekoerperdurchflussmesser 1
Schauglas Kammer ohne Durchfuehrung 2
Bodine Getriebemotor Typ: 24A2BEPM-D3 3
Sputterschutz fuer Aetzquelle 5
Fixture-Target-Motor 1
Flow-Switch .1 GPM 1
Flow-Switch .25 GPM 1
Abdeckung fuer Sichtfenster 1
Pfeiffer TCP380 Turbocontroller (IBD210) 1
Seat Wafer 150mm RND Pallet 2
Gear, Spur, 72T, 24DP, Planet 4
Bushing, Rulon 4
Targetrückplatte IBD 17



Chamber Turbo = Leybold MAG W200 CT
LL = TMH 260 P


Attachments: 3 Files
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