Nissin Exceed 2000 Medium Current Ion Implanter for Sale

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Nissin Exceed 2000 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 93833
Manufacturer: Nissin
Model: Exceed 2000
Description: Medium Current Ion Implanter
Version: 3, 4 and 5 inch
Vintage: 01.05.1997
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire
1. System Summary
Manufacturer NISSIN Vintage May-97
Model EXCEED2000 Serial Number  
Process Medium Current Imp. Inspection Date 2018/8/10
System Demotions 3000W X 6325D X 2500H cm
2.1 Wafer Size 3inch(76mm) / 4inch(100mm)  
2.2 Process # E95-3005  
2.3 Energy Range 10-200KV  
2.4 Cassette Stages 4  
2.5 Loadlock 2 LEFT and RIGHT  
2.6 Orienters 2 (Auto-Flat/Notch Find)  
2.7 Software Main:OS Dos / Process: Windows XP Japanese  
2.8 Log-In Password -  
3. System Vacuum
3.1 Ion Source Chamber N/A  
3.2 Beamline Chamber N/A  
3.3 End Station Chamber N/A  
  3.4.2 SYSTEM Drypumps, Turbo pumps, and Cryo pumps,  
  Class Maker Model    
3.5 DRY PUMPS        
Load /Lock (DP-4) Alcatel Drytel 34C 450L/Sec  
Target Chamber(DP-3) Alcatel Drytel 31 450L/Sec  
F.E.M (DP-2) Kashiyama SD 90V III 1500L/Sec  
S.A.M/Ion Source(DP-1 Kashiyama SD 90V III 1500L/Sec  
Load/lock (TP 4 & 5) Shimadzu TMP51G 55L/Sec  
F.E.M (TP-3) Shimadzu TMP1002 800L/Sec  
S.A.M (TP-1 & 2) Shimadzu TMP1002 800L/Sec  
CRYO PUMPS        



  Target Chamber (CP-2 Cryotec-12L V208SC612GN 4000L/Sec  
Collimator (CP-1) Cryotec-12L V208SC612GN 4000L/Sec  
Compressor Daikin U110CW    
4. Utilities
4.1 Power 208VAC, 3phase, 3wires, 65KVA  
4.2 Air 100 ~ 150PSI  
4.3 N2 40 ~ 150PSI  
4.4 Cooling Water 60 ~ 150PSI, Temp:4~21℃  
5. Process Gas
5.1 SIF4 (0.35L) 200Kev SI+ 200uA-20uA SI++ 20uA-5uA 5E12  
5.2 Ar (0.35L) 200Kev 1000uA 5E12  
6. High Voltage Range
6.1 Extraction Power Supply 0 keV ~ 70keV  
6.2 Acceleration Power Supply 0 keV ~ 180keV  
7. Power Supplies (Assembly)_Power check
7.1 Arc YES    
7.2 Filament YES    
7.3 SAM YES    
7.4 ACC YES    
7.5 DEC YES    
7.6 FOCUS YES    
7.7 TRIM- Q YES    
7.8 FEM YES    
7.9 COLUMN YES    
7.10 BSM DC/AMP YES    
7.12 ISO TX 160KV YES    
7.13 HV Stack 160KV YES    



8.1 BSM Controllers YES  
8.2 FEM Controllers YES  
8.3 P/C Controllers YES  
8.4 SAM Controllers YES  
8.5 W/C,WFC Controllers YES  
8.6 V/C Controllers YES  
8.7 I/C Controllers YES  
8.8 O/F Controllers YES  
8.9 TQ Controllers YES  
8.10 T/C Controllers YES  
8.11 I/G Controllers YES  
8.12 T/P Controllers YES  


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