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ASM AB520A Equipment Details

SDI ID: 95717
Manufacturer: ASM
Model: AB520A
Description: Wedge Bonder
Version: Assembly
Vintage: 01.07.2004
Quantity: 5
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): Inquire





Gold wire diameter – 15 to 76 microns
High speed bonding: 6 wires/sec
Fine pitch capability
- Pad pitch: 80 µm
- Pad size: 70 µm @1.0 mil Al wire
Automatic PR alignment
BQM system for material bondability enhancement
Automatic wire loss detection
Programmable bond force
High stiffness bond head with AC servo control motion
Extremely high resolution XYθ work holder and bond head
XY resolution: 0.625 µm
θ resolution : 0.0036°
Fast response voice coil wire clamp with programmable wire clamping force
Package applications include chip-on-board, multi-die and LED display

Full specifications as follows:-

AB 520A Automatic Ultrasonic Wedge Bonder


Bonding System

Z travel 23 mm (0.9")

Z travel resolution: 1 μm (0.039 mil)

AC servo controls Z axis

High speed: 14 ms for 1 mm Z travel

Bond angle 30°

Wire size 20 - 50.4 μm dia. (0.8 - 2 mil)

Bond force Programmable (5 - 200 g)

Bond power Programmable (0 - 1 W)

Bond time Programmable (0 - 255 ms)

Wire clamping force Programmable (30 - 200 g)

Voice coil linear motors driven wire clamp and bond force

Bond head clearance 3.5 mm (0.137")

Bond area 25.4 mm (1") radius at COR

Cycle time 200 ms for 2.0 mm (79 mil) wire length @ I die placed at COR

Feed & tear: Resolution 1 μm

Tail length Programmable

Bond Quality Monitoring (BQM) System

Bondability enhancement for contaminated die

Wire loss detection

Ultrasonic Power System

ASM Auto-calibration ultrasonic generator

Bond Quality Monitoring (BQM) System

Wire loss detection

Transducer and Power Unit

Transducer Aluminium light weight

Power generator ASM Auto-calibration ultrasonic generator

Man-machine Interface

Bi-lingual menu display

Easy-to-use integrated control panel

PC based control system

15” color monitor display

XYθ Table

XY: Travel 58 mm x 58 mm (~2.2" x 2.2")

Resolution 0.625 μm (0.0246 mil)

θ: Travel Unlimited Resolution 0.0036°

PCB sizes Max. 101.6 mm x 152.4 mm (4" x 6" )

AC servo controls X,Y and θ axes for high speed and precise bonding

Speed : XY axes : 25 ms for 2 mm travel

θ axis : 25 ms for 3.6° rotation

Resolution : XY axes : 0.625 μm (0.0246 mil)

θ axis : 0.0036°

Application of CAE design for stable performance at high speed operation


Voice Coil Linear Motor

Voice coil linear motors driven wire clamp and bond force

Programmable bond force (5 - 200 g) for different products applications

Programmable wire clamping force (30 - 200 g) for different wire applications

Rapid response

Durable design providing excellent reliability

Excellent force linearity

Pattern Recognition System

256 gray scale PR system for minimizing effects on pattern recognition due to light intensity variations

Give sub-pixel accuracy for pattern alignment : ±1 μm (@ 4.1X optics)

Accurate auto-alignment saves time and reduces human error

Short PR search time : 5 - 20 ms

Auto focusing and auto lighting

Maximum die rotation : ±15°

XY search range : ±0.5 mm (@ 4.1X optics)

Programmable search range

XY ±0.5 mm (@ 4.1X optics)

θ ±15° @ 1° resolution

Accuracy ±1/4 pixel (±1 μm, 4.1X optics)

Search time 5 - 20 ms

PR alignment reference

Die & Substrate 0, 1, 2 points (number of alignment points for PRS reference)

Maximum no. of pattern 400

(64 x 64 standard template @ θ = 0°)

Template size Programmable (64 x 64 - 256 x 256 pixels)

Maximum Memory Capacity

No. of programs

Floppy diskette Max. 60 (@ average of 150 wires/program)

Solid state disk Max. 60 (@ max. wire capacity)

No. of PCB/program Max. 50

No. of dice/PCB Max. 100

No. of wires/program Max. 5000


Optics assembly 4.1X, programmable focusing

Microscope 10.5 - 45X, adjustable


Facilities Required

Voltage 110/220 Vac (User selectable) ±10 %, single phase, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 600 W

Dimensions and Weight

L x W x H Weight (kg)

Basic machine 900 x 730 x 770 mm (192 Kg)

Working bench and accessories 1000 x 900 x 820 mm (85 Kg)


Each one also includes a new AB520 Service kit PN 01-18557 see picture attached.


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