Ultratech 1500 Projection Stepper for Sale

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Ultratech 1500 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 96663
Manufacturer: Ultratech
Model: 1500
Description: Projection Stepper
Version: 150 mm
Vintage: 31.12.1995
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is all rebuilt
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire


ULTRATECH Model 1500 0.8um Features and Specifications

Automatic Functions 

<0.13um, 2 sigma and +/-0.18um

Placement and Overlay: 

+- 2 millimeters

Capture Window: 


Site by Site Alignment: 

+/ - 50 microns, scanning 200 micron target

Target Capture Window:

Site by Site, electronic

Auto Focus: 

Automatic compensation for environmental fluctuations, image tilt

Focus Gauge: 

Site by Site, electronic

Auto wafer level: 

Cassette to Cassette, SEMI standard


Input and Output slot, single wafer

Manual Loader:

System specifications 

Air bearing, laser metered, resolution of .00004 mm

Wafer Sizes: 

6", 5",4",3"

XY Stage: 

Air cushioned granite table 

Vibration Control: 


Lens Specifications 

5 Total in two groups 

Lens Type: 

1:1 , 0.8um

Lens Elements: 

Broadband, 390nm-450nm 

Projection Ratio, Resolution: 


Exposure Spectrum: 

variable, .26NA thru .40NA 

Alignment Spectrum: 

Longest rectangle = 39 mm x 8.4 mm

Numerical Aperture: 

Largest square, 15.5 mm x 15.5 mm

Field Size, 0.8um lens:

Max area rectangle =

31.8 mm x 11.5 mm

30mm x 18mm standard aperture size 

39mm x 18mm aperture also available, manual quick change

Illumination Specifications  Automatic Exposure Control:      

Integrated dose monitored for exposure repeatability

Lamp Type:      

200 watt mercury arc, pulsed to 500 watts during exposure

Mercury Vapor Control: 

Built in 

Reticle Specifications

Size ( from standard 5"x5" plates):

3" x 5" x 0.090" 

Pellicle Protection: 

Chrome Side 

KLA/NJS Inspectable: 

Yes, 4 identical rows 


Quartz or low expansion 

Alignment Mark:     

Scribe Area


200um square standard, 

Design Flexibility: 

Verticle or Horizontal alignment marks

Generation Technique: 

E-Beam or optical step and repeat

Fields per reticle: 

3 fields standard

Physical Specifications


14 feet square 


46" width x 50" depth x 78" height 

Service Clearance: 

Allow 24" on all sides, and in back 


3000 lbs. 

Facility Requirements:     

No environmental chamber required

Ambient Temperature Control:

70 degrees , +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit 


115 volts, 50/60 Hz, 15 Amps, Inrush current, 35 Amps for 100 milliseconds

Nitrogen or Compressed Air:

Minimum 80 psi, 2 CFM, Dry to -40 degrees F dewpoint, filtered to 0.2   


One line, minimum 20" Hg, 2 CFM 


Single exhaust to 3 - 10 CFM at 0.1" H20    

It is refurbished and has 0.8um resolution.  It can be setup for 1.0um no problem.

Please check pictures below for more information.

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