LAM Research 2300 Versys KIYO Poly Polysilicon Etcher, 4 chamber for Sale

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LAM Research 2300 Versys KIYO Poly Equipment Details

SDI ID: 96885
Manufacturer: LAM Research
Model: 2300 Versys KIYO Poly
Description: Polysilicon Etcher, 4 chamber
Version: 300 mm
Vintage: 01.06.2009
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: 750,000 USD

The configuration:-

System Type Complete System 1

2300 Version 2 (4 VPM) V2 platform supports up to 4 process chambers. 

Wafer Size 300 mm wafers 1

Wafer Config SEMI 1

Cassette Type 25 Slot Cassette 1

Process Module Position and Quantity 2300 Versys Kiyo (PM1,2,3,4) 4

Gas Box Type IGS Gas Box 4

Chamber Type Versys Kiyo 4

Chamber Pinnacle Standard Pinnacle (-814) 4

Wafer Clamping Mechanism Center RF, Tunable ESC (-374) 4

RF Strap RF Coupling Strap 4

RF Ground Bracket Standard Fingers (-006) 4

Edge Ring Quartz (EBP) 4

Injector Alt 1 Injector (-026) 4

Injector Shield Standard Injector Shield 4

Plasma Screen Enhanced (-035) 4

Gas Weldment Original (-103) 4

ESC Hose Kit Low Temp 4

ESC Facility Plate Compression Facility Plate 4

Liner ACME Coated Universal (-838) 4

Chamber Manometer Standard 4

Wafer Lift Mechanism Prime Movers 4

Voltage Control Interface 1200V 4

O-rings Chemraz 4

TCP Coil Standard 4

TCP Source Dual 1500W 4

300MM Turbo Pump 2200 L/s BOCE (Seiko Seiki) 4

Heated Foreline Heated 4

Heated Foreline Clamp Covers Yes 4

Endpoint Detection OES2 4

Chamber Viewport Window Standard 4

Chamber Isolation Valve Barrier Seal Door 4

Vacuum Valve Viton 4

Water Control Passive RF PCW Control 4

Service Covers Standard 4

TCU to PM 50ft (Default) 4

Pump to PM 100ft 4

Facilitization No Gas Interface Box 0

Future PM Position 1, 2, 3, 4 0

Gas System Exhaust Top Exhaust 4

Gas Line 16 Gas Configuration 4

Heated Gas Lines Heated Lines, Pos 1 & 2 4

Gas Line 1 SiCL4 100 sccm - STEC Z313 4

Gas Line 2 CL2 500 sccm - STEC D213 4

Gas Line 3 HBr 500 sccm - STEC D213 4

Gas Line 4 CF4 400 sccm - STEC D213 4

Gas Line 5 O2 500 sccm -STEC D213 4

Gas Line 6 He 500 sccm - STEC Z313 4

Gas Line 7 CH2F2 200 sccm - STEC D213 4

Gas Line 8 Ar 1000 sccm - STEC D213 4

Gas Line 9 HeO2 (30% O2) 50 sccm - STEC Z313 4

Gas Line 10 NF3 1000 sccm - STEC D213 4

Gas Line 11 N2 (Process Grade) 250 sccm - STEC Z313 4

Gas Line 12 SO2 200 sccm - STEC Z313 4

Gas Line 13 NA 0

Gas Line 14 NA 0

Gas Line 15 NA 0

Gas Line 16 NA 0

Gas Box Inlet Option Regulated Inlet Gas Panel 1

ATM Front End Load Port 3 FOUP BROOKS 4

ATM Cassette ID Hermos Carrier ID 4

ATM, Factory Automation OHT PIO Sensor 4

ATM Input Buffer Station 25 Slot 2

ATM, CTC Computer, Storage Hard Disk Drive - Mirrored 1

VTM Loadlock A Standard 1

VTM Loadlock B Standard 1

Subpanel RPDB 1

Signal Tower R-O-G-B Signal Tower 1

PM Peripherals: Backing Pumps ESR100WN 4 Ebara

RPDB: Backing Pump CB Sizes 30A 4

TCU Config YR-8020 4 Maruyama

RPDB: TCU CB Sizes 30A 4

Critical Parts PCB,VIOP BOARD 4 810-099175-011

Critical Parts VME 7668A CPU board 4 605-109114-001

Critical Parts ASSY,ENCL,DC CONT 4 853-800087-405

Critical Parts ASSY,ENCL,AC,2300 PM 4 853-800083-346

Critical Parts WDO, GAS, INJ, F SEAL, QRTZ, NSG 4 716-012640-013

Critical Parts Top Chamber ACME Coated 4 715-027638-814

Critical Parts ESC,TUNABLE,COUL,CNTR RF,300MM 4 839-019090-374

Critical Parts PCBA,ESC FILTER, BICEP Q 4 810-495659-304

Critical Parts FRU,ASSY,BIAS MTCH,2300 4 832-038915-001

Critical Parts CA,COAX,RF,HN-90,TO,HN-90,11FT 4 834-036619-011

Critical Parts GEN,APEX,1.5KW,13.56MHz, F47,H,P4,-2000Hz 4 660-032596-214

Critical Parts COUPLER,RF,ESC,BIAS COAX FEED 4 839-046079-002

Critical Parts BRKT,RF GND,BIAS ELECT ASSY 4 715-039685-006

Critical Parts WDO, SAPPHIRE, 25MMX.087 4 716-008608-001

Critical Parts SLV,GND SHLD,TCP GAS INJ,NO Ni 4 715-016744-016

Critical Parts SCRN,PLASMA,DUAL GAS ZONE.2300 4 713-012641-035

Critical Parts Gas Injector Weldment : Stainless 4 839-031197-103

Critical Parts HOSE,DUAL INSUL,ESC TEMP CTRL,RET-SUP 4 839-028991-001

Critical Parts "LIN, 2300, UPR CHMB, COATED

(chamber liner)" 4 715-801021-838

Critical Parts LIN, MTG PL, ESC, 300MM 4 714-801511-002

Critical Parts HSG,BIAS ELCTD,300MM (ESC toilet bowl) 4 715-800326-004

Critical Parts MNMTR,ETCH,100MT (MKS 100mT manometer) 4 796-019591-004

Critical Parts MNMTR,2STPT,100 DEG C,KF16,10T (MKS 10Torr manometer) 4 685-097330-006

Critical Parts PIN,FLEX,300MM PIN LFT,.042 (lift pins) 4 715-800621-003

Critical Parts FTG,TUBE,FIXED ORF,CHK VLV,AIR,SMC (pin speed mod) 4 920-058481-002

Critical Parts ACTR,BLWS.PINLIFT,.395 STROKE, 4 790-022848-114


Z1SY,VOLTAGE/DET,ESC,2300,10-8" 4 853-002499-007

Critical Parts ASSY, S/G COIL, 1.5T OUT, 2T IN 4 853-031436-103

Critical Parts GEN,APEX,1.5KW,13.56MHz, F47,H,P4+2000Hz 4 660-032596-213

Critical Parts FRU,ASSY.ENCL.TCP MTCH,KIYO 23 4 832-034908-009

Critical Parts CA,COAX,RF,HN-90,TO,HN-90,18FT 4 834-036619-018

Critical Parts PMP,TURBO,2.2K L/S,ISO 250-F,T 4 796-900373-003

Critical Parts KIT,HEATERS,FORELINE, SEIKO 2200,IGS 4 857-000178-015

Critical Parts SPEC. OES2, ENDPOINT, VS70-S98 4 685-069171-002

Critical Parts WDO,QUARTZ 4 716-027740-001

Critical Parts KIT,PM, VAT RKR VLV INSTALL 4 857-083111-005

Critical Parts KIT,PM DR, VAT RCKR VLV,BARRIER 4 857-083115-001

Critical Parts GTV,CONT,250 MM FLG,SER 65,VAL 4 796-901160-009

Critical Parts O-RING, ARMOR CRYSTAL, 10.484 ID X .139W 4 734-112249-275

Critical Parts XDCR.PRESS,-15 TO 235 PSIG,T3,NO DISPLAY 4 771-036638-003

Damaged/Missing parts list: None recorded

Attachments: 7 Files
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