Disco DAG 810 R and D wafer lapping system for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Disco DAG 810 R and D wafer lapping system.
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This Disco DAG 810 R and D wafer lapping system is available for immediate sale.
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Disco DAG 810 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 99548
Manufacturer: Disco
Model: DAG 810
Description: R and D wafer lapping system
Version: 150 mm
Vintage: 01.07.2011
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: 140,000 USD

Full working order: video of tool powered up is available

-Fitted with ring-grinding device

General Specifications
-Single-axis grinder
-Has one spindle and one chuck table
-It is designed for R and D use
-Will process wafers up to 8 inch
-The footprint is small - 600W x 1700 D x 1780 mm high
-The resultant footprint is just over 1 m2
-Highly rigid, low vibration sipindle
-In-feed grinding
-creep grinding
-Can be used for grinding exotic substrates like compound semiconductors.

Basic Specifications:-


Workpiece Size - Max. ø8"
(ø4" to ø8" when the universal chuck table is used)
Grinding Method - Anomalous In-feed grinding with wafer rotation
Spindle Type - Air bearing with high frequency motor Number of axes - 1
Output kW 4.2
Revolution speed min-1 1,000~7,000
Z-axis vertical stroke mm 120
Z-axis vertical grinding feed speed mm/s 0.0001~0.05 Z-axis vertical fast feed speed mm/s 50
Min. Z-axis vertical movement µm 0.1
Min. Z-axis vertical movement resolution µm 0.1
Chuck Chuck table type - Porous chuck table
Table Chuck method - Vacuum
Number of revolutions min-1 0~300
Number of chuck tables - 1
Spark Out (chuck table revolutions setting) - 0~999
Y-axis back and forth movement stroke mm 430
Y-axis back and forth grinding feed speed mm/s 0.01~50
Y-axis back and forth rapid feed speed mm/s 200
Y-axis back and forth movement min. command unit mm 0.001
Y-axis back and forth movement min. resolution mm 0.001
Grinding Wheel Diamond wheel mm ø200(ø8")
Grinding Thickness variation within one wafer µm Less than 1.5
Accuracy (when the dedicated chuck table is used)
Finish surface roughness µm Ry 0.13(with #2000 finish)
Ry 0.15(with #1400 finish)
Utilities Power supply - 200V AC ±10 %, 3-phase (50/60 Hz) Power consumption
When processing kW 2.4 (for reference)
During warm-up kW 0.65 (for reference)
Max. power kVA 12
Air pressure MPa 0.5 ~ 0.8
Air flow rate L/min(ANR) 150 or higher Water pressure
Grinding and cleaning MPa 0.2 ~ 0.3
Cooling MPa 0.2 ~ 0.3 Water flow rate
Grinding and cleaning L/min Max. 5
External nozzle L/min Max. 5
Chuck table blow L/min Max. 5
Height gauge coolant water (optional accessory) L/min Max. 5
Cooling L/min 2
Exhaust duct capacity m3/min 4
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) mm 600 x 1,700 x 1,780 Machine weight kg Approx.1,300
Environmental conditions
・Use clean, oil-free air at a dew point of -15 °C or less. (Use a residual oil: 0.1 ppm. Filtration rating:
0.01 µm/99.5 % or more).
・Keep room temperature fluctuations within ±1°C of the set value. (Set value should be between 20~25 °C).
・Keep grinding water 2°C above room temperature (fluctuations within 1°C over one hour).
・Keep spindle cooling water temperature between 20~25 °C (fluctuations within 2 °C over an hour).
・ The machines should be used in an environment, free from external vibration. Do not install machine near a ventilation opening, heat generation equipment or oil mist generating parts.
・ This machine uses water.


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