Thermco Sirius Pro 200 2 tube LPCVD horizontal furnace system for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Thermco Sirius Pro 200 2 tube LPCVD horizontal furnace system.
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This Thermco Sirius Pro 200 2 tube LPCVD horizontal furnace system is available for immediate sale.
Crating, refurbishment and delivery for this equipment can be quoted on request.

Thermco Sirius Pro 200 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 99813
Manufacturer: Thermco
Model: Sirius Pro 200
Description: 2 tube LPCVD horizontal furnace system
Version: 200 mm and 150 mm
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: inquire
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

Used Thermco 2-stack complete system in stock, may be refurbished like this one to any process requirements needed (atmospheric, LPCVD or PECVD), 6”/8"* capable.
1. Furnace, automatic load station and gas cabinet
2. Heating elements with up to 8” dia. wafer processing capability
3. Includes two new spare heating elements
4. Mass Flow Controlled gas systems on both tube levels
5. Each tube level includes a quartz process tube
6. Each tube level includes an automatic loader, SiC paddle and vacuum door assembly
7. Includes rebuilt dry pump/blower assembly (throttle valve, gate valve, particle filter) includes on each tube level
8. Includes one Type K profile thermocouple
9. Digital process and temperature controllers per tube level
10. A HOST computer system
11. Process guarantees for SiN and Poly processes included
12. Startup assistance, training and process verification at USA customer facility included
13. One year equipment warranty included

System Description
2-Stack SiriusTM PRO-200 LPCVD Furnace System
- Heating elements for up to 8” dia. wafer processing
- System Temperature Capability: 400-1000 0 C
- All facilities top connection to customer facilities
- Stainless load scavenger with independent exhaust control at each tube level
- 40” (101cm) thermal flatzone +/- 2 0 C
- 208 VAC, 3 phase, 5 wire, 50/60 Hz, 100 amp power

Gas Cabinet
- 4” (100mm) dia. cabinet exhaust
- Cabinet doors allow complete accessibility for service and maintenance
- Ample room for mounting auxiliary equipment
- Pre-plumbing to enter at top of cabinet and includes the mating fitting
- Vertical plumbing runs with connections to each tube level w/man. shut-off valve
- Plumbing constructed of 316L 3 / 8 “ dia. Stainless steel on drops and 1⁄4” on branch lines. System is helium leak checked prior to shipment
In-Line Load Station
- A bellows sealed door assembly with an SiC paddle on both tube levels
- Stainless steel work area surface
- Cantilever Drive System includes a DC drive motor with a precision screw drive
- Cantilever head assembly, transport platform, rail assembly and interface cables to controller
- Manual control panel with independent adjustments for in and out speeds
* Accurate alignment between the loader and the furnace is extremely critical to assure consistent temperature and gas flow characteristics. Maintaining these characteristics accurately will assure consistent and repeatable film depositions.
* Critical alignment between the drive rail assembly and process tube centerline is simple, quick and extremely accurate.
* Assures repeatable and accurate insertion of the wafers into the process tube.
* Interface to Tymkon process controller for one button operation
* The bellows sealed door assembly assures positive contact with the Vacuum Flange Assembly during cantilever operation without operator assistance. This assures positive sealing for process tube pump-down.
General Gas System Description
The gas system consists of process gas lines, nitrogen purge line and one nitrogen backfill line configured as follows:
 System includes process gas lines and one N2 backfill/purge line which includes a stainless steel needle valve and air operated stainless steel bellows seal valve for use in back filling theprocess tube.
-Silicon Nitride tube level includes NH3, SiH2Cl2 & N2
 -Poly tube level includes SiH4 & N2
 -N2 purge capability on toxic/corrosive gas lines
 -Vacuum gate valve, throttle valve and controller
 -Safety interlocks for safe operation of all processes includes;
1. System seal integrity
2. Tube overpressure
3. Door seal switch
4. Vacuum Operation Confirm
LPCVD Vacuum Foreline Assembly and Process Chamber
Pressure switch interlocks process gases at pressures above 50 Torr (software interlocks operate at5 Torr). Vacuum fore line is 316 stainless steel welded into modular units, which are connectedwith ISO-ASA components. Process pressure monitoring via capacitance manometer and particle filter. Foreline plumbing not to exceed 20 linear feet (6.096 M). The vacuum flange assembly is an integral part of the LPCVD process tube and includes gas inlet ports and a cooling ring. The door has an O-ring which seals against the process tube flange. The load end flange has inlet ports for gases and connections for the cooling medium. Transition lines from flange to gas inlet ports included.The process tube pump end has a 50/30 o-ring seal for the vacuum foreline connection. The foreline connection includes a connection for the pressure manometer and 50 Torr safety switch.
There is also a sealed port for the profile thermocouple.
Process/Temperature Control System
The SiriusTM control system comprises a HOST PC and a controller for each tube, mounted at the front of the furnace. Associated temperature I/O modules are mounted in the gas cabinet base. The system provides local recipe management and data acquisition. All parameters of each process run, as well as operator identification, are data logged and stored in Microsoft AccessTM data tables and may be recalled on the monitor, sent to a remote location or printed out. Data may be reviewed with Microsoft AccessTM.
Each process is archived when it is downloaded and other parameters (gas flow, temperatures, valve positions, etc.) are monitored at least every 15 seconds and data logged.
The system automatically captures process control information during all runs which may be displayed in an easy-to-read graph, either during capture or from a history file.
The graph shows absolute engineering values versus time and two plots can be shown
simultaneously so that you may compare a run with a recipe or two runs with each other. Axis can be magnified to study specific process problems, such as furnace recovery after product loading.
An event log, maintained in both a rolling and a permanent file, keeps track of all processes and user events. You can sort the log by as many as ten criteria to display information in the most useful way.
Real-time data (gas flow, temperatures, valve positions, etc.) is displayed on the HOST monitor in a graph form and be printed out.
12-bit D/A and A/D converters are located within two feet of each MFC, minimizing cable length and number of connections for optimum reliability. The D/A and A/D converters and MFC’s use a common power supply, eliminating reference voltage problems associated with multiple power supplies. The result is exceptionally precise MFC control.
The temperature I/O modules provide high-resolution (0.05C), 1500-volt isolation between thermocouples plus individual cold-junction compensation for each TC. Each module also contains local digital conversion and optical isolation. This entirely solid-state temperature and power driver package provides accurate and dependable temperature control.
A network option lets you connect one or more furnaces to remote engineering terminals.
Equipment and process engineers can then access tube status, recipes, data capture files and event
logs from PCs in their offices. Local recipe edits can be backed up automatically on remote terminals.
The HOST PC can interface with your production control system using a bridge PC with
appropriate communications software. As a batch of wafers enters a furnace step the production control system sends a message to the bridge PC to download the recipe to the selected tube.
Digital Temperature/Process Sequence Controller (one per populated tube level)
Temperature Ramping
Digital Inputs and Outputs
* High Resolution, bipolar analog output
* 16 relay-isolated outputs, 8 opto isolated inputs
* Electrically isolated from other functions
* Power-Fail Software
* Furnace set-point capability
* “Interlock” inputs for programmable branching
* Individual set-points for each cycle
* “Wait” inputs for programmable holds
* Automatically ramped over cycle duration
Multiple Process Recipes
Analog Outputs and Inputs
* 16 recipes, each recipe incl’s up to 100 steps * Eight 0 to 5 volt analog outputs/inputs
* Simultaneous Programming and Operation
* Multiple set-points for each output
* Programmable “idle” cycle for each recipe
* Display of analog set-points and actual
* Unique “count-up” cycle at end of each recipe * Analog inputs monitor process parameters
* Battery Backup
* Programmed branching on analog inputs

* Programmable Time Base (Minutes/Seconds) * Total-Time -Remaining Display
* Programmable Alarms
* Manual Abort
* Manual Mode
* Power-up Diagnostics
* Alphanumeric Status Messages
* Completed Runs Counters
Host System Hardware
* Windows  based PC
* Eight programmable levels of system security
* Keyboard, color monitor and system mouse
* Warranty three years from date of installation
* Download Run Parameters
* Viewing Recipe Parameters
* Production Management Interface
* Remote Operation & Modem Interface
* Recipe Storage, Changes & Editing
* Includes site license and software upgrades
* Plotting & Trending
Start-Up Assistance, Training and Process Verification is included and will occur after the
equipment has been moved into position and facilitated by the customer.
Customer Responsibilities
i. Have system positioned in production area.
ii. Connect all facilities/services to the equipment (customer guarantees the systems and all required facilities such as power, gas, etc. are ready and available for the start-up).
iii. Start-up time is calculated at 3 calendar days. Stand-by time (due to system not being ready for start-up, or customer responsible delays during start-up) is charged
Our Responsibilities
i. Confirmation of proper hook-up of all facilities and alignment of equipment modules
ii. Interconnection of all controls and plumbing inside equipment
iii. Alignment of heater element and positioning of thermocouples
iv. Power up and functional test of all system features per our standard procedures
v. Process verification
vi. Operator and maintenance training will run concurrent to start-up

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