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SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Version Vintage Q. ty Sales Conditions Lead Time
93975 NITTO M286N wafer mounter 2 as is where is immediately
93976 NITTO MA1508N wafer mounter 01.06.2002 1 inquire
93977 NITTO UM810 UV TAPE EXPOSURE 1 inquire
88436 Nitto HR8500II Detaper 200 mm 01.06.2002 1 as is where is
86646 Nitto HR8500 taper 1 as is where is
83597 Nitto TT1R2-1 teach pendant for robot TT1R2-1 spares 1 as is where is immediately
96400 NITTO DR8500-II Tape Laminator 1 as is where is
32210 Nitto HR8500-2 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL 1 as is where is immediately
32212 Nitto DR8500-2 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL 2 as is where is
32214 Nitto 44941001 TAPE SPOOL PARTS 2 as is where is immediately
32216 Nitto 1603502 TAPE SPOOL PARTS 1 as is where is
69338 Nitto HR 8500-III Fully Automatic De-Taper 200 mm 01.03.2010 1 as is where is immediately
95974 Nitto DR8500 Taper 200 mm 01.06.2003 1 as is where is
95975 Nitto HR8500 De-Taper 200 mm 01.06.2004 1 as is where is
10046 NITTO DENKO D-304 Automatic Wafer Taper 01.06.1992 1 as is where is
10047 NITTO DENKO H-304 Automatic Wafer Detaper 1 as is where is
86124 NITTO DENKO DR8500-II Taper 1 as is where is
86125 NITTO DENKO DR8500-II Taper 01.06.1997 1 as is where is
79548 NITTO DENKO MA3000II Wafer mounter 300 mm 01.02.2007 1 as is where is immediately
94399 Nitto Denko Nitto MSA840 Mounting Machine 01.06.2005 1 as is where is
86266 NITTO DENKO MSA840 Wafer mounter 01.06.2000 3 inquire immediately
86269 NITTO DENKO DSA 840 Tape laminator 01.06.2000 1 inquire immediately
86270 NITTO DENKO HSA840 Wafer tape remover 01.06.2000 1 inquire immediately

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