List of Universal equipment available for sale

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SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Version Vintage Q. ty Sales Conditions Lead Time
64782 TERRA UNIVERSAL Dessicator Box 1 as is where is
60729 Terra Universal 1610-94-2 Desiccator 45 as is where is
60730 Terra Universal 1934-00 Desiccator 1 as is where is
60731 Terra Universal 3606-32 Screen Frame Storage 1 as is where is
11078 TERRA UNIVERSAL 1111-988 Desiccator Box 1
33771 TERRA UNIVERSAL 8 Tank Stainless Steel Sink with 8ea 14" X 14" X 12" (d) Tanks 1 as is where is
63605 Terra Universal? 2172-00 Clear Static Dissipative PVC 1 as is where is
63778 Universal GSM Advantis Pick & Place System 01.06.2005 1 as is where is
74291 Universal 6287A Axial component inserter with 40 Station Sequencer 1 as is where is
59279 Universal GSM 1 1 as is where is
59280 Universal R6796 Unimod DIP Inserter 01.06.1991 1 as is where is
84438 UNIVERSAL US66-RA2610 WET PROCESS 200 1 as is where is
69858 Universal GSM 2 M862 Product code 46368504 M4688A 1

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