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SDI's mission is to help our customers properly and efficiently purchase, use and re-use Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Flat Panel Display manufacturing equipment and Solar Cell and Module manufacturing equipment saving money for the buyer and the seller.

At, the multinational SDI-Fabsurplus Group provides a state-of-the-art on-line marketplace where technical advice, marketing, equipment listings are available for buyers and sellers of semiconductor, test, assembly, SMT, Solar, FPD, AMOLED ,Laboratory and Scientific equipment.
Equipment can be sold either "as is" or in refurbished condition, operational to OEM specifications and backed by Fabsurplus's guarantee.

Established in 1998, is one of the most popular web markets for used Semiconductor, Test, Assembly, SMT and Solar equipment. We have sales agents and offices across Europe, America and Asia. We are currently getting about 2,000 visits a day to our web market place. Our customers know is a cost-effective way to buy and sell used equipment globally. Contact us today to buy and sell used equipment !

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We thank all our customers who partecipated to the bid sale.

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Main Sales Categories

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Equipment Category Lists

FAB - Front End Fab equipment
FAB Refurbished KLA Equipment Refurbished Nikon Equipment Ultratech Stepper Refurbishment
FAB CMP Equipment FAB Crystal Growing Equipment FAB Substrate Manufacturing Equipment
FAB CVD Equipment FAB CVD Diffusion Furnaces FAB Dry Etching Equipment
FAB RTP Equipment FAB APCVD Diffusion Furnaces FAB ALD Equipment
FAB Epi Equipment FAB Ion Beam Etch Equipment FAB Laser Fusers
FAB Facilities Equipment FAB Implant Equipment FAB Laser Marking Equipment
Lithography and Exposure Tools FAB Litho Coat and Develop Mask and Reticle Manufacturing Equipment
FAB Metrology and QC Equipment FAB Miscellaneous Equipment FAB PVD and Sputtering Equipment
FAB MOCVD Equipment FAB Wet Cleaning and Process Equipment FAB UV Bake
FAB Cleanroom Equipment FAB Asher Stripper Equipment
Special Aviza clearance sale Special 6 inch fab equipment sale

Assembly Equipment
ASSEMBLY Bonders ASSEMBLY Dicing Saws ASSEMBLY Inspection and QC
ASSEMBLY Marking ASSEMBLY Miscellaneous ASSEMBLY Molding Equipment
ASSEMBLY Pull Testers ASSEMBLY Tape and Reel Electronics Test and Measurement
Ovens Assembly Pick and Place Assembly Plating Lines
Assembly Trim and Form

Semiconductor Assembly TEST SYSTEMS
TEST Probers TEST Analysis and Repair TEST ATE
TEST Handlers TEST Reliability

Other Miscellaneous Equipment
Spare Parts owned by SDI for Sale Spare Parts for Sale SMT Equipment
Chillers Microscopes Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
Vacuum Pumps

The Complete Sales List

Click here to see the complete list of all equipment available on sale. The list is automatically updated daily. It does take a bit of a while to load and it is in alphabetical order by manufacturer.

An extensive range of semiconductor manufacturing equipment available

At, you can find equipment from some of the best manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and semiconductor industrial manufacturing equipment, including:

Accent, Accretech, Advantest, Applied materials (also AMAT), ADE, Adept, Advantek, AG associates, Aerotech, Alcatel, Alessi, Agilent, ASM, ASML, ATCOR, AxcelisBiorad, Brooks, Bridgeport, Branson, Buehler, Cambridge, Canon, Coherent, CPI, Credence, CTI, CVC, Dage, Dainippon (or DNS - Dainippon Screen), Daifuku, Daymarc, DEK, Delta Design, Disco, Dynapert, DNS, Ebara, Eaton, Edwards, Electroglas (or EG), Esec, ESI, EVG (or EV Group), Faith, FEI, Fein Focus, Fico, Fischer, Fluke, FSI, FTS, Fuji, Fusion, Gasonics, Gaertner, Gast, Glow Research, GSI - Lumonics, Haake, Headway, Heraeus Votsch, Hitachi (also Kokusai), Horiba, HP (also Hewlett Packard and Verigy), Hytec Plastics, ICOS, Imtec, IPEC, Inficon, Ion Systems, ISMECA, Technology, IPC, JEOL, K&S, Karl Suss, Kasper, Kenco, Kethley, Kensington Laboratories, Kevex, Kinetic, KLA Tencor (also Tencor and Prometrix), Kokusai Industrial equipment, K&S, Used semiconductor equipment, LAM Research, Lambda, Leica, Leitz, Leybold, LFE, Lindberg, LTX, Lumonics, Markem, Mattson, McBain, MCT, Meco, Metron tech, Micromanipulator, Micro Vu, Mitsubishi, Electronic test equipment, Mitutoyo, MPM, MRC, Nanometrics, NAPCO, Neslab, Nicolet, Nikon , used semiconductor equipment, Nissin, Nitto Denko, Novellus, NRC, Oerlikon (also Balzers and Unaxis), Okamoto, Olympus, Ontrak, Oriental Motor, OSI, Oxford Instruments, Pacific Precision, Panasonic, Perkin-Elmer, Plade, Pfeiffer, Philips, Polyflow, PRI, Prometrix, Quantronix, Recif, Reichert, Rigaku, Rudolph Research, RVSI, Schlumberger, SCP, Seiko, Semifab, Semitool, Shinkawa, Siemens, SMC, Speedfam (also IPEC), Steag, Sumitomo Eaton Nova, Strasbaugh, SVG - Silicon Valley Group, Symtek, Systemation, Takatori, TEL - Tel Tokyo Electron, Tencor, Teradyne, Tenny, Therma-Wave, Thermco, Thermonics, THK, Trikon (also Aviza) TSK, Tylan, Ultratech, Ulvac technologies, Unaxis, Universal Electronics, Ushio, Varian Instruments, Veeco, Verteq, Vickers, Vision, Vitronics, VWR, Watkins-Johnson, Wentworth Laboratories, Wed, Wild, Wyco, Yamada, Yamaguchi, Yokogawa, Zeiss.

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