Complete Solar Cell and Panel Crystalline Production Line for Sale for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Complete Solar Cell and Panel Crystalline Production Line for Sale.
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Complete Solar Cell and Panel Equipment Details

SDI ID: 100865
Manufacturer: Complete
Model: Solar Cell and Panel
Description: Crystalline Production Line for Sale
Version: Solar
Vintage: 01.01.2015
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

Originally purchased in 2014/5 for $22M USD, a complete crystalline PV panel line, including Two Baccini 2.0 softlines, Roth and Rau MAIA and SINA depositions systems, a Leybold DIS2000V "Pegasus" large format vertical in-line sputtering system, Schmidt APCVD and Singulus Wet Process systems, and much more.
All of the equipment has been professionally de-installed, and it is currently in storage as shown in the attached photos.

Please refer to the list below and attached in the excel file.
If you click on the web links in the attached excel file, it will take you to photos of each item on our website.
If you are interested to buy the equipment, please let me know which items are of interest and your best offer by return.
The equipment can be inspected by appointment, and it's available for an immediate purchase.

Items included:-


SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Qty
94015 AKRION V3 Solar Wet Bench System 1
93994 Applied Materials Baccini Softline 2.0 Fully Automated Solar Cell Printing System 1
94004 Applied Materials Baccini Softline 2.0 Fully Austomated Solar Wafer Screen Printing System 1
94020 Asyst SES 01CS Test and Sort System 1
93989 BTU International 361-7-228N48DR361 Reflow Oven for Solar Manufacturing 1
94017 Camalot 5000 Adhesive Solder Dispenser System 1
94006 Electroglas 4090u+ Automatic Wafer prober 1
94007 GL Automation WTS6-SC-13-D Solar Wafer Transfer System 1
94002 GP Solar Matix Automated GP Solar Lamination Optical inspection System 1
95379 Hitachi LC-2LA252E Laser Drilling machine 1
93995 Innolas ILSTT-DS Laser Edge Isolation System 1
94013 Innolas ILS TT-DS Laser Edge Isolation System 1
93999 Koneo CXT30410032P25FALOS Overhead Gantry Crane System, 3.2 Tons 1
94003 Lauffer RMV 200/50/20 Multilayer Vacuum Lamination Press 1
93991 Leybold DIS 2000V "Pegasus" PVD Sputtering System for Optical Coatings 1
93996 MEI Achievement 92 inch Wet Bench for final cleaning 1
94014 MEI Achievement Wet Processing system 1
94016 Precision Placement QVS-1 Pick and Place System 1
93988 Roth & Rau MAIA PECVD tool for deposition of SiNi anti-reflective coating 1
93990 Roth & Rau SiNA PECVD Tool For SiN coating 1
94008 Roth & Rau SQI+ UV Surface Treatment System 1
93419 Schmid AL-TEX980 Fully Automated wet bench for solar cell processing 1
94011 SCHMIDT 5K26-220C120-22 APCVD Furnace 1
94012 Sensible Motion SM1024-01 Wafer Prober Station 1
93416 Singulus Silex SDE 800 automated wet processing system 1
93418 Singulus Linea Automated Wet Process System 1
94001 Spire SIM3113SLP Sun Simulator 1
100027 TP Solar D225 IR Reflow furnace for solar wafer dope / anneal 2
94009 Via Mechanics Inc. LC-2LA252E (TOKU IR) CNC Laser Drilling System 3
93998 Wafab International 29 PVC-C Front Access Wet Bench 2


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