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If you can't find what you need, or are looking for a specific piece of semiconductor equipment click here to send us a detailed description of the type of semiconductor manufacturing equipment you would like to buy and our sales experts will conduct a search for what you are looking for.

Our sales experts will send you a short description of any semiconductor manufacturing equipment matching your need, and if you find them of your interest, you can ask for more details.

Our sales experts at fabsurplus.com will send you all the information available about the system, and, if you like what you see, we can arrange a visit to check the surplus semiconductor equipment out.

If the inspection is successful, we send you a formal quotation, which includes our brokerage fee (payable only in the event of a purchase being made), you send us payment for the system, and we secure purchase for you.

SDI can help arrange packing and shipping as you require, and speak to the OEM or 3rd party refurbishing company about a service contract.

Our experts can also give you advice on how to make sure the system retains maximum resale value in your wafer fab, and advise when you finally need to dispose of the used fab equipment. To join our success story and promote semiconductor manufacturing equipment re-use, send an e-mail now to one of our sales offices

Equipment Owned by SDI Group

Follow the link to see the list of semiconductor equipment owned by Fabsurplus

Looking for spare parts? Browse through the list of Spares owned by Fabsurplus

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Click here to see the complete list of all Semiconductor Fab Equipment, Assembly Equipment, ATE (Automated Test Equipment), SMT Equipment, FPD equipment, Solar Cell and Modules manufacturing equipment available on sale on www.fabsurplus.com in alphabetical order by manufacturer.
The list is automatically updated daily by the Fabsurplus DataNET. It is quite long, so please be patient while the list loads.

Complete Wafer Fabs

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S.M.T. - surface mount technology equipment
F.P.D. - flat panel display equipment
SOLAR - solar cell and module equipment
LED - LED manufacturing equipment
VACUUM PUMPS - Mechanical, Dry, etc.
SPARE PARTS - Spare Parts for sale


ROBOTS - industrial robots
INJECTION MOLDING - injection machines
PRINTING PRESSES - printing equipment

Solar Cell and Module production equipment

Fabsurplus.com are pleased to announce the sale of two complete solar cell lines and one solar module line

We now also sell SOLAR CELL AND MODULE production equipment.

For details visit our Solar Cell and Module Production Lines Sales page.

An extensive range of semiconductor equipment available

At SDI fabsurplus.com, you can find equipment from some of the best semiconductor manufacturers including:

Accretech / TSK, ADE, Applied Materials (also AMAT), AMI, AE, Advanced Energy, Adtec, Advantech, Advantest, Alcatel, Adixen, Agilent / HP, Akrion, Alessi, Angelantoni, Astec, ASM, ASML, Aviza, Asyst, Axcelis, Baccini, Bio-Rad, Brooks, Bruker, Canon, Cascade, Centrotherm, COMDEL, Credence, Cosam, CTI Cryogenics, Cymer, Dage, Daihen DNS - Dainippon Screen, DEK, Despatch, Disco, DNS, Dressler, Ebara, Edwards, Electroglas, ELES, Elind, ENI, Entegris, EO Technics, ESEC, ESI, EVG, Evatec, FEI, Fico, FSI, FST, Fuji, Fujitsu DENSO, Gasonics, Genmark, GL Automation, GSI - Lumonics, Hamamatsu, Hitachi, (also Kokusai), Horiba, HMI, HP (also Hewlett Packard and Verigy), Imtec, IPEC, Innolas, JEOL, Jonas and Redmann K&S, Karl Suss, Kawasaki, Keithley, Kensington Laboratories, Kinetic, Keyence, KLA Tencor (also Tencor and Prometrix), used semiconductor equipment, Kokusai Industrial equipment, Komatsu, LAM Research, Lambda, Leica, Leitz, Leybold, Lintec, Lumonics, Mattson, MECS, MEI, Mitsubishi, Electronic test equipment, Mitutoyo, MKS, Nanometrics, NAPCO, NESLAB, NexTest, Nicolet, Nikon , used semiconductor equipment, Nissin, Nitto Denko, Novellus, Okamoto, Olympus, OMRON, Onto Innovation, Oriental Motor, OSI, Oxford Instruments, Pacific Precision, Panasonic, Pfeiffer, Plasmatherm, Philips, Polyflow, PSK, Recif, RFPP, Rigaku, Rorze, Rudolph Technologies, Seiko, SCP, Semifab, Semitool, Seren, Shinkawa, Siemens, SMC, Steag, Strasbaugh , SVG - Silicon Valley Group, Symtek, ST Automation, TEL (also Tokyo Electron ), Tencor, Teradyne, THK, Thermonics, Trazar, TSK, Tylan, Ultratech, Ulvac technologies, Unaxis, Unisem, Ushio, Varian Instruments, Veeco, Verteq, Zeiss.

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SDI-Fabsurplus has worked with determination and tenacity over the last 25 years to develop one of the largest semiconductor equipment databases and the best software.

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We are truely devoted to become your professional , customer-oriented , efficient and value-for-money semiconductor equipment and parts source.

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Ask SDI fabsurplus.com! If you can't find what you need, or are looking for a specific piece of semiconductor equipment. Let us know what type of semiconductor manufacturing equipment you would like to buy, and we will conduct a search for what you are looking for.


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