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AMAT P5000 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 83850
Manufacturer: AMAT
Model: P5000
Version: Inquire
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 0
Sales Condition:
Lead Time: Inquire
Sales Price (each): Inquire



The diameter of the processed wafers

150 mm

Temperature stability

± 0,5 °С

Accuracy of maintenance of the gas flow


Loading and unloading of plates

Automatic, from cassettes to  the cassette

Built plasma cleaning reactors


Power equipment

400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase

process parameters




PE Si3N4

The deposition rate, Nm / min

> 240

> 750

> 800

> 790

index of refraction

1,43 ¸ 1,45

1,45 ¸ 1,47

1,45 ¸ 1,50

1,97 ¸ 2,03

Uniformity at wafer thickness

£ ±2,5% (1σ)

£ ±1,5% (1σ)

£ ±1,5% (1σ)

£ ±1.,5% (1σ)

Mechanical tension dynes / cm2 (MPa)














System configuration:


-       port of loading and unloading of the wafers for 2 cassettes;

-       airlock with an elevator at 8 positions with the robot and the opportunity to join 4-of reactors;

-      two reactors for the deposition of silicon oxide films at subatmospheric pressure (Barotron two new types of pressure sensors per reactor);

-      one reactor for the plasma-chemical deposition of silicon oxide films and silicon nitride using silane (new Barotron type pressure sensor);

-      the new snap-chamber (substrate holder, ceramic screens, showers electrodes, ceramic plates holders, fasteners, etc.);

-      delivery system especially pure gases for each channel with the new gas flow controllers (MFC) (in the proposal should be given all the gases used for each reactor, including the reactor for cleaning gases);

-      Cabinet submission TEOS vapor system in a reactor with two vapor injection systems TEOS (PLIS) heating control unit, new evaporators (vaporizer), new gauges flow rate (LFM) and new controls gas flow (MFC) and heated pipelines supplying TEOS vapor reactor;

-       cabinet containing two types Ozonator ASTEX AX8200A for deposition at sub-atmospheric pressure;

-       Cabinet with  generators, including three high-frequency generator (13.56 MHz) OEM-type 12 and three low-frequency oscillator (350 kHz) type RFPP LF-5;

-      dry-type pumps EBARA A70W reactors and EBARA A10S for the airlock;

-      control system with a control computer with a new hard disk drive (HDD), which includes a monitor in a clean room and a monitor in the service area. System Power Management-tion must conform to SEMI E30 standard user interface design must comply with the standard, welcomed the SEMI E95. One monitor - in the wall of the clean room, the second monitor - on a trolley in the service area;

-      heat exchanger type AMAT-1;

-      gas-cylinder cabinets - 2 pcs. (B / y) for SiH4 and NH3;


Warranty requirements:

guarantee - at least 1 year

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