Jenoptik Votan Solas 400 Laser Edge Deletion for CIGs for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Jenoptik Votan Solas 400 Laser Edge Deletion for CIGs. This Jenoptik Votan Solas 400 Laser Edge Deletion for CIGs is available for immediate sale. Please click on the "Send More Details" button if you'd like to get more details, photos and specifications of this Laser Edge Deletion for CIGs and your request will be forwarded to our customer representatives automatically. Crating, refurbishment and delivery can be quoted on request.

Jenoptik Votan Solas 400 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 87388
Manufacturer: Jenoptik
Model: Votan Solas 400
Description: Laser Edge Deletion for CIGs
Version: Solar
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): 325,000 USD

FOR CIGS Production.
Still installed
Inspection: By appointment

Process Description: Laser edge Deletion

• A short - pulsed high - performance laser will be
shaped into a homogeneous beam spot.
• While superposing
a moving
beam with a transversal
movement the laser spot traces the complete
deletion area by an uniform motion
• The deletion process is carried out through the
glass substrate. This ensures a high throughput and
the risk of melting effects at the edge of the
deletion area is eleminated


The laser edge deletion technique will facilitate the
deletion of surface areas of coated sheet glass in
economical way and in top quality. This will make it
possible to simplify the production process of thin - film
photovoltaic modules and to reduce the maintenance
effort, as to achieve an improved product quality at
lower costs. Deletion rates of between 25 cm²/s and
50 cm²/s will be attained almost independently of the
layer configuration. Due to the short pulse the deletion
process leaves a completely undamaged and smooth
glass surface.
The minimal quantities of waste, which are generated
in the process without any media being added, will be
removed through an efficient extraction system and
disposed subsequently in a simple way.
The benefits at a glance:
• customer - specific process parameters
• high transparency of the deletion area
• no delamination, no damage to the glass
• electrical resistance > 1 GOhm
• deletion rate up to 50 cm²/s
• highest productivity


The JENOPTIK - VOTAN™ Solas 400 production line
combines the know-how of the glass machine
manufacturer Bystronic glass and the laser expertise of
JENOPTIK Automatisierungstechnik GmbH.
The product portfolio comprises machines for:
• laser edge deletion
• TLS – thermal laser separation (TLS)
as well as
• both processes combined in one compact machine
including the separation unit
Technical specification
The right is reserved to make technical improvements at all times.
Bystronic Maschinen AG I
Industriestrasse 5
4922 Bützberg I Switzerland
Phone: + 41 629 587 777 I Fax: + 41 629 587 676
E-Mail: bystronic@bystronic-glass.com
Website: www.bystronic-glass.com
and Bystronic
The JENOPTIK - VOTAN™ Solas 400 can be operated
as a stand - alone system and be integrated into all
back - end or pre - processing lines in the most optimal
way. Highly efficient and complete solutions will be
created in combination with the TPS® I.G. lines for
production of thin - film photovoltaic modules.
• compact machine design
• modular configuration
• simple line integration
• cycle time neutral depaneling 
Glass format
min. 900 mm x 600 mm
max. 1600 mm x 1200 mm
min. 1600 mm x 1600 mm
max. 2600 mm x 2600 mm
Glass thickness
min. 2 mm
max. 6 mm
thich -
nesses on request
min. 2 mm
max. 6 mm
thich -
nesses on request
Positioning accuracy
+ 0.2 mm
+ 0.2 mm
Cutting speed
max. 600 mm/s
max. 600 mm/s
Removal rate at edge deletion
max. 50 cm²/s
max. 50 cm²/s
Working height
950 mm + 20 mm
950 mm + 20 mm
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