Axcelis GSD200 E2 High Current Ion Implanter, 180 KeV for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Axcelis GSD200 E2 High Current Ion Implanter, 180 KeV.
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This Axcelis GSD200 E2 High Current Ion Implanter, 180 KeV is available for immediate sale.
Crating, refurbishment and delivery for this equipment can be quoted on request.

Axcelis GSD200 E2 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 92406
Manufacturer: Axcelis
Model: GSD200 E2
Description: High Current Ion Implanter, 180 KeV
Version: 200 mm
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: 1,200,000 USD

This equipment is fitted with Asyst LPT 200 single SMIF loader.

Detailed System Configuration:-

Vacuum system    
Cryo Compressor 1 CTI-8200 (P2)  
Cryo Compressor 2 CTI-9700 (P3)  
Beamline Cryo pump 1 OB 8 ( P2 )  
Beamline Cryo pump 2 OB 10 (P3 )  
Process cryo P9 N  
Source Pump STPA2203C ( P1 )  
AMU Turbo pump N  
Terminal Rough Pump Ebara pump 40x20 ( RP1 )  
Endstation Rough Pump Ebara pump 40x20 ( RP2 )  
Vacuum controller HCIG  
Endstation Info    
Cassette capability Four cassette  
wafer size 200mm  
wafer notch alignment Automatic Notch alignment capability with buffer cassette  
Dummy wafer Integrated "Dummy Wafer" Fill-In Capability  
Wafer handling system In-Air/In-Vacuum High Throughput Wafer Handling System  
Particle Filter system Class 1, UPLA Filtered Wafer Handling System  
Implant angle capability Two Axis Variable Implant Angle( +/- 11 deg in two axes )  
  (Quad Implant Capability)  
Process disk spindle GSD series "Belt drive" Process disk ( installed with active  
  cooling and external close loop chiller )  
  In Situ Beam Potential Monitor  
Beam monitoring system Real-time patented Dose Control  
  Real-Time Beam Profiller( single dimension )  
Process Disk Silicon coated process disk ( UHDsmall radius fence)  
Process disk cooling interlock Y  
Asyst LPT2200 smif Interface capability Y  
Terminal Info    
  Modular gas box  
  Four String Gas Box Options  
  - 1 High Pressure String  
  - 2 SDS string Hydride( Arsine and Phosphine )  
  - 1 SDS string Flouride( Boron Trifluoride )  
Gas box Option - 3 Pressure Transducer on SDS string( per string ) -- PSIA  
  Mass Flow Controller :  
  - 1 kit Unit 1660  
  - 3 kits Unit 1662  
Extraction PS 0 -90 KV  
Extraction voltage monitor Y  
Vaporiser Y  
Ion Source Eterna ELS( Extended Life Source )  
Source bushing Extended life bushing  
  Source liner for Extended life bushing  
N2 purge Bypass Valve and Nitrogen Purge  
Extraction Electrode Extraction Electrode 34  
Source injection kit Y  
AMU system Triple Indexed Mass Analysis Magnet and Power Supply  
Post Accel PS 0 -90 KV  
Post accel electrode N  
Terminal transfomer Dry transformer  
Bias aperture assy Y  
Flag faraday Y  
Charge control Technology    
Secondary Electron Flood Gun PEF  
Closed-Loop Cooling System Selection    
Cooling system Single loop affinity chiller  
General Info    
Control UPS Y  
Main Isolation transformer Y  
Abatement system EGS237 Novapure (may sell separately)  
Software version 6.4.4  
Smoke detector Y  
Exhaust Flow switch Y  
Water leakage sensor Y  
Light Tower Y  
Real Time Particle Detection System N  
Advanced Automation Package SUN SOLARIS Operator Workstation :  
  Hard Drive,21" Monitor  
  SECS I and SECS II Protocols, GEM Interface and Ethernet  


List of Known missing parts:-

-Gauss Probe and Gauss Controller
-Harmonic Drive Motor
-3-Axis robot controller
-Turbo pump controller
-V133 Cell controller board
-PCB of extraction electrode
-Gasbox MFC i/f PCB
-ELS source assy has been removed and replaced with a standard source
-Post stack assy

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