SMC INR-498-001B Dual Chiller, Refurbished for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used SMC INR-498-001B Dual Chiller, Refurbished.
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This SMC INR-498-001B Dual Chiller, Refurbished is available for immediate sale.
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SMC INR-498-001B Equipment Details

SDI ID: 95069
Manufacturer: SMC
Model: INR-498-001B
Description: Dual Chiller, Refurbished
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: 21,000 USD

Refurbished with 3-months warranty

SMC INR-498-001B

Manufacturer : SMC

Specifications (Type : Dual Loop Type)
Loop : HOT LOOP(4 Channels) / COLD LOOP(4 Channels)
Fluid Temp. Range(deg.c) : 
20 - 90 (Note 1) / 20+/-15 (Note 1)
Cooling Capacity / 4 channels : 40kw (Note 2) / 10kw (Note 1)
Heater Capacity : 15kw (200V) / N/A
Pump Capacity (Note 4) : 11gpm[40l/m] at pump head : 45m / 6gpm[22l/m] at pump head : 45m
Temp. Stability : ±2.0deg. C (Note 5) / N/A
Temp. Control Method : PID control
 / N/A
Circulating Fluid Concentration by weight : 50% DI water/50%EG up to 30% DI water/70%EG / 100% DI water
Control Display Panel : LCD with touch screen
Ambient condition : 
Temp : 10 - 35 deg. C
Humidity : 30 -70% (No condensation)
Atmosphere : No corrosive or flammable gas
Cooling Water Temp. : 10 -25 deg. C
Power Line Voltage (50/60Hz) : 3dia. 208+/-10%
Rated Current : 60A
Breaker Capacity : 70A
Rated interrupting Capacity : 10kA
Reservoir capacity : 
Volume : 8gal [30l] / 8gal [30l]
Allowable Pressure : 4.3psi [3.0x10-2Mpa] / 4.3psi [3.0x10-2Mpa]
Weight Without Circulating Fluid : 1080lbs (Approximate) [490kg (Approximate)]
Highest Usable Altitude : 3280ft [1000m]
Wetted Material : 304, 316 stainless, NBR, Silicone, Nickel brazing material (Note 6)
Filtration : 20㎛ / 4㎛
DI Filter Volume : 0.5 x 2 ft³ [14.2 x 2m] / 0.5 
ft³ [14.2 x 2m]
Cooling Water Flow Rate : 6.6 @30psi gpm, [25] @0.2MPa l/min / 8.5 @30psi gpm, [32] @0.2MPa l/min

Remark : 
Note 1 : Condition : Cooling water temperature is less than 15 deg.C
Note 2 : Condition : Difference of temperature between cooling water and circulating fluid
                Difference of temperature : 40 deg.C at EG 50%
                Difference of temperature : 50 deg.C at EG 70%
                Pump head : 45m
                Cooling water flow rate : 4.17 x 10-4 m3/s (6.6 gal(US)/min)(25 l/min)
Note 3 : Condition : Difference of temperature between cooling water and circulating fluid
                Difference of temperature : 6 deg.C
                Pump head : 45m

                Cooling water flow rate : 5.33 x 10-4 m3/s (8.5 gal(US)/min)(32 l/min)
Note 4 : Frequency : 60Hz(HOT LOOP)
                Pressure control vavle : close
                Solenoid valves : 4 channels open
Note 5 : Temperature at circulating fluid out when there is no external disturbance.

Note 6 : Except tubing connected to pressure gauges and drain port(copper tubing is used here)
Note 7 : Circulating fluid is not included with the Chiller.
                Do not use circulating fluid other than specified in the specification.
Note 8 : Make sure to install isolation valves to cooling water circuit for maintenance purposes.


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