Rasco WTC-5000R Heat Exchanger for Sale

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Rasco WTC-5000R Equipment Details

SDI ID: 95442
Manufacturer: Rasco
Model: WTC-5000R
Description: Heat Exchanger
Version: Chiller
Vintage: 01.06.2006
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): Inquire

Device Name                     Single loop heat exchange unit

Model                                 WTC-5000R-AKT

External dimensions         600[W]×800[D]×1100[H](3.5Y7.9/0.5 SPC/Heat stabilized


Coolant                               House Cooling Water

Coolant Quantity              41.63 L/min

Coolant Pressure              Min: 0.130.4MPa  Max: 0.83MPa

Coolant Temperature      1725

Coolant quality                 PH 59                             


Coolant specifications

Reference Value















Conductivity [25]


< 500





Chlorine ion

Cl1- (ppm)


< 200

Sulphate ion


< 200

Total Iron

Fe ppm


< 1.0(0.5)3





M alkalinity

CaCo3  ppm

< 100





Total hardness

CaCo3  ppm

< 200





Sulphur ion

S2-  (ppm)







Ammonium ion

NH4+ (ppm)








SiO2  (ppm)


< 50






Power Supply                       208V 4.3kVA

Overload capacity            35kA      ( AIC )

Configuration and Performance

Tank Capacity     ~30L

Pure water Tank Capacity              ~25L

Pump     ~2.2kW

Brine Temperature range              FACILITY +5 []  (Temperature resolution 0.1)

(1730 Minimum temperature is dependant on the coolant temperature)

Accuracy of Pure water control temperature ±3.0

Brine flow rate(output)   027 L/min

Brine pressure(output)    0.390.49MPa at 19L/min

Coolant capability            5kW [at5 CDT]

Pure water system capability: Automatic water supply

Control of Resistance management system: 0.25MΩ-cm

Environmental requirements       

               1             Surrounding temperature              2025

               2             Surrounding humidity      < 70% RH (in absence of condensation)

Device Weight    Approx. 180kg

Piping Connection Specifications

               1             Coolant connection         Rc3/4 ball-valvereturn

               2             Line connection Rc3/4 ball-valvereturn

               3             Pure water connection    Rc1/2 ball-valve (Supply)

               4             cycled water drain/overflow        Rc1/2ball-valve

Device construction        

               1             Coolant device   :Plate type heat exchanger

               2             Pure water filter               :Ion exchange resin

               3             Cycling pump      :Stainless steel magnetic pump (2.2kw)

               4             temperature regulation gauge :Chemical physics industries FB900 digital regulation gauge.

Front Panel Configuration

Pressure gaugepressure sensor

Resistivity display

Temperature control

Power indicator lamp

Main ON/OFF switch


Remote/Local switch



The EMERGENCY STOP switch is at the front of the device.  When the switch is pressed,

the device stops.  The device is connected via the communications with the CVD.

Tank water level              

               1             Capacity              30L

               2             Upper limit          25L

               3             Water supply OFF             19L

               4             Water supply ON              16L

               5             Lower limit          12L

Device materials              

               1.            Iron        50%

               2.            Aluminium           10%

               3.            Plastic   20%

               4.            Stainless steel     30%

Combustible materials   

               1.            Plastic Filter Housing       Material: Polypropylene

               2.            Filter      Material: Polypropylene

                              [Does not present a fire hazard.  If nitric acid or other strong oxidizing agents

                              are mixed with the ion exchange resin, a chemical reaction is likely to occur.]

               3.            Plastic shield       Material: polycarbonate

                              [Combustibility: UL94V-O or equivalent]

               4.            Paint      Material: Melamine heat stabilized paint

Grommets are installed on the inside of the device to prevent the wiring from being damaged

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