Used Semiconductor processing , SMT and Assembly Equipment for Sale

Please find below a list of used semiconductor processing equipment , test equipment, assembly equipment and SMT equipment available for immediate sale by SDI group on behalf of our clients.Click on any listed item to see further data.

SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Version Vintage Q. ty Sales Conditions Lead Time
9871 AIR SYSTEM INTL SVB-E8EXP Electric Blower, Explosion Proof FACILITIES 1 as is where is immediately
35536 AKRION V2-HL.2000 Hybrid-Linear Automatic Acid Wet Station with Robotic Transfer (New), for Dual 150mm Cassettes 1 inquire
36482 APPLIED MATERIALS P-5000 CVD SACVD 200mm 01.06.1998 1 inquire
36487 APPLIED MATERIALS P-5000 DxL DxL, TEOS 150mm 1 inquire
56269 APPLIED MATERIALS AMC 7800 EPI Reactor EPI Reactor 150mm 1 as is where is immediately
81823 Atcor Ultra 1210 Box Washer 200 MM 1 as is where is immediately
20861 Canon FPA1550 Mark 4 g-line stepper 150 mm 01.04.1994 1 inquire immediately
36507 ESI M9275 LASER REPAIR SYSTEM 01.12.1998 1 inquire
36518 HITACHI S-5000 1 inquire
84254 HITACHI S-2700 1 as is where is immediately
35569 IWASHITA Shotmatic 3 Epoxy Dispenser, 2ea Available 1 inquire
36564 JEOL CD-SEM, JSM-6340F JEOL 1 inquire
35571 K&S 6496 Semi-Automatic Die Attacher 1 inquire
36539 KARL SUSS RC 16 PIN COATER 1 as is where is immediately
84833 KLA Alphastep 200 Profiler Refurbished 1 as is where is immediately
81917 MDC 986G Automatic CV Plotter 200 MM 01.06.2002 1 as is where is immediately
35585 MKS PAS Residual Gas Analyzer 1 inquire
84277 Nanometrics 9000 Nanospec 9000 Metrology thickness tool 1 as is all rebuilt immediately
10064 REDDISH ELECTRONICS SM500 CXE Convection Reflow Oven 1 as is where is
35595 RIGAKU 3630 Xray Fluorescence Wafer/Disk Analyzer, Missing Xray Tube 1 inquire
63102 RORZE RR713L1521-3A3-E11-0 Robot, dual arm, W/ Controller 200mm 01.06.2002 1 as is where is immediately
10072 SAGAX Isoscope 125 Film Thickness Monitor 1 as is where is
36613 SEMITOOL SOL VENT Cleaner 01.06.1998 1 inquire
35597 SEZ Chemical Storage Cabinet, 2ea Available 1 inquire
35600 TECHNICAL MFG. CORP. Micro-G 62-111 Vibration Isolation Table, 36" X 72"; 1/4"- 20 Holes on 2" Centers 1 as is where is immediately
10113 TENCOR Surfscan 4000 Unpatterned Wafer Surface Inspection Tool - Parts Tool Only 1 as is where is
10135 VISION ENGINEERING Dynascope Projection Micrsoscope 1 inquire immediately

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