List of SPTS equipment available for sale at fabsurplus.com

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SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Version Vintage Q. ty Sales Conditions Lead Time
89862 SPTS Omega SPTS Match Match Spares 1 inquire
101675 SPTS AS320942 Pegasus ESC H.V unit Type A-(PN:AS320942) SPARES 1 as is where is
87626 SPTS Multiplex ASE Dry etcher system 100 mm 01.06.1998 1 as is where is immediately
93314 SPTS Primaxx CET25-CPX DRY ETCH 200 mm 1 as is where is immediately
101009 SPTS Trikon Delta CVD 100 mm 01.06.2003 1 as is where is immediately
102623 SPTS Omega 201 Plasma Dry etcher 200 mm 01.06.2010 1 as is where is immediately
79584 STS (SPTS) 320 PC Reactive Ion Etcher 200 mm 01.06.1995 1 as is where is immediately
99829 STS (SPTS) Primaxx HR ICP Dry Etcher 01.06.2002 1 as is where is immediately

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