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SDI ID Manufacturer Model Description Comments  
92854 QFN 7x7 IC Handler and change kit

Must be able to handle the following package.

1)  QFN 7X7,


The handler must be: 

1) Gravity Feed

2) Tube in tube out  TUBE TO TUBE)

3) Temperature requirements is ambient and elevated (hot).

4) Interface standard TTL,

5) Single Test site  or what is available,

6) Supply voltage 220V

7) It will be a full production handler.

8) It must be rack and stack docking,


I own this item
93866 8 inch Complete wafer fab line




I own this item
95014 Accretech TSK APM90 Prober

Needs to be in good operational order, especially display screen

I own this item
84106 Advanced Energy MDX-10K AE Pinnacle 10KW AE #3152414-122 I own this item
86472 Advanced Energy 3152337-101 Pulsar high power dc pulse generator model 3152337-101 I own this item
86662 Advantest T5503A Automated Test System I own this item
95432 Advantest T5588 Automated Test System


I own this item
96989 ADVANTEST T5503 or T5503A Automated Test System I own this item
84778 Advantest / アドバンテスト 5503A Automated Test System I own this item
88363 Affinity CAA--002H-BB06CBD3 chiller I own this item
96671 AG Associates 8800RTP Heat pulse

AG Associates 8800RTP Heat Pulse wanted in working order for immediate purchase

I own this item
93859 Agilent HP4073A Automated test system

Agilent HP4073 in any condition needed for immediate purchase for spare parts

I own this item
84113 Agilent / Verigy 4072A or 4072B Parametric Tester I own this item
95064 Agilent / Verigy / Keysight 4082F Automated Test System


Agilent (Keysight) 4082, 28 pins, (standard 10fA current matrix), 4 Medium Power, (100V/100mA) SMU’s,  1 High Power, (200V/1A) SMU, high speed LCR - CV meter, (E4980A), nVolt Meter (34470A), two channel pulse generator (SPGU) and Ring Oscillator Kit (Spectrum Analyzer).

I own this item
84356 Alcatel 601E Deep Silicon Reactive Ion Etcher I own this item
87824 amat Ultima PLUS CVD TOOL I own this item
84526 AMAT 0010-05254 200 MM DXZ HEATER (New or refurbished) I own this item
93815 AMAT 0010-12814 Dual Zone Ceramic Heater

Applied Materials

Model: 0010-12814

Description: Dual Zone Ceramic Heater 200mm HI7 RIGID TE 

I own this item
96654 AMAT Reflexion LK

AMAT Reflexion LK needed immediateky in working order

I own this item
92855 AMAT TxX Chamber Endura TxZ Chamber

Need AMAT TxZ 300mm chamber for immediate purchase

I own this item
84516 Applied Materials centura 5200 Dry etcher with super e chambers I own this item
84024 Applied Materials 0010-1286 MCA E-CHUCK I own this item
84553 Applied Materials PI-9500 Implanter I own this item
89951 Applied Materials Mirra Desica CMP Polisher I own this item
86624 Applied Materials Verity 4i+ or 5i CD SEM I own this item
84083 Applied Materials 0010-12814 Dual Zone Ceramic Heater 200mm HI7 RIGID TE (refurbished) I own this item
96380 Applied Materials 0660-01542 VME 21 slot Back plane card I own this item
86671 Applied Materials Endura 2 TxZ Chamber I own this item
87830 Applied Precision Probeworx 300 I own this item
83997 ASM A412 poly and oxide furnaces I own this item
90657 asm a400 Vertical Furnce - LPCVD I own this item
86666 ASM POLYGON 8200 ALD I own this item
90322 ASM Eagle10 TRIDENT PLASMA CVD I own this item
95514 ASML PAS 5500/1100 B Photolithography I own this item
90658 ASML XT1400 or newer DUV SCANNER I own this item
90665 ASML SERV.502.27400 2500W TCU MKII + UPGRADE SET I own this item
89014 ASML 100 I-LINE STEPPER I own this item
86247 ASML PAS5500/700D 248 nm lithography I own this item
93377 Astex / MKS Semozone Ozone Generator

I am always on the lookout for:


·        IN USA Corporation

o   dDFOZ Sensors (Dissolved ozone sensors)

o   MINI SCI MUX Controllers

§  Both for

·        gFFOZ and

·        dFFOZ

o   gFFOZ Sensors (Ozone gas concentration)

o   SCI MUX Controllers

§  Works for both dFFOZ and gFFOZ sensors

·        ASTEX

o   Semozone 90.2 LP, HP or XP model Ozone generators

·        MKS

o   Semozone 90.2 LP, HP or XP model Ozone Generators

·        Entegris

o   Phasor Infusers

I own this item
95236 Axcelis Ultra HC3 high current implanter, 300 mm I own this item
83998 Axcelis Fusion M200PC UV Bake (Dual 2 axis robot type) I own this item
96557 Axcelis GSD 200E High Current Ion Implanter

Needs to be operational

I own this item
84035 Axcelis Purion XE high energy implanter I own this item
95564 AXCELIS 100024770 HVPS 80.5 KVA FAST RECOVERY I own this item
86657 Axcelis GSD-HE High Energy Implanter I own this item
93398 Axcelis NV-GSD-200 Implanter, 160 KEV I own this item
93397 Axcelis (Eaton) NV-10-160 Implanter I own this item
84202 Balzers LLS 801 sputter - for spares use I own this item
89948 biorad qs2200a FTIR I own this item
93816 BIORAD QS-408M Manual FT-IR Spectrometer

Manufacturer: BIORAD

Model: QS-408M

Description: Manual FT-IR Spectrometer for Epi, SiN, BPSG Measurement & More, up to 200mm Wafers,

I own this item
93370 Biorad QS2200 ME Wafer Measurement - FTIR I own this item
96545 Buehler CMP Polisher Benchtop CMP polisher

Benchtop CMP polisher needed, any reliable maker.

300mm preferred but will also consider 200mm.

Any rel


I own this item
92039 Canon ZMI 1000A PCB


Canon BG4-6485 ZMI1000A Board    
Canon BG4-6466 ZMI1000A Board    
Canon BG4-6467 ZMI1000A (theta) Board

I own this item
95627 Canon MPA600FA Mask Aligner I own this item
92355 Canon FPA-3000 EX5 DUV Scanner I own this item
92357 Canon FPA-3000 i4 i-line stepper


I own this item
89035 Canon FPA5510iz I-LINE STEPPER I own this item
95954 Canon FPA 5000 i5 i-line stepper I own this item
86291 Cascade summit 12000 prober I own this item
86238 Cascade Summit 12000 manual probe station I own this item
96089 Complete 1100MM X 1250 MM TFT Production line I own this item
95561 Credence Quartet 671-4408-XX V18 board

Looking for Credence Quartet tester with V18 board 671-4408-XX

I own this item
95562 Credence Quartet 671-4461-XX Credence Quartet tester with PIN card

Looking for Credence Quartet tester with PIN card 671-4461-XX

I own this item
87400 Cymer ELS 6400 248 nm lasers I own this item
87369 Disco DFP8160 Wafer Polisher I own this item
89023 Disco DFD 6361 Dicing Saw (6" and 8" and 12 inch Capable) I own this item
95724 Disco DFG 8540 back grinder, 8 inch I own this item
84003 DNS SP-W621 SPIN ETCHER I own this item
96556 DNS SSW 80A-AR Scrubber

Needs to be operational

I own this item
89949 Ebara FREX200S CMP Polisher I own this item
89950 Ebara FREX300S CMP Polisher I own this item
84601 Esec 2007 Die Attach soft solder die attach bonders I own this item
93879 ESI 44 Laser trimmer I own this item
91133 ESI 9850 laser fuser I own this item
86673 ETS 364 Automated Test System I own this item
90653 EVG Gemini Wafer Bonding system , 200 mm, with 40kN capacity I own this item
87091 EVG Gemini FB Wafer Bonder I own this item
95557 EVG 520 Semi-automated wafer bonding system

Must be in working condition with no major missing parts or problems

I own this item
96548 FEI Helios 400 400 or 450S

FEI Helios 400 or 450 wanted in operational condition with s/w disks available

I own this item
86318 FEI Nanolab 200 Dual Beam FIB-SEM I own this item
86471 FEI Helios sem I own this item
92343 Fluoroware HTC 8020 Box washer, 200 mm I own this item
86244 FSI Polaris 300 mm photoresist coater and developer I own this item
95721 GT Solar ASF Sapphire Growth Furnaces I own this item
96676 Hamamatsu Phemos Emmi I own this item
86276 hitachi UA 7200 Asher I own this item
87083 Hitachi S8820 I own this item
94609 Hitachi S-3400 CD SEM I own this item
90321 Hitachi TM 1000 sem

must be low cost

I own this item
95948 HYPERVISION PTF1 IR Emission Microscope I own this item
84604 ICOS CI-T120 Lead Scanner I own this item
83994 Innolas IL C 3000 wafer marker I own this item
96555 INVALID[ANY] Laminator Small laminator for 60-cell modules

Small laminator needed for standard 60-cell modules.

Max dims: 4m long x 2.5m high x 1.8m wide.

Max weight 5 tonnes

I own this item
96540 INVALID[INVALID[Beneq]] TFS500 ALD Reactor

Need Beneq TFS 200 or TFS 500 ALD reactor.

Needs to be lab / R&D size, not full fab-size.

I own this item
95571 INVALID[INVALID[INVALID[Advantest Verigy]]] V93000 PS1600 tester

Advantest V93000-A with two digital cards PS1600  and a AVI64 instrument

I own this item
96080 INVALID[INVALID[INVALID[Resmap]]] CDE Resmap 273 Large Substrate Resistivity Mapping system I own this item
92341 IPG Photonics JPSA IX6600 UV Laser lift-off system I own this item
95241 Jeol JBX5500FS E-beam Lithography System

Looking for operational tool for inspection and purchase

I own this item
84070 Jeol JXA-8600 Electron Probe Microanalyser with EDX I own this item
92359 JPSA or IPG JPSA IX 6600 or IPGIX-255-LLO UV laser Lift-off system

Used for GaN lift-off from Sapphire - beam 1x1mm FOV 248nm or 193nm

I own this item
92417 KARL SUSS ACS200 Photoresist coater

Karl Suss ACS200 needed, not with developer included

I own this item
96673 KARL SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner

Karl Suss MA6 mask aligner required in as is condition.

I own this item
86250 Karl Suss MA200E Mask Aligner I own this item
89973 KLA 285714 I own this item
92856 KLA Archer KLA 5300 or Archer

Looking to purchase KLA 5300 or Archer 200mm for immediate sale

I own this item
96378 KLA Tencor Aleris 8500 Thickness measurement I own this item
93813 KLA - Tencor 5300 Overlay measurement

KLA-Tencor 5300 in good condition needed immediately

I own this item
95572 KLA -TENCOR EV3000 SEM with Oxford EDX I own this item
93838 KLA -TENCOR Alpha Step 500 Profilometer

KLA-Tencor Alphastep 500 Profilometer in good condition for immediate purchse

I own this item
96542 KLA-TENCOR P17 Profilometer

KLA-Tencor P17 Profilometer needed immediately in good condition

I own this item
96544 KLA-TENCOR 5200XP Overlay

KLA-Tencor 5200XP overlay needed in full working order with warranty

I own this item
92409 KLA-TENCOR CERCL2 Macro-Defect

KLA-Tencor Macro-Defect for 100mm – 200mm wafers, preferably a CERCL2 or an 8000-8900 series. 

I own this item
84025 KLA-Tencor SP1-DLS EH2 wafer inspection I own this item
96078 KLA-Tencor Sp1 Classic surface particle detection system

wanted in the fab running

I own this item
84081 KLA-Tencor SP2 XP wafer inspection, 200 mm I own this item
-Wafer Fab interface required: Open 8 inch cassette loading
-Should be CE marked
-We would like to purchase a tool in good condition for use in production
I own this item
92853 KLA-Tencor 5300 Overlay Measurement System

for 200 mm wafers

I own this item
95513 Kokusai DD-833V Etch I own this item
96992 Lam 4520XL Dry Etcher

LAM 4520XL or XLE required immediately, must be in good working order

I own this item
93814 LAM RESEACH A6TM Dry Etcher I own this item
96558 Lasertec MD2000 Inspection System

Can be MD2000, MD2100, 9MD83SRII or 9MD82SRII

Must be operational

I own this item
92418 Leica MIS200 Wafer Inspection Microscope

Leica MIS200 Wafer Inspection Microscope needed in very good condition

I own this item
83995 Leica LMS 2020 Microscope I own this item
93817 Leica MIS200 Wafer Inspection Microscope

Wanted immediately:

Manufacturer: LEICA

Model: MIS 200

Description: Wafer Inspection Microscope

I own this item
88984 Leica Z16 APO Microscope I own this item
84504 Leybold / Balzers Z660 ION BEAM ETCHER I own this item
93887 Lumonics M310 Laser Trimmer I own this item
87801 Marangoni IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) EMI Vocus Systems IPA Vapor Dryer (Marangoni Drying) I own this item
93824 Mattson Aspen II ICP system

Wafer Specification


Wafer Size



Wafer Type



Chamber Type/Location


Rear Chamber

ICP Chamber


Side Chamber



Cool Chamber



Mainframe Options


Cassette Nest

SMIF Cassette Nest


Operator Interface

18-inch Operator Interface w/ SMIF


Paddle Selection

Adjustable Paddle


Panel/Skin Color




Tall Frame


Light Tower

Pole Mount 4 color Light Tower


Wafer Sensors

Cassettes & paddle sensors - Standard Silicon


Paddle O-rings



Slit Door Type

Slotted Groove Slit Door Without Regulators


Loadlock Manometer

100 Torr Manometer


Shuttle Manometer

1000 Torr Manometer


Software Revision



Hinged Cooldown chamber



Cooling chamber skin



Remote Operator interface panel



Rapid cassette exchange



System Skins



System Skins for Sub-Frame & AGV

Standard skins for TALL Sub-Frames with EMOs


Wafer Mapping



Secondary Interface PCB



SMIF Option



Robot safety enclosure



SECS/GEM-1 Interface



Facilities Options


Line Frequency



Line Voltage

200/208 VAC 3-Phase 60Amp 5 conductor


AC Power

Mainframe AC Box 208 Single Phase - Standard


Gas Panel Type

Top of Short Frame - Cabinet with Door


Gas Panel Facilities

Bottom Gas Feed with CDA regulator


Mainframe Exhaust Options

Ceiling Exhaust Flange for External Hookup + Ductwork


Vacuum Fitting Connections

KF50 Vacuum Connections - Standard


Pump Interface Options

None - Standard


Control UPS

None - Standard


System Safety


CE Mark



System EMO Type

Shrouded Locking EMO's - Standard


EMO Button Guard Ring



Panel Interlock Options

Mechanical Interlock Switch - Standard


Chamber Configuration


Temperature Control

Watlow Temperature Control Panel - Standard


Pressure Control

ACX 1201 Press. Control with ext. PS


Mattson Endpoint System



MFC Type

Refurbish Existing MFC's on Core


MFC Cal Gas



Application Specific





ICP Chamber


Heater Block

Mattson STD Heater Block


Tube Type



Grid Type

No Grids


Guide Rings

Standard Quartz Guide Rings


Chamber O-rings



Manometer Type

10 Torr Manometer


Gas Delivery Options

















RF Components


RF Match

Trazar AMU10-D2


RF Generator Rack

2 sp. Rack-ENI/RFPP/ADTEC CLASS B Generators


Generator Type

ENI OEM12B 208 Single Phase


Cable Length

60' RF cables - not for use with Cesar 1312 gens.


Special Notes



Use existing MFC's with core chamber. If available, install Unit 1661C Digital MFC's.



Install heater jackets on the isolation valve, throttle valve and foreline.



Install HEPA mini-environment with blower and ULPA filter.



Install 062-00017-00 bracket sensor lift pin (up/down).



Install 053-00018-00 and 053-00011-00 bracket sensor bottom/Upper (side slit door).



Install Pneumatic Manifold 4 Station, 2-4 Port, (Middle).



Install Pneumatic Manifold, 4 Stations, 3-8 Port (Lower).



Install a set of regulators, 0-150PSI with gauge for slit doors and lift pins up/down.




I own this item
95618 Mattson Aspen II ICP ICP etch, 8 inch wafers I own this item
84600 Mitutoyo VL-50AS Litematic Digimatic Measuring Unit I own this item
95128 MKS / Astex AX8403A Ozone Generator

Need fully operational tool preferably with limited warranty.

I own this item
84838 MRSI MRSI-503M FLIP CHIP DIE BONDER I own this item
96795 Multitest MT9928 TRI-TEMPERATURE TEST HANDLER I own this item
95609 Multitest MT9928 test handler - bowlfeed to canister, dual or tri-temp I own this item
95570 NIKON NSR-S204B DUV scanner with Gigaphoton G20K2 KrF laser I own this item
84060 Nikon Fx-702J i-line stepper I own this item
84354 Nikon ECLIPSE L300D Inspection Microscope I own this item
84114 Nikon I14E2 I-LINE STEPPER I own this item
96675 Nikon s204b DUV SCANNER, 248 NM KrF I own this item
86317 NISSHINBO 1722N Laminator I own this item
90386 Nissin NH20SR implanter I own this item
95072 Nordson 1701 RIE 6 or 8 inch

-wanted in working condition

I own this item
86322 Novellus C2 Inova Copper damascene deposition I own this item
95568 NPC 3BB Stringer stringer 3bb, prefer 2014 vintage I own this item
84831 Nuflare EGV-30GX Epitaxial Reactor I own this item
84085 OERLIKON PhoenXL 300 Leak Detector I own this item
87372 Okamoto GNX-200 B grinder I own this item
92420 Olympus GX71 Microscope

Olympus GX71 microscope needed in good/working condition

I own this item
84107 Olympus CKX41-binocular Inverted phase-contrast microscope I own this item
89005 Olympus AL2100 MICROSCOPE I own this item
94429 Philips Panalytical 2830XT WD-XRF, 200 mm , open cassette loading, Ti, Al and W I own this item
96541 Picosun R200 ALD Reactor

Need Picosun R200 or similar: lab size only

I own this item
86478 rasco So 1000 test handler with kit for SSOP (TSSOP) I own this item
86243 RENA EPM 311F Electroplating Tool I own this item
84513 Rudolph E25 Wafer edge inspection system I own this item
84004 rudolph nsx 115 macro defect inspection system I own this item
93818 Rudolph WS3840 3D Bump Metrology

Wanted immediately:

Manufacturer: Rudolph

Model: WS3840

Description: 3D Bump Metrology

I own this item
86661 Rudolph f30 macro defect inspection system I own this item
88985 Semitool SAT WET I own this item
95723 SEN NV-GSDIII-180 IMPLANTER HIGH CURRENT, with SMIF loaders I own this item
84010 SEZ DV38 CLEAN I own this item
96379 SEZ 203 Spin Etcher

As is tool needed in good condition, standard config

I own this item
89018 SEZ SP223 no I own this item
92354 Shimadzu QP2010SE GCMS I own this item
92031 Shinwa Controls Co., Ltd. CPC2 T and H unit for a TEL Mark 7/8 I own this item
96659 SPEA 4020 FLYING PROBE I own this item
96672 Spea 4020 flying probe

Spea 4020 flying probe wanted immediately on working order

I own this item
84095 SPTS Sigma I2L PVD SPTS - Sigma i2L Deposition System- July 2010 I own this item
95115 SSM 530 CV Plotter


SSM490 or 495 or or SSM 530 or SSM5130
I own this item
84353 Strasbaugh 6DE-DC-1 Polishmaster Optical Polisher I own this item
86483 SUSS PA 200 PROBER I own this item
86706 TA Instruments Q50 TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis I own this item
84359 Takatori ATM-8200 AUTO WAFER MOUNTER I own this item
84014 Technos TREX 630T (Twin) TXRF with extended range I own this item
84776 TEL Vigus Etch I own this item
84548 TEL Mark 7 and Mark 8 Main Arm Robot Assembly I own this item
96653 TEL Precio Prober

TEL Precio prober required for 1st Quarter 2020

I own this item
93839 TEL ACT 8 Coater Developer

TEL ACT 8 mono block wanted in good condition. Immeduate purchase

I own this item
96651 TEL (Tokyo Electron Ltd) Precio Prober

TEL Precio / Precio XL / Precio Uflex in working order.

I own this item
95563 TEL Tokyo Electron Alpha-8SE-Z Vertical Furnace, LPCVD Process, ONO I own this item
96669 TEL Tokyo Electron Alpha 8 D-poly process, 8 inch, non-smif

  • L-type
  • N2 load lock present
  • Heater type: mid-temp (500-1000C)
  • Temperature zones: 5
  • Temperature TC configuration: 5 inner TCs + 5 spike TCs
  • Pressure gauges: 4
  • Pressure gauges positions and f.s.: VG1 tube f.s. 1 Torr (isolated)– VG2 tube f.s. 1000 Torr – VG3 foreline f.s. 100 Torr – VG4 foreline 2 Torr (isolated)
  • Process option: D-poly
  • Gas jungle distribution system: IGS rail 1.5 o 1.125 inch
  • Gas:
  • SiH4 1 injector
  • PH3/He 3 injectors
  • Cl2 1 or 3 injectors (depending on TEL choice)
  • GeH4 1 injector
  • Quartz: inner/outer > SiC/quartz
  • Boat: SiC 170 slot
  • Vacuum valve: CKD

I own this item
87799 TEL Tokyo Electron Alpha 8 SE -E H2 Anneal I own this item
86321 Teradyne J750 TEST EQUIPMENT (pARTS) I own this item
95569 TERADYNE UPAC 80 boards Boards

8 pcs Teradyne UPAC 80 boards needed immediately in good condition

I own this item
95589 Tesec 8101-TT tester

Tesec 8101-TT or 881-TT in good working condition needed immediately

I own this item
95444 Tesec 8101-TT Tester I own this item
86316 Thermawave TP500XP Implant Dosing Measurement I own this item
84027 Toray VE-500? Vacuum Printing Encapsulation System with Unozawa TS300 Tripack Dry Vacuum Pump I own this item
97050 TSK/Accretech UF3000LX Wafer Prober

TSK UF3000LX needed in good working order

I own this item
84226 Ultratech Sapphire 100 Stepper I own this item
95615 Ulvac ei5 EVAPORATOR FOR METAL AND OXIDE DEPOSITION prefer 8 inch wafers

This is a batch type high vacuum evaporation system for the deposition of metal and oxide on a substrate. Since the operation panel of this system has an integrated control function that realizes automated vacuum and deposition process, it is recommended for R&D use as well as for small-scale manufacturing. Batch type, high vacuum evaporation system.

I own this item
95616 ulvac EBX 2000 EVAPORATOR FOR METAL AND OXIDE DEPOSITION prefer 8 inch wafers I own this item
84036 Varian Viista 3D medium current implanter I own this item
84037 Varian Viista HCP high current implanter I own this item
84599 Varian E220 I own this item
95617 Varian M2i pvd, 6 inch wafers I own this item
93872 Varian E19008650 300 kv hv probe I own this item
93399 VARIAN Viision 80 Implanter I own this item
96539 VEECO D9000 Atomic Force Microscope

Veeco D9000 needed urgently for spares use only

I own this item
95613 Veeco D9000 Atomic Force Microscope

Veeco D9000 atomic force microscope needed for spare parts only

I own this item
88983 Veeco K465i GaN MOCVD System I own this item
95727 Verigy / Agilent 4073B PARAMETRIC TEST SYSTEM WITH E3127-69002. I own this item
95073 Voetsch VTS4057 Temperature chamber I own this item
97045 West Bond 7476E wire bonder

West Bond 7476E wire bonder needed in working condition

I own this item
96077 Yield Engineering 450PB12-2P-J Polymide Bake Oven

-should be of recent vintage

I own this item

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