Applied Materials Producer GT Eterna FCVD PECVD FCVD TYPE for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Applied Materials Producer GT Eterna FCVD PECVD FCVD TYPE.
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Applied Materials Producer GT Eterna FCVD Equipment Details

SDI ID: 102668
Manufacturer: Applied Materials
Model: Producer GT Eterna FCVD
Description: PECVD FCVD TYPE
Version: 300 mm
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: Inquire
Sales Price: Inquire
Installed - In Production Process: FCVD Chamber A/C: FCVDChamber B: UV HybridBasic System Technology: DCVDPlatform Type: Producer GTSystem SoftwareSystem software: B5.4_135FiCGUI: fB5.20_11GP: ConfigurationRobot type: 0190-37624Robot Blades: 0200-08347LL preheater: 0090-05793slit valve door: 3870-05037MF pump: GX600N(EDWARDS)LL pump: EPX180L(EDWARDS)Diffucer: 0190-37371FCVD Chamber ConfigurationChamber Type: FCVD CHA/CBlocker: N/ALiner: 1 PiecePedestal: 0010-42919Slit Valve: 3870-05037(KALREZ 9100)Filter: N/AForeline: 6inForeline TV: 3870-06440Foreline ISO: 3870-06045Gas box: N/ADome: 0041-26595Baffle : 0021-84368FACEPLATE: 0041-35370BLOCKER(gas feed block): 0041-07625PUMPING LINER: 0021-64960LINER CERAMIC TOP: 0021-82788LINER CERAMIC MIDDLE: N/ALINER CERAMIC BOTTOM(edge ring): 0021-85102CERAMIC ISOLATOR: N/ALIFT PINS, FLOATING: 0200-08020LIFT HOOP: 0200-08334RPS: 0190-40602Gas Pallet Type: ETERNA FCVD GT Twin PalletGas Box Configuration: Line 1: N2 PURGELine 2: NF3 - 10.0SLMLine 3: AR - 10.0SLMLine 4: O2 - 250SCCMLine 5: O2 - 2.5SLMLine 6: N2 PURGELine 7: TSA - 1.0SLMLine 8: HE - 5.0SLMLine 9: EMPTYLine 10: N2 PURGELine 11: NH3 - 700SCCMLine 12: NH3 - 700SCCMLine 13: EMPTYLine 14: H2O - 1.0GLine 15: AR - 5.0SLMLine 16: EMPTYLine 17: EMPTYLine 18: EMPTYLine 19: EMPTYLine 20: EMPTYLine 21: EMPTYLine 22: N2 PURGEUV Chamber Configuration: Chamber Type: UV HybridLAMPHEAD ASSEMBLY (DUAL): 0190-46008INNER PRIMARY REFLECTORS (x2): 0200-09730OUTER PRIMARY REFLECTORS (x2): 0200-09728UV BULBS (MERCURY BULB x2): 0195-04092LAMPHEAD ENCLOSURE SEAL: 0021-28691LAMPHEAD TRAY: 0021-44280LAMPHEAD TRAY MOUNTING SEAL: 0021-32043PULLEY ASSEMBLY (ROTATING WHEEL): 0010-44199LOWER DYNAMIC SEAL: 0190-31840LOWER CLAMP RING: 0021-33232SECONDARY REFLECTOR ASSEMBLY: 0041-43990HOME SENSOR (SIDE 1 ONLY): 0150-18683HOUSING: 0041-08307UPPER WINDOW CLAMP SIDE 1: 0041-44565UPPER WINDOW CLAMP SIDE 2: 0041-44968QUARTZ WINDOW: 0200-05371 Hereaus (CIP Quartz)LOWER WINDOW CLAMP: 0041-44966UPPER SHOWER HEAD: 0200-13516 Hereaus (CIP Quartz)INTERMEDIATE SHOWER HEAD CLAMP: 0041-44967LOWER SHOWER HEAD: 0200-13481 Hereaus (CIP Quartz)LOWER SHOWER HEAD CLAMP: 0021-94083RF DETECTOR: 0195-06361LAMPHEAD ROTATOR: 3970-00044CERAMIC TOP LINER : 0200-10913INNER PUMPING LINER : 0200-10914OUTER PUMPING LINER: 0200-10912ALUMINUM FILLER: 0021-84795CERAMIC MIDDLE LINER : 0200-13152CERAMIC BOTTOM LINER : 0200-10944LIFT PIN (Big foot): 0200-06110WEIGHT (Big foot): 0200-05795Ceramic Cap: 0200-05307WASHER, WAVE, HAYNES: 0021-27777EQUALIZATION PORT LINER: 0021-94377PUMPING CHANNEL HUB: 0041-36422PEDASTAL: 0041-33505SLIT VALVE DOOR: 0246-18185(Chemraz XPE)RPS: 0190-40602UV POWER SUPPER: 0190-44835Foreline pipeing size: 4''Foreline TV / ISO COMBO VALVE: 0195-13439Gas Pallet Type: BIMINI, YAD4, 7STK, REG, PROD GTGas Box Configuration: Line 1: Purge N2Line 2: NF3, 5slmLine 3: AR_CLN, 5slmLine 4: NALine 5: AR_TOP, 35slmLine 6: NALine 7: NALine 8: NALine 9: O3 DIVERTLine 10: O3 ,12slmLine 11: AR_BTM, 10slmLine 12: AR_SH, 2slmLine 13: NALine 14: NALine 15: NALine 16: NALine 17: NALine 18: NALine 19: NALine 20: NALine 21: NALine 22: NAHeat exchangerHeat exchanger 1: 0190-27732Heat exchanger 2: 0190-27732Heat exchanger 3 (For UV): 0190-32036Ozone systemO3 Generator: 0190-44053O3 Controller: 0195-08806Process Pump/AbatementPump CHA/C: iXH4550HTPump CHB: iXH1820Scrubber: DAS ESCAPE DUODamage/Missing parts list
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