NANOMETRICS Caliper Mosaic Overlay measurement System for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used NANOMETRICS Caliper Mosaic Overlay measurement System.
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NANOMETRICS Caliper Mosaic Equipment Details

SDI ID: 107027
Manufacturer: NANOMETRICS
Model: Caliper Mosaic
Description: Overlay measurement System
Version: 300 mm
Vintage: 01.08.2010
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: inquire
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

Currently installed and operational in a demonstration facility. Can be inspected by appointment.

Below if an inspection report I did about the tool in 2019, prior to the tool being moved and re-installed at the current location.

Nanometrics Caliper Inspection Report
Date of inspection: 22nd August 2019

The tool consists of 1 Main Body and 1 EFEM unit. The equipment is de-installed and located in an inspection facility.
The EFEM has been separated from the main body.
The granite has immobilization supports inserted.
The stage was not locked, but did not appear to be damaged. After the inspection, the stage was secured with bolts and some tie-wraps and covered over with bubble-wrap.
The stage encoders did not appear to be scratched or damaged.
The EFEM robot was immobilized with heavy duty tape.
The FOUP ports were secured by application of some packing tape from within the EFEM.
The illuminator had been separated from the tool, and was bubble-wrapped and secured within the EFEM.
The computer / network rack was bubble wrapped and secured within the EFEM.
The 4 hard disks of the system PC have been removed.
For further details, please refer to the attached photos.

1. Manufactuer:Nanometrics
2. Model: Caliper Mosaic
3. Process: Overlay Measurement
4. Serial number: available
5. Date of manufacture: August  2010
6. Voltage: 200-240 VAC, single phase, 50 Hz, Full load current: 20A, Wiring Configuration: 2 Wire (L,N) + E
7. Largest load: 5 KVA
8. Wiring schematic number: 8000-9-000002
9. Short circuit rating: 10KVA
10. System part number: 7000-032629
11. CE Marked
12. Safety labels: Korean / English
13. Anti-static system: MKS AeroBar 5225
14. Software version installed on the system: Windows XP Professional
NB The 4 hard disks of the system computer have been removed, and there are no hard-copy manuals or software disks with the system.
15. EFEM Robot Brooks p/n: 162802R dated 2012.9.12, with dual robot blades.
16. De-installation date: March 2017
17. The deinstallation documentation with the machine consists of the following:-
a. Packing List.
b. Equipment de-installation proceedure.
c. Equipment de-contamination check report.
d. Missing parts list and parts removal schedule.
18. EFEM Type: Brooks JET p/n 1006CHE10810
19. Number of EFEM loadports:3
20. Loadport model: Brooks Vision Model number 162770-22R
21. Loadport RFID reader type: Brooks TLG-RS232, FCC ID: N5GTSG
22. Stage position controllers: ETEL DSCDL and DSMAX2
23. System PC Manufacturer: Single Board Systems
24. Illuminator model: XT700

Main body crate size: 145 cm x 180 cm x 263 cm (H), 1100 kg

EFEM crate size: 150 cm x 255 cm x 278 cm (H) , 1600 kg


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