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LAM RESEARCH Spare Parts Equipment Details

SDI ID: 108038
Manufacturer: LAM RESEARCH
Model: Spare Parts
Description: Various Spare Parts for sale
Version: Spares
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

At this time, we have the following list of Lam Research Spare parts for sale.

Please refer to the list attached in excel and below in HTML:-

No. MAKER Part No. Description Q'TY Condition
1 LAM 810-099175-009 REV B VIOP,PHASE 3 1 Used
2 LAM 810-099175-011 REV B VIOP,PHASE 3 1 Used
3 LAM 810-099175-011 REV A VIOP,PHASE 3 1 Used
B105-0102 REV D VME-LTNI-S3
5 Used
5 LAM 810-068158-001 ROBOT INTERFACE 1 Used
6 LAM 810-072903-004 REV G LONWORKS , PIO 1 Used
7 LAM 880-012536-101.A1 SYS68K/SASI-1 CPU // 880-12536-101.A1 1 Used
8 LAM 880-012537-101.A3 SYS68K/CPU-6VB // 880-12537-101.A3 1 Used
9 LAM 810-017038-002 SYS68K/SIO-2 REV.2 / SERIAL I/O BOARD 1 Used
10 LAM 810-017031-004 ADIO 1 Used
11 LAM 810-017075-003 Gas Panel Interlock PCB 1 Used
12 LAM 810-015932-001 PCB DIP Autotune Low Frequency 2 Used
13 LAM 810-017082-001 16 CHANNEL HEAT/COOL BD 1 Used
14 LAM 810-017003-004 PCB DIP High Frequency PCB Board 5 Used
15 LAM 810-073479-005 REV A JETSTREAM GAS BOX MB 2 Used
16 LAM 810-031325-002 REV B 16 IGS MOTHER BOARD , DGF 1 Used
17 LAM 810-810193-103 REV C MOTHER BOARD , VTM 2 Used
18 LAM 810-800081-015 REV D P2 MB , VME ETCH 1 Used
19 LAM 810-800082-029 REV A VME BREAKOUT , KIYO45 1 Used
20 LAM 810-800082-029 REV. B
810-800081-013 REV. A
101VMEJ106-9001 REV. B
2SET Used
21 LAM 853-330476-001 ASSY , RF FILTER , ESC , 9600 1 Used
22 LAM PCB 000-061 REV M 38A Elevator PCB 1 Used
23 LAM 810-800256-004 REV E NODE BOARD,TYPE 3 1 Used
24 LAM 810-800256-004 REV G NODE BOARD,TYPE 3 1 Used
25 LAM 810-800256-004 REV F NODE BOARD,TYPE 3 2 Used
26 LAM 810-000839-003 REV B ESC CURRENT MONITOR 1 Used
27 LAM 810-017015-001 REV A WAFER EDGE SENSOR 1 Used
28 LAM 810-017016-001 REV E STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER BD 3 Used
29 LAM 853-190023-001 REV A Controller Assembly 272072-00 1 Used
30 LAM AC-2 Tylan General AdapTorr AC-2 Controller 1 Used
31 LAM 514-220001-002 PT CONTROL 1 Used
32 LAM 38A ELEVATOR   1 Used
33 LAM 810-801130-005 PCB, Assy TC & RTD 1 Used
34 LAM 810-102361-222 CHAMBER MUX 1 Used
35 LAM 853-064887-010 13.56 MHz RF Source Unit 1 Used
36 LAM 810-048219-021 Pluse SMPL & Hold W/SYNC OUT 1 Used
37 LAM 810-802969-002 300mm Heater Filter 2 Used
38 LAM 810-225420-002 PCBA, Lonworks, 6 Port RS-232, NODE 2 Used
39 LAM 853-038269-638   1 Used
40 LAM 853-038269-653   1 Used
41 LAM 853-067076-012 +
839-046079-024 C
  2 Used
42 LAM 715-800332-028   2 Used
43 LAM 716-084752-023   1 Used
44 LAM 715-022497-020 +
  2 Used
45 LAM   CVBA-500BC/5-BEA-L
5-500pF 513KV
2 Used


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