SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Kokusai DJ-853V-8BL J3 VERTICAL CVD FURNACE, NITRIDE PROCESS.
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This Kokusai DJ-853V-8BL J3 VERTICAL CVD FURNACE, NITRIDE PROCESS is available for immediate sale.
Crating, refurbishment and delivery for this equipment can be quoted on request.

Kokusai DJ-853V-8BL J3 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 109026
Manufacturer: Kokusai
Model: DJ-853V-8BL J3
Version: 150 mm
Vintage: 01.06.2000
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is all rebuilt
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

-Deinstalled and warehoused, can be inspected by appointment.
-The equipment will be provided in "refurbished" condition.
1 System Layout Main & Utility: Integrated
2 System Type: L Type
3 Side Maintenance: No Side Maintenance
4 System Paint Color: IVORY
5 Furnace Front Surface Finish: Painted
6 Heater Model: D4EX 18104-2
7 Rapid Cooling Unit: Not Installed
8 N2 Load Lock: Not Installed
9 O2 Analyzer: Not Installed
10 Cassette I/O Type (Normal / SMIF): Normal
11 SMIF Maker / Model: Not Installed
12 AGV Compatibility: Unable
13 System Main Controller: CX3002B
14 Mechanical Controller: CX1223
15 Sequence Controller; OMRON CS1G
16 Gas Controller: CX3202
17 Gas Flow Chart Pannel Not Installed
18 Operation Pannel Installed
19 Signal Tower / Colors Installed: 4 colors
20 Furnace Temperature Controller: CQ1600
21 Furnace Overtemp Detector DN-150V
22 Gas Detecter Maker / Model: Not Installed
23 Detecting Gas - NA
24 Host Communications: Yes
25 User Host Computer I/F: HSMS
26 Manual (Drawing, Parts list etc): Not Included

1 Process Gas: N2 , NH3, DCS
2 Integrated Gas System: Block style
3 Manual Valve FUJIKIN
4 Air-Operated Valve FUJIKIN
5 Filter: MILLIPORE ( Ni )
6 Regulator: VERIFLOW
7 MFC Maker / Model: STEC / SEC-7330
8 PT Sensor Maker / Model: NAGANO
9 DPM Maker / Model: NAGANO
10 Check Valve Not Installed
11 Baking System Not Installed
12 Liquid Source Auto-Refill Not Installed
13 Burn Controller Not Installed
14 Veporizer Not Installed

1 Pump: Not Included
2 Pressure Control Valve: CKD
3 Pressure Controller: CKD
4 Pressure Sensor: INFICON
5 Trap: Installed
6 Gas Cooler: Not Installed

1 Wafer Type: 150 mm
2 Auto Wafer Aligner: Not Installed
3 Wafer Qty. in Cassette: 25
4 Cassette Storage Qty.: 18
5 Fork Type: 1 + 4 (VAC) Tweezer type
6 Fork-Wafer Presence Sensor: Installed
7 Fork-Variable Pitch: Installed
8 Magnetic Seal Rotation: Not Installed

1 Boat Type / Pitch N/A
2 Boat Material N/A
3 Cap Pedestal Material N/A
4 Outer Tube N/A
5 Inner Tube N/A
6 SIC Liner Tube N/A
7 Process Tube N/A
8 External Torch N/A
9 Profile T/C Type N/A

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