Disco DFD 6240 Fully automatic dicing saw for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Disco DFD 6240 Fully automatic dicing saw.
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This Disco DFD 6240 Fully automatic dicing saw is available for immediate sale.
Crating, refurbishment and delivery for this equipment can be quoted on request.

Disco DFD 6240 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 109111
Manufacturer: Disco
Model: DFD 6240
Description: Fully automatic dicing saw
Version: 200 mm
Vintage: 01.06.2007
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

Includes DFD 6240 and DTU125 and Disco tool accessories.

This tool is not refurbished, but the tool condition is good.

The equipment is deinstalled and warehoused, and can be inspected by appointment. The tool manuals are included (In Japanese)

Disco 6000 Series Features and Performance
The Disco DFD6240 Fully Automatic Dicing Saw features the advanced functions and spindle lineup of the Disco 6000 series technology which is a very popular tool with many installations worldwide.This 200 mm single-spindle dicing saw is designed for dicing silicon and compound semiconductors, as well as for cutting and grooving ceramics, glasses, and other electronic and optical materials.
Factory-Friendly Design
The rigid and compact frame along with it's improved wafer handling system allow for an extremely small footprint of (20 % less than DFD641).
Reduced energy and air consumption allow lower running cost and less environmental impact.
A machine status monitor relays processing status and key machine information in real time for use in machine inspections and process management.

More easy to maintain and use
Spindle shaft-lock feature and auto-open/close wheel cover (accessible from machine front) make blade changes easy and quick.
Touch-panel display supports an easy-to-use GUI.
Higher Throughput
Increased speed ranges and return speeds for machine axes contribute to improved dicing throughput.
Improved Cut Quality
This saw offers highly consistent and dependable cut quality through the new Synchro SpindleTM featuring superior radial rigidity. The coolant water flow rate controller, programmable via the touch-panel display, sets the flow rate for each process recipe. Atomizing nozzle technology (optional) is available for the wheel cover, where it effectively reduces particle adhesion, as well as for the spinner cleaning unit, where it yields exceptionally clean wafers after dicing.
Spindle Lineup
Newly developed 1.2 kW spindle (standard) features superior rigidity.
Center thrust design gives 1.8 kW spindle (option, uses 2" blades) and 2.2 kW spindle (option, uses 3" blades) extra rigidity for processing glasses, ceramics, and other high-load materials.

Workpiece    Size    -    ø8"
X-axis    Cutting range    mm    210
    Max. cutting speed    mm/s    0.1 - 600
Y-axis    Cutting range    mm    210
    Index step    mm    0.0001
    Index positioning accuracy    mm    0.003/210
mm (Single error) 0.002 or less/5           
    Scale resolution    mm    0.0001
Z-axis    Max. stroke    mm    19.22 (for ø2" blade)
    Moving resolution    mm    5E-05
    Repeatablity accuracy    mm    0.001
    Max. blade size    mm    ø58
-axis    Max. rotating angle    deg    380
Spindle    Output    kW    1.2 at 60,000 min-1
    Rated torque    N·m    0.19
    Revolution speed range    min-1    6,000 - 60,000
Applicable Tape Frame-            2-8-1
Power consumption               
When processing kW 1.5 (for reference)               
During warm-up kW 1.0 (for reference)           
Max. power kVA 4.9           
Air pressure MPa 0.5 - 0.8           
Air max. consumption L/min(ANR) 250           
Clean air pressure MPa 0.5 - 0.8           
Clean air max. consumption L/min(ANR) 243           
Cutting water, spinner cleaning water, water curtain           
Water pressure MPa 0.2 - 0.4           
Water flow rate L/min Wheel coolant: 6 Water curtain: 1           
Water pressure MPa 0.2 - 0.4           
Water flow rate  L/min 1.5 at 0.3 MPa Exhaust duct capacity m3/min  5.0           
Machine dimensions (W x D x H) mm  900 x 1,190 x 1,800
Machine weight  kg Approx. 1,200 (without transformer for overseas use)           
Approx. 1,280 (with transformer for overseas use)           

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