ASML XT1460K 193 nm (ArF) excimer exposure system for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used ASML XT1460K 193 nm (ArF) excimer exposure system.
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This ASML XT1460K 193 nm (ArF) excimer exposure system is available for immediate sale.
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ASML XT1460K Equipment Details

SDI ID: 109547
Manufacturer: ASML
Model: XT1460K
Description: 193 nm (ArF) excimer exposure system
Version: 300 mm
Vintage: 01.12.2017
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: 3 months
Sales Price: Inquire

-Currently installed and running wafers in the fab.
-The equipment will be made available for removal in April 2024

The TWINSCAN XT:1460K 193-nm Step-and-Scan system is a high-productivity, dual-stage ArF lithography tool designed for volume 300-mm wafer production at 65-nm resolution.It combines the imaging power of a variable 0.65–0.93-NA Carl Zeiss Starlith 4X reduction lens with AERIAL-P illuminator technology, extending ArF technology beyond the 65-nm technology node. Dual wafer-stage technology enables the exposure of one wafer and the alignment of the next wafer to take place in parallel, virtually eliminating overhead time and allowing for continuous patterning of wafers for maximum productivity. Off-line leveling system guarantees superior focus control over the full wafer, including edge dies. A standardly delivered 45-W ArF laser with variable frequency control, in combination with the high optical transmission of the complete system, provides a production throughput of 205 wph (300 mm). The tool is prepared to operate at extreme low-k 1 values, delivering excellent CD uniformity, industry leading overlay and long term performance stability.

Technical Specifications
Wavelength: 193 nm
NA: 0.65–0.93 (variable)
Resolution: ≤ 65 nm
Field size, for reticle with pellicle
• Max X: 26.0 mm
• Max Y: 33.0 mm
Aberrations RMS z5—z37: ≤ 1.5 nm
Single Machine: ≤ 5.0 nm
Matched Machine: ≤ 9.0 nm
Dedicated-chuck: ≤ 3.5 nm
Matched-machine: ≤ 5.0 nm
Production Throughput
30-mJ/cm2 exposure dose
26 x 33-mm field size
• 300-mm wafers, 96 shots:≥ 205 wph

Key Features and Benefits
Variable 0.93-NA 193-nm Projection Lens With Advanced Lens Manipulators
Production resolution down to 57 nm with polarized Illumination.
Ultra-k 1 Package
Operation at extreme low-k 1 values is enabled using several capabilities standard on the tool.
These include improved focus control, support for customized illumination with QUASAR XL and DoseMapper functionality to improve CD control.
Superior Overlay
The XT:1460K is equipped with the latest overlay improvements resulting in dedicated chuck overlay of ≤ 3.5 nm and matched machine overlay of ≤ 5 nm with the TOP XT:1460K package installed.
High-Speed Dual-Stage Technology
Industry leading throughput for high volume manufacturing enabling highest number of good wafers per day.

    24 char Reticle Barcode Reader No
    2D Barcode Reader No
    AGILE No
    Aerial-P / Polarization AerialP+ ROE-PSE. No ACUA left
    Automated Reticle Transport Light Curtain
    Auxiliary Exhaust No
    Baseliner + BMMO-XT XT:1460K Baseliner only
    CSR's for XT1460K various 13474 CNL
    CSR's for XT1460K various 13093 CNL
    Chemical sampling ports No
    Chuck Dedication Yes
    DOE Pol. ID14 MP4 60-45 Yes
    DOE Pol. ID210 MP2 35-Y HS Yes
    DOE Pol. ID211 MP2 35-X HS Yes
    DOE Pol. ID5 MP4 30-45 Yes
    DOE Pol. ID7 MP2 90-Y Yes
    DOE Pol. ID8 MP2 90-X Yes
    EFESE No
    ELCB No
    Edge Die Optimizer (EDO) No
    ExpoSure Yes
    FAT Attendance No (Data Review Only)
    FIP: Focus Improvement Package No
    FOUP Lockout system Yes
    Focus Spot Monitor Flexpack No
    Gridmapper Yes (LCP needed @ Fab)
    Gridmapper Intrafield Yes
    IRIS-6 Inch Reticles Yes (XT version)
    Image Tuner No
    InForm (EDI/EDA) No
    InFormPro2 No
    InformPro/SystemPerf.Ind.Focus Full InformPro
    Integrated Reticle Library XP version
    Laser model CYMER XLA-165-HP (45W)
    Laser type Cymer laser
    Litho Insight No
    OIU/Reticle-/Waf.aux.port Left Configuration
    Power 400 Volt
    Recipe Creator Recipe Creator "Light"
    Reorder Lot Service No
    Reticle CIDRW (Tag Reader) Reticle CIDRW Asyst RF
    Reticle Streaming Yes (Reticle Streaming)
    SMASH Sensor SMASH only
    SMASH XY Yes
    Second Laser paddle Yes
    Software release Sw rel. 5.0.0
    SpotLess Yes
    TOP RC2 No
    TOP XT:1460K No
    Teststream No
    Universal Prealignment No
    Valid ATP-document provisional nr. ??225
    WH Carrier Interface 25 Wafer FOUP closed carrier
    Wafer Track Interface TEL Lithius PRO (V or Z)
    Wafer size 300 mm
    Wafer type Notch

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