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Rigaku TXRF 300S Equipment Details

SDI ID: 71780
Manufacturer: Rigaku
Model: TXRF 300S
Description: X-Ray Diffractometer
Version: 150mm to 300 mm
Vintage: 01.12.2000
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire
Sample wafer Size 300 mm, 8”, 6”
X-ray source X-ray tube
X-ray generator Monochromator
Rotating anode X-ray tube, W target
Max rating: 18 kW, Routine operation: 30kV-300mA
W-M, W-L, HE (20 keV), 3-crystal exchange by switchover
Sample stage Measurement position
X-ray incidence angle setting
X, Y, Z,   drive allowing X-ray incidence direction control Z,  drive
X-ray detector SSD Si (Li) effective dia.: 80 mm2 Be window: 12.5 m
<180 eV (Mn-K)
Sample transfer Sample cassette
Cassette chamber Measurement chamber
300 mm: 13 piece open cassette
8”, 6”, User’s specified cassette Vacuum chamber (with a gate valve) With a vacuum transfer robot
Measurement program
Windows 95 or Windows NT
Fully automatic measurement, manual measurement, 3-beam automatic
    switchover measurement
Control and data Quantitative measurement Peak identification, calibration curve curve method, quantitation with
processing   sensitivity coefficient
  Mapping display 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional display, allows simultaneous display of up to 9
  GEM Compatible (optional)
Accessory equipment Vacuum pump Feed water system
Liquid nitrogen preparator & feeder
Dry pump (for X-ray tube, sample chamber). 2 sets Heat exchanger
For SSD detector cooling; automatic feeder

The Rigaku/Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer TXRF300 has been developed to allow the analysis of contamination on 300 mm wafers.
It is designed to comply with common standards while maintaining high reliability. 
The TXRF300 is 80 pc compatibile with the TXRF3750 for 8" wafers in terms of system configuration and components.
The TXRF300 used Rigaku's transfer systems and vacuum components, designed in order to keep wafers free from contamination.
The TXRF300 has the following common features with the model TXRF3750:
-the function which eliminates interfering diffracted rays using an X-Y-θ sample stage. 
-the function that searches for the orientation notch and wafer center on the stage
-the single target three-beam method which allows a wide range of element analysis are incorporated.

New features:
-the automation program with SECS has been restructured to comply with the GEM standard, thus allowing FOUP (Front Open Unified Pod) coupling. 
-A unified minienvironment unit and air filter are provided as well to properly secure the cleanliness of space between the FOUP and the sample inlet.

Features Overview:
1. High reliability due to utilizing components in common with the TXRF3750 for 8” wafers The system configuration, as well as most components including a robot and other transfer system parts, are common to both the models. In essence then, the TXRF300 may be said to be a scaled-up version of the TXRF3750 to reflect the objective of analysis from 8' to 300 mm. Thus, many components of the TXRF3750 are readily utilizable with the TXRF300. This includes the X-ray source, monochromator, SSD X-ray detector, as well as the sample stage and transfer system vacuum robot. This is possible because the design and development of the predecessor model TXRF3750 took into account the future need for a 300 mm wafer system. This enhances high dependability of the new model. Also, the rotating anode X-ray tube maintenance schedule requirement have been reduced twofold compared with previous models due to a new mechanical seal.
2. Operable with FOUP to allow analysis of 8” and 6” wafers also (with user's cassette) A simple cassette exchange allows measurement of 8” and 6” wafers using a 25 slots cassette. A 6" standard sample is usable.
3. A unified minienvironment unit This unit ensures the cleanliness in the sample inlet area. When coupled with the FOUP, the wafer being transferred is guarded against contamination as it is moved from the pod interior to the vacuum chamber interior in a clean atmosphere.
4. Drip search function This system is provided with a function to search automatically for points of analysis where drip traces, where high concentrations of a contaminating element are likely.This function is designed to handle the 2-digit sensitivity improvement enabled by enrichment of contaminants like VPD.
5. Particle analysis It is possible to measure the wafer's orientation notch position and deviation of the wafer center from the stage center when a wafer is mounted on the sample stage. This function permits accurate positioning of the optional measurement point on the sample. With the sample stage driven by the X, Y, θ axes, no overlap of an interfering peak due to diffracted rays occurs at any sample analysis position. Therefore, regardless of particles at any position, the highest- performance analysis is always assured. Hence, no special skill is required to decide whether a given signal is due to contamination.
6. Complying with GEM
The software is designed to be run on Windows it easy for data communication.    

Wafer Size

Minimum 150 mm
Maximum 300 mm
Cassette to Cassette YES
Other Information System Includes:
Ebara Dry Pump: Model A10S
Haskris Chiller: Model RW100F1
Oxford Instruments: Model 7043
UBS Industries: Model LLC-203 Liquid Level controller

Year of Manufacture 2001
Power Requirements 208 V 50/60 Hz 3 Phase
Exterior Dimensions

Width 67.000 in (170.2 cm)
Depth 48.000 in (121.9 cm)
Height 62.000 in (157.5 cm)
Weight 2,092 lb (949 kg)   

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