Salon Teknopaja OY PWB Printed Wire Board Level Drop Tester with Solder Joint Reliability tester for Sale

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This Salon Teknopaja OY PWB Printed Wire Board Level Drop Tester with Solder Joint Reliability tester is available for immediate sale.
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Salon Teknopaja OY PWB Equipment Details

SDI ID: 79602
Manufacturer: Salon Teknopaja OY
Model: PWB
Description: Printed Wire Board Level Drop Tester with Solder Joint Reliability tester
Version: SMT
Vintage: 31.05.2004
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

-Deinstalled, warehoused.
-In working condition
-See photos for details
-Available for immediate consignment
-Can be inspected by appointment
-Located in Avezzano 67051 Italy

-For drop testing of cell phone PCBs
-The drop tester determines the reliability of the PWC (Printed wiring board) against mechanical shock.
-Max drop height 1600 mm
-Test control In calibration mode controlled by touch screen; in testing
mode controlled by Windows PC and the Event Detector software
-Catcher which eliminates the rebound, also possible to switch off
-Test method by Jedec standard and others. Tested with the following
values of acceleration peak (G)/ pulse duration (ms): 2900 G/ 0.3 ms,
2000 G/ 0.4 ms and 1500 G/ 0.5 ms)
-Size of the standard test board Maximum 170 mm x 90 mm
-Safety CE Compliant
-Includes Analysis Tech 128 STD Event Detector
-Manufactured by:
Salon Teknopaja OY
Peramiehenkatu 12
24100 Salo

Board (PCB) Level Drop Test Method of Components for Handheld Electronic Products

  • for IC component
  • for audio etc component

- Meet Jedec Standard JESD22-B111

- Mechanical Shock Pulse to 5000 G peak acceleration

- User friendly interface - Easy to use

- Supports continous measurement and automatic repeatability efficiently

- Designed for Hard Professional Use

Shipping Information:

Dimensions: 2100 mm x  400 mm x 300 mm weight 00 kg

Information about the Analysis Tech 128 STD Event Detector:-

STD Event Detectors:
Electrical Monitors for
Solder Joint Reliability Testing

  The STD Series Event Detectors offer test specifications associated with solder joint reliability testing but can also be used for testing other types of interconnects accordingly. Like other Event Detectors, the STD series provides continuous transient resistance detection referenced to a selected threshold resistance with a high degree of electrical noise immunity.

The STD SThe STD Event Detectors feature WinDatalog Software for data collection and analysis.

Threshold Resistance Range: 100 to 5,000 ohms, user adjustable
Minimum Event Duration: 200 nanoseconds, fixed
Channel Sense Current: less than 1.2mA, fixed
Systems has 128 channels

Features Included with All Event Detectors
WinDatalog, data collection/analysis software
Temperature Module (with communication cable and connectors)
RS232C serial data transmission to PC computer (cable included)
Linkable with other Event Detectors (linking cable required)
Test input cables (10 foot length)

The STD Event Detectors simultaneously monitor individual continuity loops with independent sense-currents flowing in each loop. The detection speed and resistance threshold range make the STD series ideal for solder-joint reliability studies. Such tests typically use "daisy chain" solder joints in wire-bonded packages mounted on special test-PCBs. These test boards are then thermally cycled, vibrated, shock-dropped, or mechanically flexed while being monitored with Event Detectors. The initial, short duration, intermittent failures of the joints are detected and recorded automatically with the cycle number, time, and date. With this technique, variations in interconnect design and soldering process parameters can be evaluated by direct comparison of test results. This type of electrical monitoring has proven to be far more reliable and less expensive than visual detection of solder joint failure.

STD Event Detectors are normally supplied with a single, common Threshold Resistance (Vref) adjustment for all channels. A Multiple Threshold Resistance Adjustment option is available for STD Event Detectors that provides a separate resistance threshold setting for each bank of 64 channels. STD Event Detectors can also use the STD Wiring Harness for convenient sample wiring and setup.


Electrical Specifications
Threshold Resistance Range 100 to 400 ohms (low),
300 to 5000 ohms (high)
Channel Current-Source Max Compliance 0.6 volts(low) / 9.8 volts (high)
Maximum Channel Sense Current 1.2 mA maximum
Typical Threshold Resistance Tolerance +/- 4%
Maximum Threshold Resistance Tolerance +/- 10%
Nominal Event Duration Sensitivity 200 nS
Typical Minimum Event Sensitivity Tolerance +/- 10%
Supply Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz, 3 amps (unless otherwise specified)
Input Cables Standard: PVC ribbon cable, 105 °C max
Optional: Hi-temperature cable, 200 °C max
Dimensions 6.5" H x 16.5" W x 12" D
Weight 20 lbs

STD Event Detector Systems include: WinDatalog Software, test input cables (10 ft long, PVC insulated) single-ended, serial communication cable, complete instruction manual,




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