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LAM RESEARCH Vector Express Equipment Details

SDI ID: 108577
Manufacturer: LAM RESEARCH
Model: Vector Express
Description: CVD
Version: 300 mm
Vintage: 01.06.2003
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

De-installed and warehoused. Can be inspected by appointment.Please refer to the attached photos for details of the current condition.

Basic System (CARBON)
WTS(backbone) Facilities Connection Configuration: Bottom Facilities Installation
Factory Automation Interface (Over Head Transport): 04-146654-00 KIT,E84 COMPATABILITY,VCTR 2 FOUP or 3 FOUP Front End Interface: 2 FOUP (Brooks Fixports)
Fixload FOUP RF ID Reader: Omron V640 (2 FOUP) Fixload Firmware: Rev
IMM Ready (Integrated Metrology): IMM Ready Orientation Left, BUCVD00007A Left Mount
Front End (backbone):
ATM Robot & Controller
ATM Robot Firmware (for friction end effector): WAVE2, 1.0T, Use with Friction end effector, 75-294243-00 ATM Robot End Effector (Friction Type): 75-378690-00 (v 1.49 for use with Friction End Effector)
Loadlock Motion Controller/Firmware: CNTRLR,TWO-AXIS,TRUST,2.84S,C3VCTR AHM Loadlock Pump: 04-322836-00 KIT,SINGLE KASHIYAMA NV60 LL PUMP,C3VCTR AHM XT
Loadlock to Atmosphere Valve (VAT L-Motion): 60-376512-00 VALVE,GATE,MONOVAT,50X336,LL,OUTER DR,WT VAT L-motion Oring Type: Viton (Bonded, replace entire door)
Loadlock to Chamber Valve (SMC Valve): 63-335469-00 VALVE,GATE,300MM,PNEU,BONDED GT 639,SMC SMC Chamber Oring Type: 60-300514-00 GATE,BONDED,300MM,SMC L-MOTION, CHEMRAZ
Cooling Pedestals in Loadlocks: 02-277727-01 Right 02-277727-02 Left Active Wafer Centering with IMM Mount: 02-269945-00 (LED type)
EBR cool Ped: 02-376062-00 PED ASSY,COOL,EBR 1.5,C3VCTR AHM EBR IOC: 02-303084-00 ASSY,HDSIOC3,EBR,C3VCTR
EBR Deflector: 15-322724-02 FORK,MTG,DEFLECTOR,EBR,SLOT
EBR Deflector Quartz: 15-374248-00 COVER,DFLCTR,QUARTZ,NO HOLES,VCTR,EBR EBR Gen: 27-366349-00 GEN,GAS,8.0KW,AX7690X,EBR
Required Software Revisions:
Module Controller Type: 02-321865-00 MC3R System Controller Type: 02-321865-00 MC3R System Software (Proteus): Ver 2.625 B27 System Software (QNX): Ver_6.05_B29
SIOC #0: 02-321646-00 ASSY,HDSIOC0,VECTOR
SIOC #0 Firmware: Version 5.0
SIOC #1: 02-321647-00 ASSY,HDSIOC1,VECTOR
SIOC #1 Firmware: Version 5.0
SIOC #2: 02-321648-00 ASSY,HDSIOC2,VECTOR
SIOC #2 Firmware: Version 5.0 Windows Version: Windows 2000 Hardware Configuration:
Shower Head Assembly (13 inch): 16-366826-00 SHWRHD,300MM,15" DIA,TC,SNGL PC STM,AHM Pedestal Position #1: 02-317598-00 PED ASSY,ST1-4,HI TEMP,ALN CERAMIC,C3VCT
Pedestal Position #2-4 (w/o lift pin holes): 02-375616-00 PED ASSY,CERAMIC,2 ZN,NO PINS,C3VCTR AHM
Captured Lift-Pin Assembly: 15-324069-00 PLATE,LIFT PIN,CAPTURED,AHM
Remote Plasma Clean Power Supply: 27-324553-00 GENERATOR,PLASMA SOURCE,400KHZ,HF-S,CDA IR Endpoint Controller: 27-356649-00 CNTRLR,RMU,IREPD,PROC SNS,VIRTWL
RF HF Generator: 2 Kilowatt: 27-372675-00 13.5MHZ,AXR-2000III-B-NVLK
RF LF Generator: 2.75 Kilowatt : 27-316462-00 LOW FREQUENCY,2750.0W,CLX2750, HF RF Match Network: 27-367855-00 MATCH,13.56MHZ,5KW,COMET,24V DC
LF RF Match Network: 27-359860-00 MATCH,400 KHZ,FIXED, RESISTIVE+CAPACITIVE High Speed Spindle: 02-381489-00 SPINDLE ASSY,WATER+GAS COOL,C3VCTR AHM
Leak Check Shutoff Valve for Process Module: 04-166504-00 KIT,LEAK CHECK PORT,VECTOR Transfer Plate: 15-287724-00 FORK,XFER PLATE,ALN PED
Pendulum Valve Assembly (Pressure Control Valve): 04-146459-00 KIT,HEATED PENDULUM VALVE,VCTR
Pendulum (Controller/Firmware): 65PM-3K.12
Pendulum Valve Oring Type: 04-274919-00 (Chemraz 8085 gate oring * 2; sealing Viton orings) Baratron: Loadlocks: 27-126062-00 MANO,10 TORR,DSUB,1/2 VCR
Baratron 1: Process Module: 27-10343-00 MKS 627A11TBC (27-10343-00), 10T heated Baratron 2: Process Module: 27-126667-00 MKS 750B13TCE2GK, 1000T
Pressure Digital Display: 02-261354-00
Gas Panel:
MFC 1: Aera TC-FCD980C SiH4 1.5 SLM MFC 2: Aera TC-FCD981SBC N2 10SLM MFC 3: Aera TC-FCD981SBC C2H2 5.5 SLM MFC 4: Aera TC-FCD981SBC H2 10 SLM MFC 5: Aera TC-FCD981SBC He 20 SLM MFC 7: Aera TC-FCD982C N2O 25 SLM MFC 8: Aera TC-FCD981SBC O2 25SLM MFC 9: Aera TC-FCD980C NF3 3 SLM
MFC B: Aera TC-FCD981SBC N2 10 SLM MFC C: Aera TC-FCD982C Ar 35SLM MFC D: Aera TC-FCD980C Ar 5SLM
Abatement System: Model: 4x-inlet Vendor: DAS
Heat wrap: YES(100℃)
Ozonator Model: N/A Ozonator Vendor: N/A Ozonator Controller: N/A
Neslab Vendor: N/A Heat Exchanger: Model: N/A
Vendor: N/A
Process Chamber Pump: Model: iXH3030T Vendor: BOC Edwards
Heater Jacket @foreline: YES
Heater Jacket @ exhaust to scrubber: YES

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