ADVANTEST T5377 Automated test Equipment for Sale

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ADVANTEST T5377 Equipment Details

SDI ID: 109575
Manufacturer: ADVANTEST
Model: T5377
Description: Automated test Equipment
Version: Test
Vintage: 01.06.2010
Quantity: 6
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): Inquire

Deinstalled and warehoused. Can be inspected by appointment.

Fitted with dual test heads.

Can simultaneously test 256 DUTs/system at the test speeds of up-to 143/286 MHz in the DDR mode
The T5377 Memory tester provides solutions for wafer test of DRAMs and package test of Flash memory. The system supports high-speed testing at speeds of up-to 143/286 MHz.
Achieves Simultaneous Testing of up to 256 DUTs per system without any limitations of the test frequency with respect to failure capturing
The T5377 can test of up to 256 devices simultaneously even at maximum test speeds of 143/286 MHz. The system drastically improves the system throughput.

 Tests Large Capacity Memory Devices
The T5377 can capture fail data for large capacity memory devices (up to four times larger capture capacity than conventional systems.) The system supports functional testing and redundancy analysis to be performed for high density memory devices.  

"MRA4 ev2" Redundancy Analyzer Reduces Test Costs.
"MRA4ev2" redundancy analyzer can be selected which offers more flexibility and efficiency than our conventional "MRA4". The CPU configuration can be selected according to the customer requirement (Full/ Half/Quarter). This allows the cost of test to be optimized.

The T5377 is fully compatible with our "best seller", the T5375
The T5377 is fully compatible with the T5375, which is our best seller, and is utilized by all major manufactures. Because resources such as test programs and probe cards for the T5375 can be used for the T5377 without any modifications, the transition to testing on the T5377 can be accomplished with a minimum of effort.

Major Specifications

Target devices:     DRAM, SDRAM, DDR devices, SRAM,
Flash memories, Direct RDRAM, EPROM,
Masked ROM, etc.

Test speed:     143/286 MHz (in DDR mode)

Simultaneous testing:     256 devices (128 devices x 2 stations, in the case of x 8 or x 9 bits)

Test heads:     Up to 2 stations, High-voltage driver equipment, High-current driver equipment
Pattern generation:     ALPG; 18X, 18Y, 18D x 2 or 36D x 1
Parametric test units:     Up to 64 units/station
Programmable power supplies:     Up to 256 units/station
Options:     MRA4 (Memory Repair Analyzer) or AFM

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