OXFORD 800+ RIE (Reactive Ion Etcher) for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used OXFORD 800+ RIE (Reactive Ion Etcher).
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This OXFORD 800+ RIE (Reactive Ion Etcher) is available for immediate sale.
Crating, refurbishment and delivery for this equipment can be quoted on request.

OXFORD 800+ Equipment Details

SDI ID: 91329
Manufacturer: OXFORD
Model: 800+
Description: RIE (Reactive Ion Etcher)
Version: Inquire
Vintage: Inquire
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price: Inquire

De-installed, warehoused. Can be inspected by appointment.

Please refer to the attached photos for details.

Parallel Plate - Reactor

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) system is lightly used.

13 MHz supply with automatic matching

 Frequency mixing 50 - 460 KHz for stress control

 automatic pressure control

 400 °C Aluminium substrate electrode with PID control, 460 mm

 PC Control

 Mass Flow controlled gas lines in a sealable and purgable gas pod

 Roots/ rotary pump

Process: The OPT application lab supports the user of our equipment throughout the lifetime of the system with advise and with new processes if needed. Typically our systems are capable running a variety of processes without the need of hardware changes. New processes are permanently under development/ characterisation, so that they can be run on our existing equipment.

Quality: OPT is qualified according ISO 9001 since 1995. In 1993 a TQM programs was started and the position of a dedicated quality manager was created.

Safety: The soft- and hardware is designed to ensure a safe system operation even with untrained personal.

Software: All the OPT Systems have dedicated programmable logic controllers to ensure a safe operation. The user interface is via a standard PC. OPT writes the software in house in close contact with our process engineers to ensure maximum flexibility. The software operates under Windows to allow easy communication with other software (for evaluation the datalog files or network integration etc) and to give the users a familiar environment.

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