Applied Materials Mirra Ontrak Poly/STI CMP for Sale

SDI fabsurplus.com is pleased to announce the availability of the following listed used Applied Materials Mirra Ontrak Poly/STI CMP.
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Applied Materials Mirra Ontrak Equipment Details

SDI ID: 96537
Manufacturer: Applied Materials
Model: Mirra Ontrak
Description: Poly/STI CMP
Version: 200 mm
Vintage: 31.05.1999
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: inquire
Lead Time: Inquire
Sales Price: Inquire




System configuration Preferred system configuration
General information Selected Option
Technology Oxide/STI/WCMP/CUCMP
Platform Type Mirra Ontrak
Wafer Specification Selected Option
Wafer Size 200mm
Wafer Shape Notch Type
Mirra 3400 CMP System
System Information Selected Option
Application Oxide/STI/WCMP/CUCMP
System Dry-In-Dry-Out
Process Type All Process
Cleaner Type Ontrak Integra
Wet Robot Type Standard
Wet Queue Tank Yes
System Skins
Clear Skins
Load Cup Full Contact HCLU, Overhauled
Cassette Type 8 inch
Performance Enhancement Options Selected Option
Daily PM Reduction Kit (Clean Kit) NA
Pad Conditioner Head 1~3 DDF3
Pad Conditioner Disk Holder Universal, Screw type
Pad Conditioner Retrofit
Normal DDF3
Pad Conditioner Gear Assembly Overhaul Yes
Factory Interface Options Selected Option
Platen 1 ISRM Legacy
Platen 2 ISRM Legacy
Platen 3 ISRM Legacy
In Line Metrology Not Applicable
SECS GEM Interface Yes
Installation Type FABS202
Integrated System Basic FABS Yes (FFU included)
FABS Robot Blade Yes, OEM new or overhauled
Cassette Tank Yes
Factory Automation Yes
Polisher Options Selected Option
Polishing Head (Head1~4) TITAN 1 x 4
Upper Pneumatics Assembly (UPA) TITAN1 UPA
UPA Location External Relocated
Pad Wafer Loss Sensor Dual Sensor
Platen Temperature Control No
Platen Temp Control Cable No
Upper Platen Coating Teflon Coating
Platen Gear Assembly Overhaul Yes, Greaseless Type
Slurry Delivery Options Selected Option
Slurry Delivery 3 Slurries
Slurry Flow Rate Standard Flow
Slurry Flow Controller (CLC) Tokyo Keiso CLC x 3
Slurry Pump Head Yes (Not applicable, if CLC model is selected)
Slurry Containment Bulkhead Double Containment
Slurry Facilities None
Slurry Loop Line No
Slurry Loop Line A Slurry (PL1, PL2, PL3)
Slurry Loop Line B Optional
Slurry Loop Line C Optional
Slurry Dispense Arm Standard Length, Platen1~3
  High Pressure Rinse
Slurry Leak Detector Yes
Cleaner Plumbing Not Applicable
DI Water Standard
Slurry Tube Yes
Slurry Filter & Housing Optional
Slip Out Sensor Slurry Cover Per Head Yes
EMO Guard Ring Yes
System Labels English
System User Labels English
Smoke Detector Yes
Polisher Slurry Leak Sensor Yes
Electrical Requirements Selected Option
Line Frequency 50 HZ
Line Voltage 200/208 VAC
Uninterruptible Power Supply None
Power Lamp Green Lamp
Power Connected Lamp No
Circuit Breaker 200A
Controller Top Panel Holes Punched Out for AC Power Cables Entry
Configurable IO No
GFI Type Standard 30mA
Isolation Transformer No
Umbilical's Selected Option
CAT Track Style Water Fall
Polisher to Controller Cable Standard
Controller to Monitor Cable Standard 30 ft
Slurry System Interface Cable None
Factory Hookup Selected Option
Upper Exhaust Standard
Upper Exhaust Material Stainless Steel
Lower Exhaust None
Process Exhaust Vent Interlock Sensor Yes
Upper Exhaust Connection No Flange
Drain Manifold Options:
1 Line or 4 Lines to Facilities
Drain Adapter NPT Fittings
Internal Vacuum Venturi Yes
Operating Hardware & Software Selected Option
Hard disk Dual Harddisk
Memory 128M or above
CPU PIII CPU or above
Fabs Software Fabs Daemon 1.35
Operating System Windows NT 4.00.1381 or above
Software Version MB60a1 or above
Endpoint IB11h8
Cleaner Software 2.3.8
User Interface Selected Option
Monitor Selection 1 FPD
Monitor 1 Location Front FPD On Cart
Mouse or Trackball Mouse (include keyboard)
Start Stop Button Controller
Light Towers Selection Polisher and Controller
Polisher Light Tower Selected Option
Polisher Tower Mounting Type Pole Mounted
Polisher Tower No of Colors 3 Color
Polisher Tower Lamp Type Incandescent
Polisher Tower Colors Sequence RYG
Controller Light Tower Selected Option
Controller Tower Mounting Type Pole Mounted
Controller Tower No of Colors 3 Color
Controller Tower Lamp Type Incandescent
Controller Colors Sequence RYG
Cleaner Options Selected Option
Ontrak Cleaner Yes
Touch Screen Yes
Controller Box Yes
Input Station Yes
Brush 1 Station Yes
Brush 2 Station Yes
Spin Station Yes
Megasonics No
Leak Detector Yes
Roller & Brush Rotation Detector Yes

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