ASML XT 1250D DUV lithography ArF scanner, 193 nm for Sale

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ASML XT 1250D Equipment Details

SDI ID: 82174
Manufacturer: ASML
Model: XT 1250D
Description: DUV lithography ArF scanner, 193 nm
Version: 300 mm
Quantity: 1
Sales Condition: as is where is
Lead Time: immediately
Sales Price (each): 2,300,000 USD
Configuration Items:
Track Pre-warning signal (APR)s: APR enabled
Avoid Track INPUT/OUTPUT conflicts, Raise AS after APRs: Avoid Track
INPUT/OUTPUT conflicts enabled
Active wafer release for dry WSs: FALSE
Closing disk types: No closing disk present
Safeguard to prevent loading of reticles with too wide or mispositioned pellicles: Disabled
Continuous clampable wafer table for dry WSs: Absent
Type of wafer table on chuck 1 & 2 for immersion machines: Zerodur version 1
WS Immersion throughput packages: None
WS Immersion thermal control packages: None
Wafer Stage Configurations: Wafer Stage type 2 configuration
Wafer Carrier Locations: Right
Wafers per Carriers: 25
Wafer Mark Sensors: Absent
Wafer Id Readers: Absent
Wafer Sizes:300mm
Wafer Tracks: Present
Wafer Stage Types: Dual Chuck
Wafer Stress Relaxations: FALSE
Lower Docking Plates: Present
WS Balance Masss: Stainless Steel
WH Robot Power Amplifiers: CPM 20
Wafer Stage Fast Stiff X Move Electronicss: Present
Wafer Stage Mirror Block Down Electronicss: Present
Universal Prealignments: Disabled
Interferometer axis version at exposures: 3 plus 1 axis
Wafer Handling Pneumaticss: Dedicated
Wafer Switchs: Absent
Chuck 1 & 2 wafer sizes: 300mm
Type of immersion hood for immersions: None
Specifies chuck1 & 2 layout relev. for Immersions: Chuck does not support immersion
Specifies chuck1 & 2 configs: Dry
Specifies chuck1 & 2 versions: not specified
Changed Short Stroke diff XY controllers: Disabled
Docking wheels at WH unloads: Present
Docking plate heights: Low
Immersion Hood versions: AbsentCarrier Handler Types: Mark I 300 Foup
Wafer Handling Load & Unload Robot Types: Double Fold Arm, 12 mm Z stroke
Wafer Handling Store Units: Absent
Wafer Handler wrt BF Shifted in Zs: Not Shifted
Reticle streaming lites: Disabled
Enhancements in Reticle Monitors: no enhancements
Reticle streaming: Disabled
Improvements for reticle handlings: Disabled
Extend IRIS maximum particles scanned to 50000.s: Absent
Zeroing type for Encoders Measurement Systems: Using extra hall sensors for zeroing
Reticle Stage Chuck Types: Glued Leafspring, TYPE_2: Glued LS, Pneum. GC, IFM / ENC
Nitrogen purging of Reticle Stages: RS is not purged
Reticle Carrier Locations: Right
Integrated Reticle Inspection Systems: PPD1 with IRIS1 functionality
Integrated Reticle Librarys: IRL with original functionality
Reticle Sizes: 6 inch
Reticle Carrier Tag Readers: Present
Reticle Stage Long Stroke Motor Types: Cobalt Ferro 18 teeth
Reticle Stage Long Stroke Configs: TYPE_3:CoFe_18 motor, SB controlled, int. vacuum
supply, pneum GC
Automated Reticle Transport Systems: Absent
Reticle Stage Lenscooler Boxes: Lenscooler Box with anti-aliasing Filter
Maximum Reticle ID Lengths: 24 Characters
Reticle Stage Measurement System on Scans: Heidenhain Encoders
Relative direction of ws to rs on the X axiss: Same
RS Object Fields: Normal
Reticle exchange types: Retex option: E
Iris feature Scans: Absent (Overrules Absent)
Reticle Handler types: Original
2D Barcode Readers: Absent
Integrated Reticle Inspection System Configurations: Disable creation of OSIRIS viewable
WS Immersion Hood Only Testrigs: Absent
Version of RS/WS IO librarys: Version 1
Dynamic Performance Calculations: Mark 1
Stages Sample Rates: 5.0 kHz
Interferometer Electronics: Ifsr
Capacitive z-height sensor type.s: Dual Z sensor board
Ifm config at measure sides: 8 axes
Dose System Performance Test sequences: Test sequence 1
PEP-ADC Intensitys: Disable PEP-ADC Intensity
Online Lamp Peak: Disable Online Lamp Peak
Dose Intensity Optimizations: Dose Intensity OptimizationLaser Gas Life extensions: Disable Laser Gas Life extension
Type of multi foil lens elements: none
Depolarizer types: fixed depolarizer present
PSE & PCE Locations: not applicable
Intensity Calibration Per DOEs: Disabled
Pupil qualification methods: Centre of gravity method
Polarized illumination amorph DOE: Only unpolarized illumination
Fresnel corrections for WSSSs: Disabled
Is NA accuracy measurement allowed: Disabled
Exchangeable Pupil Lens Elements: No EPLE
Multifunction Active Lens Elements: 0
Multifunctional Active Elementss: 0
Use Sigma Calibrations: no Sigma Calibration
Use Sigma WIP Preserving Offsetss: no Sigma WIP Preserving Offsets
THFFC FDE model lens dependents: Disabled
TIS diffusers: absent
Determination of NA ellipticitys: Disabled
XML output for LITHOGUIDEs: Disabled
Use validity ranges around UIP data when Enabled: Use exact matching for UIP data
Number of EXLE elements: 0
Functional use of Active Elements: ALE function as ALE
Polarization Shaping Element Retractors: No PSER hardware installed in the machine
Method for alignment of the laser beams: Align the beam by minimizing the uniformity tilt
over the slit (LUBF)
Pupil TIS angular sensitivity calibration and corrections: TIS Pupil Measurement will not be
Describes at what plane the BMU measures: BMU readings are directly used as if they
are at DOE1 plane
Lens Types: 12
Light-source Architectures: Laser
Light-source Types: Cymer Laser: XLA 165
Light-source Wave-lengths: 193nm
DOSE_MAPPER_1s: Present
REMA architectures: REMA C
Illuminator Types: 120
Zoom Axicon Architectures/ Types: ZZA/120
NA Control Architectures/ Types: NA2 Torlon/ 120
Automated DOE Exchangers/ Architectures: Present/ 5 slots MIP Control
UNICOMs/ Architectures: Present/ 1 Motor
Test Tables: Absent
Imaging Electronics Architectures: B Architecture
Attenuator Types: VariableTest Table Z Axiss: Worm Wheel
PUPICOMs/ Architectures: Present/ DC Motor with gearbox
Number of Z Lens Manipulatorss: 5
Number of Active Lens Elementss: 1
Number of Bi-directional Active Lens Elementss: 0
Number of Active Manipulator Elementss: 0
Number of Active Elementss: 1
Number of Half Dome Mirrorss: 0
Number of Semi-Active X-Y Lens Manipulatorss: 4
Setup sensor board versions: Setup SSD version 1
Imaging Generic Power Amplifiers: Generic Power Amplifier
Imaging Control Rack Configurations: IPDR
Type of projection multiplexer boards: MUX Absent
LEC Rack in Electronic Architectures: Present
Projection GPA Configuration Versions: Version 2
Number of Lens NEXZ Manipulatorss: 5
Number of Lens Z Manipulators Using Camdisks: 0
Spotsensor surface coatings: Bilatal
Energy Sensors: VLOC
Spot Sensor Chuck 1s & 2s: VLOC
Modelling for MAXYSs: Absent
Uniformity Improvement Packages: Present
Number of pre-amps available per Z-manipulators: 0
Immersions: Absent
Pupil measurements with ILIASs: Present
Automatic CUAs: Absent
Beam Controls: Beam adjustment
Extended Spot Sensor Matchings: Present
Number of Rxms/ Ryms: 5/5
Diaphragm Limiters: Absent
NA1 motor types: None
Spot Sensor Reticle Stages: Absent
Smooth Field Uniformitys: Absent
Exchangeable Last Lens Elements: Present
Exchangeable Pupil Lens Elements: Absent
Number of manipulable ELLE axess: 0
UV Shutter versions: UV Shutter version 1
Dosecontrol Hardwares: ISB
Illuminator platforms: Aerial 2
Polarizations: Absent
Automatic PCE exchangers: Absent
Automatic CUA exchanger architectures: Not applicable
Test table architectures: Aerial 2Illumination modes: All illumination modes
DUV Lightsource Power Levels: 45.00 Watt
Lens Top Tool Connections: Lens Top Tool can be mounted on top of the Lens
Scanning Energy Sensor Calibrations: Static Energy Sensor Calibration
Position of Spot Sensor on Chuck 1s: Spot Sensor Position on Chuck 1 layout 1
Position of Spot Sensor on Chuck 2s: Spot Sensor Position on Chuck 2 layout 1
Z-capture for low relfectivity wafers: Off
TIS plate deformation corrections: Disabled
FSM Flexibility packages: Disabled
Field width optimised leveling: Disabled
Constrained fits: Disabled
Levelling throughput improvement on measure sides: No levelling throughput package
Point-to-Point LS Machine Matchings: Disabled
Circuit Dependent FECs: Present
Focus Monitorings: Present
Extended LS areas: Disabled
Air Gauges: Absent
Type of Air Gauges: No Air Gauge device present
Reticle shape corrections: Disabled ( Overrules Enabled )
LS focus nodes: LS focus node 3
Level Sensor Processing Racks: LCSR
LS_CPU_CONFIGs: 3 CPU's available
Base Liner overlay high order intrafields: Disabled
BaseLiner focus high order intrafields: Disabled
BaseLiner focus control.s: Disabled
Pattern Matcher fullchips: Absent
Pattern Matchers: Absent
Maximum numerical aperature (NA) that can be used in Lot Productions: level 0
Log missed translations: Disabled
Allow even orders usages: Present
Multilingual UIs: Absent
Improved Maintenance action scheduling.s: Disabled
Recipe Creators: Light
Lot Report Data Categorys: Enhanced Diagnostics
CDCs: Enabled
EFESEs: Absent
PED control modes: Absent
Proximity Matchings: Present
mbds controls: Present
Enhanced exposures 1s: Present
Data collection not covered by FOCUS and OVERLAYs: InformPro Data Collection
disabledOverlay Data Collections: Disabled
XML Lot Report Content Levels: Basic
Enable the Maintenance Assistants: Disable Maintenance Assistant
EDA Interfaces: Disabled
Equipment Constants via SECS interfaces: Disabled
LCI WaitWatcher plug-ins: Absent
Reorder Lot Services: Absent
Shot Data Collections: Absent
Focus Data Collections: Absent
Alignment Recipe Overrides: Disabled
Enable to support SMASH XY mark types.s: not supported
Specifies which mark types are supporteds: ASML marks only
Alignment laser configurations: 2 color laser
OADB Improved Dynamic Ranges: Disabled
board configurations: ODB + ADB
Alignment Camera Mirrors: Absent
Athena Narrow Marks Twinscans: Present
Alignment Sensor Types: Athena Narrow Marks OM
Athena Focus Improvements 1s: Present
Max alignment speeds: Setting 2
AA processing racks: AACR processing rack
Particle Extraction Mass Flow Meters: Absent
purging configurations: purging CONFIG 3
Bubble Extraction Seal Settings: Not Applicable
Ultra Pure Water flow controller (WICC)s: absent
LCW Circuit set-ups: Flow Version 1
In situ Wafer TablesStone Cleanings: Absent
Clean Air Configurations: Others
Metroframe Circuit Water Cabinets: Absent
CT Miscellaneous Racks: Present
Clean Air Temperature Controls: Driver and ACC
Purge Hoods configurations: Compressed Clean air and Extremely Clean Dry air
Nitrogen Purge Utility Controls: Absent
Reticle Cleanings: Absent
Metroframe types: TYPE_I
Inlet restriction for clean airs: Inlet restriction at right side
Reticle Stage purged mini environments: Present
Gas Control Unit Types: High Flow (HF)
Wet Imaging Control Cabinets: Not Applicable
Readout location of Pneumatic Facility Unit sensors: Machine Base Diagnostics System
Laminar Bottom Hoods: Absent
Extreme Clean Humiditied Airs: AbsentLens Circuit Water Flows: High
Motor Circuit Water Flows: Normal
SPM temp correction for lens axiss: Disabled
2 Sided IFM-beams for WS-X (expose/ measure)s: Not available
Diff pressure correction for IFM beams: Absent
IFM Laser Configurations: AOM Recombo Laser
Position Control Rack Configurations: Rack Configuration type 3
Position Control Power Rack Configurations: TYPE_3: Stages Power Rack upto E-spec
Number of Motion Controllerss: 5 Motion Controllers present
Position Control Motion Control racks: PMCR
Reticle Stage Short Stroke X/Y11/Y12/Y21/Y22/Y11/Y11 amp.s: PADC 100V/16A
Wafer Stage Short Stroke 1 XY1/ XY2/XY3 amp.s: PADC 100V/16A
Wafer Stage Short Stroke 2 XY1/ XY2/XY3 amp.s: PADC 100V/16A
Reticle Stage Short Stroke Z1/Z2/Z3 amp.s: Pass Low Current 8.5A
Wafer Stage Short Stroke 1 Z1/Z2/Z3 amp.s: Pass Low Current 8.5A
Wafer Stage Short Stroke 2 Z1/Z2/Z3 amp.s: Pass Low Current 8.5A
Reticle Stage Long Stroke Y11/Y12/Y21/Y22 amp.s: 450V20A: PAAC AT-pepD
Reticle Balance Mass 1/2 amp.s: 450V20A: PAAC AT-pepD
Wafer Stage Long Stroke E/M X amp.s: 400V16A: PAAC AT-D
Wafer Stage Long Stroke E Y1/Y2/CS amp.s: 400V16A: PAAC AT-D
Wafer Stage Long Stroke M Y1/Y2/CS amp.s: 400V16A: PAAC AT-D
Wafer Stage Balance Mass 11/12/21/22 amp.s: 325V14A: PAAC AT-C
Pressure update rate for fringelength corrections: Pressure update rate 2 or 4 Hz
TestStreams: TestStream disabled
Performance Enhancement Packages: None
PEP Image Streamings: Present
Lot Overhead Reductions: LOR2
Extended Zone Alignments: Disabled
Intrafield Higher Order Process Correctionss: Disabled
SMASH Reuse Capture Information in Stage Alignments: Coarse capture scans are done
on all stage alignment marks.
Allow wafer plane deviation check with Focus Monitorings: Disabled
Parameter indicates how long overlay data will be stored.s: Short retention period.
Level sensor Ry drift corrections: Disabled
Fading Control Switchs: Disabled
Improved wafer reject modes: Disabled
Automated Lens Heating Calibrations: Disabled
Lens heating History in LH Feedforwards: Enabled
Allow different Exp,TIS Align sets: Absent
Imaging Fading Controls: Disabled
Gridmappers: Disabled
2D grid corrections: Enabled
Double TIS scans: DisabledSymmetrical Reticle Alignments: Disabled
Ast offset correction in TIS LHFB/LOCO (Version 3)s: Enabled
Choice of avoidance routing.s: Absent
NEXZ-tilt per exposures: The NEXZ-tilt cannot be adjusted per exposure.
Off-axis slits: Projection lens has no off-axis slit.
Improved Edge Field Levelings: Disabled
Enhanced Throughput Reticle Alignments: Present
Wavelength Adjustables: Adjustable
Allow L1L7 Type 1 Optimizations: Absent
Lot Alignment Report Encryptions: Unencrypted
Stage Alignment Filters: Present
Lot Correction Sequences: Unencrypted
Stage Alignment Filters: Present
Lot Correction Sequences: Type B
Lens Heating Feedbacks: Present
Application Specific Lens Heating Calibration and Verifications: Present
Improved Contrast Controls: Absent
ILIAS lens setups: Absent
Air Gauge Improved Levellings: Absent
Process Dependent Gain Corrections: Absent
Enhanced Exposure Overlays: Absent
ALE 1 Uses: Lens heating only
Overlay Nodes: Level 0
E-chuck Flatness Qualification Tests: Disabled
TOP HDs: Absent
Reticle Align High Precisions: Absent
LS spot coverages: Absent
Layout Version Number TIS Plate 1 on Chuck 1s/2s: TIS Plate 1 Layout Version 2
Layout Version Number TIS Plate 2 on Chuck 1s2s: TIS Plate 2 Layout Version 4
Usage of wavelength/ Energy Sensor data by TISs: Disabled
Indication what kind of AM controller hardware is presents: SUCR
Piezo Active Lens Mountss: Absent
ILIAS Functionality For Lithoguides: Present
ISIS Functionality For Lithoguides: Absent
SAMOS Stray Light Test For Lithoguides: Present
PUPIL Measurement For Lithoguides: Present
FOCAL Measurement for Lithoguides: Present
Leveling Verification Test for Lithoguides: Present
Lithoguide Imaging Recipess: Absent
Dose System Performance Test for Lithoguides: Present
ILIAS Sensor Locations: Chuck 2
ILIAS sensor type chuck 2s: Multiple scan grid
ILIAS sensor type chuck 1s: NoneReticle Level Polarization Sensors: Absent
SASO robustness and fiber connectivitys: Disable SASO robustness
Extended X width masking ranges: Disabled
PDO offset for EFL LS spots: Disabled
Assure System Snapshotss: not allowed
Insert a delay time before starting a Lot (lens heating).s: Enabled
Save throughput data to the disks: Disabled
Patch strategys: Patchlevel
Chuck Dedications: Basic
Application Types: Scanner Application
Number of RMCS clients: No clients
MDL Viewers: Site View
ZERO Fiducials: ILIAS MK2
Machine Architectures: XT Machine Architecture
XT Architecture Revisions: Rev1
Machine Types: 1250
Machine Specifications: pep-D Specification
Stand-alone Workstations: FALSE
CP 1As/1Bs/2s/3s/4s/5s/6s: Absent
Wafer Handler Productivitys: Level 0
Attachments: 0 Files
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