April 2018 News

Dear Customers and Friends,


Please find attached the list of newly added semiconductor fab, semiconductor test, assembly, SMT, solar and flat panel display equipment for sale.

Many newly available items are being sold by a process of closed bidding.


The list also includes items of equipment and spares which we own and are stored at our warehouses in Italy, Texas and Malaysia.

There are many more items of equipment and spares listed for sale at our website, www.fabsurplus.com

If you’d like to buy any items, please send an email or visit our website and send us an inquiry for the items
of interest. 


I also attach a list of the equipment we need to purchase.


The list of wanted items we need to buy is updated constantly according to our customer requests.

You can find it on our website at the following location:-



If you have items for sale, please send me a list in excel via e-mail, or register and then post it yourself on the Fabsurplus website via this link:-

https://www.fabsurplus.com/sdi_catalog/signup/registration .


I look forwards to getting your equipment requests and available equipment lists very soon.


We have a new sales manager in the UK, Duncan Lovett.

Duncan has a wide-ranging experience of industrial equipment sales and marketing experience, built up over the years since 1983.

Duncan can be contacted as follows:-

Mobile: +44 7410-015-583
skype: duncan_1947